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Activities & Achievements

January 2024

Innovations/Good work done during the month

·       On celebrate “National Youth Day” on 13.01.24. A Fun/Desi Games event is being organized at SECRSA Cricket Stadium, WRS/Raipur.

·         Inter Divisional Railway School Cultural Competition (Classical Dance) has been organized on 15th January 2024 at “ULLAS” Club, WRS Raipur. In which Total 65 participants of 06 Railway Schools ware participated in Classical Dance (Single & Group dance). 

·25thJan- 2024 has been observed as “Voters Day” at Porch of DRM Office Complex, and in this occasion the oath was delivered.

·        26th January-2024 was celebrated as 75th Republic Day at SECRSA Ground, WRS Raipur. The occasion was          marked by flag hoisting by the DRM, followed by the singing of the National Anthem and inspection of the march past of the contingents and various cultural programmes. On this occasion DRM addressed the nation and spoke about the achievements of Railways and its role in nation building.

·30 Jan-2024 has been observed as “Martyrs Day” at Porch of DRM Office Complex, and
 2 minutes silence has observed on this occasion. 

·          Speed of Durg-DRZ SL section raised from 95 kmph to 110 kmph. (Length 86.3 km). Total 116.205km speed raised in the division.

·Fencing to prevent Cattle Run Over at Vulnerable Location in DUG-DRZ section on “D” route is completed.

·Water Review Seminar conducted on 11.01.2024 at Railways conference hall, DRM Complex.

·Super Block foundation OHE at Kusumkasa Goods platefrom is completed. This is to prevent damages to OHE masts from moving road vehicals.

·Through Bridge Sleeper Renewal (TBSR):- 200 Nos. TBSR with H Beam on Bridge No.-401, between SLH-MDH UP Line & 25 Nos. on Bridge no 06 between DURG-MXA SL have been renewed during the month. Total 652 Nos. TBSR have been renewed upto the month.

·2.0 Tkm. TSR(P) by PQRS work done between SLH-MDH UP Line.

·Auto section between KMI-A cab- D cab- H cab-BIA (11km DN and Bidirectional MID line) commissioned  on 22.01.23 at 03.50 hrs .The detail of work is as appended :

ØInstallation, testing & commissioning of 38 DP of MSDAC (Dual detection) in automatic signalling section.  

ØInstallation of EI Ansaldo make for auto signalling at A cabin-D cabin section with dual OFC arrangement.

ØCommissioning of 3 nos new Auto signal, 29 nos Semi Auto signals.

Ø Alteration in EI of H cabin and BIA (auto).

Ø Alteration in PI of KMI, A cab ,D cab and BIA.

ØTotal 8 nos of automatic block section created.

·दिनांक 10.01.2024 को विश्‍व हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर नराकास, रायपुर के एक सदस्‍य कार्यालय  इंडियन ऑयल कॉरपोरेशन लिमिटेड में आयोजित हिंदी कार्यशाला में राजभाषा अधिकारी एवं सचिव, नराकास द्वारा राजभाषा नियमों आदि की जानकारी प्रदान की गई ।

·दिनांक 18.01.2024 को भर्ती अनुभाग, कार्मिक विभाग में कार्यरत कर्मचारियों को कम्‍प्‍यूटर पर आसानी से हिंदी में कार्य करने हेतु नई तकनीकों एवं कम्‍प्‍यूटर पर अंग्रेजी से हिंदी त्‍वरित अनुवाद करने में सक्षम टूल्‍स के संबंध में जानकारी प्रदान की गई ।

·दिनांक 30.01.2024को राजभाषा विभाग, रायपुर द्वारा मंडल कार्यालय स्थित जयशंकर प्रसाद हिंदी पुस्‍तकालय में हिंदी के प्रख्‍यात साहित्‍यकार जयशंकर प्रसाद की जयंती मनाई गई । सर्वप्रथम श्री आशीष मिश्रा,अपर मुख्‍य राजभाषा अधिकारी एवं अपर मंडल रेल प्रबंधक (इन्‍फ्रा.) ने जयशंकर प्रसाद  के चित्र पर माल्‍यार्पण कर उन्‍हें श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित की । तत्‍पश्‍चात डॉ. डी. एन. बिस्‍वाल, वरिष्‍ठ मंडल संरक्षा अधिकारी, श्री निकेश कुमार पाण्‍डेय, राजभाषा अधिकारी एवं विभिन्‍न विभागों से उपस्थित कर्मचारियों ने भी उनके चित्र पर पुष्‍पांजलि अर्पित कर उन्‍हें नमन किया । कार्यक्रम के दौरान राजभाषा अधिकारी द्वारा जयशंकर प्रसाद की रचनाओं पर प्रकाश डाला गया ।  इसके पश्‍चात उपस्थित कर्मचारियों द्वारा उनकी कुछ प्रसिद्ध कविताओं का पाठ किया गया । कुछ कर्मचारियों द्वारा स्‍वरचित कविताओं का भी पाठ किया गया ।

·Scrap valuing Rs.5.58 (In Crore) was sold during the month.

·On 19.01.24, Cement Meeting with Cement Plants located in Raipur division was held under the chairmanship of undersigned which was also attended by CFTM/SECR. During the meeting the loading potential for last quarter and constraints to be removed to achieve the loading was discussed and decision taken.


·A Review Meeting was organized with RVNL on 15.01.2024 and RITES on 29.01.2024 in which the progress made so far was review.

·Annual wellness assurance health check-up at Divisional Railway Hospital, Raipur from 01.01.2024to 31.01.2024.

·“Training of Bio-Medical Waste Management” on 09.01.2024 at Divisional Railway Hospital, Raipur.

·Executive health check-up camp held on 20.01.2024 at Divisional Railway Hospital, Raipur. Total – 32 nos. officers and beneficiary attended the camp.

·President SECROWWO and other members of SECROWWO visited and distributed gift and fruits to the admitted patients of Divisional Railway Hospital, Raipur On 26.01.2024.


 ·    Divisional safety seminar was organized at R station on 11.01.24. Topics are Prevention of SPAD, Precautions taken during Shunting Operations, Authorities given in Auto section and precautions taken by Crew. Winter Precautions and personal Safety, Duties of Optg and Signal staff during failure of points and signals, Analysis of recent incidences, First Aid Box & Use of fire extinguisher. Total73 participants attended the seminar.

  ·Divisional safety seminar was organized at BMY on 31.01.24. Topics are Prevention of SPAD, Precaution during shunting, cause and prevention of accidents, Cause and Prevention of Hot axle, Brake binding and train parting, Precaution and personal safety taken by Engg staff during winter season, Precaution taken by OPTG & S&T staff during failure of points and signals and for opening of relay room, Analysis of recent accidents, Use of Aid Box & Use of fire extinguisher and its demonstration. Total 83 participants attended the seminar.

·   EDME/Safety/RB inspected PPYd/BIA on date 12.01.24.

NI for Auto signalling of BIA – KMI DN line and Middle line completed successfully on date 22.01.24.

·Division has done Tree Plantation of 0.01  lakh during month.

·Earning through non-conventional sources - Rs.0.0241232 Cr. Earning has been collected during                    month.

·CTR –9.372 km CTR has been done during month.

·TTR - 12 Crossing, 12 Switch have been renewed during month. Total 6.0 unit TTR has been done                  during month.

·TFR 15.619 Tkm. TFR has been done during the month.

·Deep Screening of Plain track – 8.71Tkm. Deep Screening has been done during month.

·Overhauling of Level crossings – 03 Nos. LC’s overhauling has been done during month.

·Road Surfacing of LC Gate - Total 06 Nos. LC’s Road surfacing has been done during month.

·Overhauling of Track – 8.52 Tkm overhauling of track has been done during the month.

·Overhauling of Points and crossings - 10 nos. overhauling of Pt. & Xings has been done is this month.

·De-stressing of LWR –139.607 Tkm De-stressing of LWR has been done during the month.

·Leaky roofs repairs - 21 Qtrs. roof have been repaired during month.

·Quarter Repairs – 36 nos. Quarter repaired during the month.

·USFD Testing – 571.286 Tkm. USFD has been done during month.

·Dressing and Boxing – 39.407 Tkm. Dressing & boxing has been done during month.

·Outstanding final bills -  04 Nos. outstanding final bills has been cleared during the month.

·Clearance of live contract bills – 52 nos. of live contract bills has been cleared during the month.

·Completion report Clearance – 03 nos Completion report clearance done during the month.

·4.5 No. SEJ’s have been renewed during the month.

·    48 Nos. G/J renewals have been done to avoid track circuit failure in main line & branch line during          month.

·Visual examination of 495 Nos. of fish plated joints on bridges & yards have been done to avoid rail fracture on rail joints.

·01 IMR(R), 00 IMR(W), 00-DFWR, 105-DFWO, 24-OBS (R) & 02-OBS(W) have been removed during the month. Total 132 defective Rail & welds have been removed from track during month.

·2.17 Tkm. Toe Load measurement have been done during the month.

·04 CMS Crossings have been made gapless during the month.

·1.51 Tkm. Rail painting have been done during the month.

·954 Nos. weld collar painting have been done during the month.

·12.925 Km. greasing of ERC has been done during the month.

·170 Nos. U/S broken PSC ordinary, 49 Nos. U/S broken Pts & Xing, 14 Nos. SEJ’s & 30 Nos. LC Sleepers have been renewed during the month.

·Joggling:- 406 AT Welds (New welds USFD not done) have been protected with joggled fish plates during month.

·Economy Measures indicating one time and recurring economy likely to be achieved - Switches- 08, CMS Xing’s - 04 Nos. & SEJ-00 No. are reconditioned during the month.

·Total CC rake holding is 259 CC rakes (113 Nos. are BOXNHL twin pipe CC rakes, 57 nos. BOBRN CC rakes, 46 Nos. of BOXNS twin pipe CC rakes, 01 Nos. of BOBRN (Hindalco) CC rakes Adani – HL – 11 and 29 Nos. of BOXN CC rakes, 02 Nos of BOXNHL – UTC).

·Total 07 Nos. BOXN CC Rakes have been formed (Off-POH-04, New built HL-01, New built BOBRN-0, BOXNS – 02 & C Fit – 00) in the month of January -24.

·22 Nos. BOBRN CC rakes & 35 BOBRN PEE rakes were examined at PPYard in this month.

·45 Nos. (BOXNHL-42) of old damaged Flap doors have been reclaimed in the month of January’2024.

·Total 81 EUR rakes of BIA base are holding during this month.

·ROH outturn of 124 wagons has been attended during this month.

·77 Super long haul rakes formed in this month.

·Brake van’s Guard seat fabricated in this month 34 Nos. to improve the comfort level of Train Manager while performing his duty.

·06 Nos.IOH have been attended in this month.

·06 Nos. SS1 schedule have been attended in this month.

·Total 3013 Nos. wagons have been repaired in this month during examination at all depots: (PPYd-2886, Ex.BIA-55 & BMY-72).

·Total 820 Rakes have been examined in Raipur Division in this month.

·Total 112 Pragati rakes are running on date. (BOXNHL=68+BOXNS=44).

· Doors have been blocked in 125 nos. of wagons in the month of January -2024.

· Door’s height has been reduced in 115 nos. of wagons in the month of January -2024.

·New doors have been fitted in 30 nos. BOXNS wagons under RSP work in the month of January -2024.

·213 nos. of CC (PP.Yd base 91 + Twin depot 122) Rakes have been examined in this month.

·Modification in piping arrangement of air suspension and FIBA in 06 coaches has been modified up to January – 2024.

·Total 50 coaches has been modified of SAE 100 R 3 type hose pipe in place of SAE 100 RIAT.

·Provision of additional dirt collector in BP pipe line before FIBA device, modification has been done in 18 coaches upto January – 2024.

·DOG box has been provided in 06 Nos. Pf Power cars upto January – 2024.

·Auto Signalling has been commissioned between BIA-KMI section for DN & MID line.

·Standby Voice logger Master Slave Gate telephone installed at all 12 non-interlocked LC gates.  

·Power supply segregation has been provided for BPAC DGS-NPI section.

·Total 07 Point Machine with Ground connection & Insulation has been replaced.

·Directive maintenance work has been done at 04 stations.

·Total 34 Nos. of Defective Glued Joints has been replaced.

·Total 25nos of defective track battery charger have been replaced.

·Total 251 Nos. of Secondary Cells has been replaced on age cum condition basis.

·Safety Integrity Test has been done at BIA, A/Cab, D/Cab & H/Cab on 22.01.2024.

·SPD installation work has been done at DURG for IPS-1 & IPS-2.

·Power Supply segregation for BPAC has been done in DGS-NPI sections.

·Total 03 no. of defective QTA2 relay has been replaced at NRMH(02) and H/Cab (01).

·Cable Meggering has been done at KDRI (all cables), CEE (Point & Shunt signals), Raipur (track circuits & shunt signal).

·Point Machine Painting has been done at BMY/C and H-CAB.

·Overhauling of Block Instrument done for MXA-OLY TLBI at MXA & TLD-HN TLBI at TLD.

·Total 07Point Machine with Ground connection, multi strand wire& Insulation has been replaced at HN(Pt 55B; 220 mm; replaced due to defective), D/Cab (Pts 36B&37A; 143 mm; replaced due to defective), H/Cab (Pts 27A&27B; 143 mm; replaced due to defective); A/Cab (Pts 27A&30A; 143 mm; replaced due to defective).

·Tongue rail & Stock rail renewal work has been done at P-CAB(01) and RSD (01).

·Crossing & its rail renewal work done at DGS (02),SLH (01), R (01) and RSD (02).

·Earth testing of location box has been done at MNDH East (12 nos).

·Provision of Lamp in location boxes has been done at BMYC (27),E-CAB(04),BIA(20), BQR(19),DURG(21),FMY(14),CEW(03), CLW(05),CLE(05),H-CAB(22), C-CAB (08), A-CAB(05),KMI (10), P-CAB (16), RSA (01),BXA (all locations),DRZ (all locations),KETI (East end locations), TLD-SZB & R-LAE-KDRI (total 300 nos).

·Trenching & cable laying has been done at :

· LC GATE DD-27: 2.5 KM trenching done towards MXA end & 8.0 KM laying done towards MXA            end for LC gate interlocking work.

·URK: 250 Mtr. cable laying completed in 230 Mtr. trench for provision of MSDAC.

·    600 Mtr. 6 core cable laying BKTH west cabin to BKTH Station for PA System on Date 20.01.2024.

·    Standby Voice logger Master Slave Gate telephone installed at all 12 non-interlocked LC gates, viz. LC 393, LC 394, LC 395, LC 399, LC 406, LC 374, LC 379, LC 382, LC 389, LC RV-12, DD-62 & DD-24.

·32 nos. Modified RRA clamp replaced during the month and Cum 234 nos. replaced.

·3.55 MT Ferrous scrap made DS-8, Cumulative 110.04 MT done. & Non Ferrous- 0.089 MT Cum Non Ferrous- 5.119 MT.

This month 24.54 MT ferrous, 2.74 MT non ferrous, 171 batteries and 05 locos scrap disposal carried out.


   ØTo improve cleanliness, following steps/activities were undertaken:- 

·Regular interaction with staff and supervisors is being done.

·Drains are being regularly cleaned.

·Cleanliness awareness through announcements at Raipur, Durg ,BPHB,BYT &TLD Stations are done during halt times as well as video clippings on cleanliness awareness through CCTVs at Raipur & Durg   stations are being shown/ played regularly.

·Pamphlets on Anti-littering rule have been displaced at various locations of stations permanently and    same is being announced at stations and being enforced. Similarly announcement regarding Anti-  littering rule is also done at stations.

·   Stickers for use of Bio-Toilets have been pasted inside & outside of Bio-Toilets fitted lavatory in Durg based coaches.

·   Proliferation of special efforts in coaching trains like provision of garbage bags, dustbins in sleeper coaches and action on cleanliness complaints sent through web-based SMS.

·Train having OBHS facilities are being ensured with the help of OBHS staff while on run. Passengers may demand cleaning staff by SMS to 58888 and 9200003232, apps downloaded on mobile “clean my coach” or through login on web named “clean my coach”.

·Train which is not covered under OBHS is being cleaned at CTS Station.

11.   Digital Initiatives

·The copies of written exam results, Panel of promotions etc. are being uploaded in web site of SECR regularly and all promotion and transfer order issued through HRMS.

·New cadre module for publication of seniority through HRMS has been implemented.

          Any other achievement(s) (Brief not exceeding 200 words)

·During this month, Bhilai Steel Plant has loaded 107 rakes of Panel Rail. This is the best ever performance, surpassing the previous best (106 rakes) achieved in March 2023.

·On 22.01.24, Auto-Signalling was commissioned between BIA – KMI on Dn and Middle line by undertaking 21 hrs NI and with minimum disruption to regular traffic.

·During the month of January ’24, the division’s Revenue Loading was 4.29 Million Tonnes, compared to last year’s, 4.14 Million Tonnes,   i.e, 4% less.

·In terms of EWW,the average loading was 2034 compared to 1995 of  January ’23 i.e, 2%  more.

·Abhanpur (AVP) Junction Station having 87 routes; first EPC in SECR is commissioned at 19.30 hrs. on 31.01.2024 with following features:-   

ØThis is the first station in SECR, where RDSO Standard Design implemented with latest policy guidelines of NWKR1 and RWKR1.

Ø  Junction station with 04 running lines & 02 sdgs .

Ø Kyosan make Centralised EI System provided.

Ø Point machines installed - 19 nos.

Ø Main Signal - 17 nos.

Ø Locations - 60 nos.

Ø Track circuits - 37 Nos.

Ø Independent Shunt signal - 7 Nos.

Ø Single line Block working with UFSBI - 3 nos.

Ø CEL make SSDAC - 6 nos (3 pairs).

Ø Partition door at EI room provided.

Ø Crank hadle are provided in location boxes (both direction) with communication facility.

Ø Air conditioner provided with Automatic change over facility for EI Room.

Ø All point machines are of the Thick web type.

Ø All policy circulars of SEC implemented.

·In the month of January -2024, ROH outturns of 979 wagons have been attended against the target of 1000 wagons. (PP.Yd: 806, Ex. Yd: 124 BMY: 49). This is highest ever in this financial year.  This is an increase of 11.57% over corresponding period of last year.

·इस माह मालगाड़ी लोको का निष्पादन 236.40 है जो कि रेलवे बोर्ड एवं मुख्यालय  द्वारा निर्धारित लक्ष्य 236.00 से 1.17%  अधिक है ।

·इस माह कोचिंग लोको का निष्‍पादन 11.99 है, जो कि रेलवे बोर्ड द्वारा निर्धारित लक्ष्‍य 10.00 लोको से 19.90%अधिक है ।  

·The total availability of Freight locos during the month stood at 242.27 which is 4.43% higher than the target of 232.

·01 No Portal boom erected at BIA yard at loc. Km 851/31N-32N.

·283 Nos porcelain insulator replaced by 1600 mm CD Composite insulator (Stay-130 Nos, Bracket - 126 Nos & 9T 27 Nos).

·57.944 TKM AOH maintenance and 07 nos. ATD replacement carried out during the month.

·32 nos. Modified RRA clamp replaced during the month and Cum 234 nos. replaced.

·1 no. 33 KV Power line crossing dismantled between R-MNDH (831/1/22-24) and 1 no. 11 KV power line crossing at URK-SZB BP (831/31B-832/1B).

·3 nos. Gantry maintenance carried out at SZB/SP, BIA/SSP & NPI/SSP during the month.

·16 Nos. LA Disconnector connection made on top at SZB/SP, BIA/SSP & NPI/SSP and 10 Nos. 42 KV LA replaced at BIA/SSP, SZB/SP & NPI/SSP.

·3.55 MT Ferrous scrap made DS-8, Cumulative 110.04 MT done. & Non Ferrous- 0.089 MT Cum Non Ferrous- 5.119 MT DS-8 done.

·A total of 67,30,560 units were generated by the 50MW Solar Power Plant in Charoda during this month, resulting in a reduction of 54,51,753  kilograms of Co2 emissions.

·In the month of Jan'24, 556 idle diesel Locomotives were shut down due to which about 95641 Litres of HSD Oil, costing about Rs. 93.34 Lakh, was saved.

·In the month of Jan’24, three batches for training of conventional MEMU Intensive course were organised for CLIs at BMY training center, which were attended by 29 CLIs.

·Compassionate Appointment Cases: At the beginning of the month 09 cases were registered and 03 cases accrued during the month. Out of 12 cases, 04 cases ware finalized for Compassionate Appointments rest are pending at various stages.

·CGA-   1 – Asstt Store Medical has been joined during the month in Medical Department.

·Land Loser- 1 TM-IV has been joined during the month in Engineering Department.

·During the month, 89 grievances were registered in HRMS module and 64 have been redressed.

·Notification for engagement of Act Apprentices for the year 2023-24 for 1033 seats (Raipur Div- 696, WRS 337) has been issued on 23-05-2023. Last date of submission of application is 22-06-              2023, total 28439 (Raipur Div-17176, WRS -11263) applications are received. In First phase total  463 (R- 363 & WRS-100), Second Phase total 328 (DRM- 181 & WRS-147 ), third phase total  95 ( R- 44 , WRS- 45) candidates were joined.

·Out of 09 Court Cases, 08 Cases finalized in Railways favour in Jan - 2024.


Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 20-02-2024  

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