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NOTE No. OPTG/SECR/GDS/FG/09                                                              Date:- 16-08-2022

             Sub:- Procedure for allocation of Bangladesh Quota

Ref: RLY BD M. No. 2021/TT-VI/71BDR/04/QUOTADated 10-08-2022

Procedures for allotment of Quota followed by SECR are as follows

1)To make parity among different parties SECR is following Rotation policy in allotment of Bangladesh Railway quota among Divisions of SECR.

2)Initially Quota for a particular Destination for the month is allotted to Division having oldest pending indents / Division having highest pendency keeping in view of all necessary formalities as per Railway Board. After that Quota is given to 2nd Divisionoldest pending indents / having highest pendency of indents, then quota is allotted to 3rd Division. After completion of one cycle again Quota is allotted to 1st Division and the process continue in the same pattern.

3)If indents supplied at a station is not loaded / indents get cancelled then it is supplied to next valid indents at the same station till loading done / indent cancelled. The process continues till rake loaded/all indents are cancelled at that particular station. In case it is loaded then in next round quota to be allotted to the next station with pending indents. In case of cancellation of all the indents at particular station the Quota is allotted other station where indents are pending of the same Division. If all indents are cancelled in the Division where Quota is allotted, the Quota for particular destination for that month is allotted to 2nd Division and same process is followed as in 1st Division.If 2ndDivision also failed then it is transferred to 3rd Division and same process is followed.

4)If more than one quota is allotted to SECR in the month then it distributed among Division based on number of indents and same rotation process followed as mentioned in serial number three(3)

5)In case Indents are available in only one Division then Quota for the month is allotted to only that Divisions for that month.

6)If quota is allotted for more than one destination by Railway Board then it is distributed to Divisions on the basis of number of indents available for those destinations in the Divisions. For these indents also the same process is followed as mentioned in serial number two (2) and three(3)

7)If there is any restriction imposed by Railway Board or any other zonal Railway, either for destination or route restriction, then it is properly followed before supplying the rake.

8)If restriction imposed for the destination after stacking permission giventhen it is permitted to load the same

9)After completion of stacking for destination rake supply may be withhold temporarily if there is any congestion or heavy pipe line for that destination or any other operational exigency.

* In case of any dispute /lack of clarity or any query for implementation of Quota one can refer the following

a) Chief Freight Transportation Manager/ SECR

email ID :-

Contact No. 9752475901

b) Deputy Chief Operations Manager(Goods)/SECR

email ID :-

Contact No. 9752475906

Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 11-01-2024  

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