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ØOn date 29.06.21, In Nagpur division change of Lobby name code from NGPS to SCLN as it required for route & link creation for RBS and CRIS system so that new electrified and gauge converted section, routes will be available in CMS after changing lobby code possible

ØOn 17.06.21, after parallel operation of Power transformer at KWN/TSS, an extension of OHE feed from neutral section between GNL-HDM to neutral section of SNV-DEW. Seven days, CLI foot plated in loaded trains in both direction (from G to SNV and SNV to G). CLI reported that there was no tripping also there was no fluctuation of OHE voltage observed as it happened earlier. Train run smoothly without any hunting. OHE voltage was found within range. No case of stalling/punctuality loss case of train has been reported in HDM-GNL-SNV section.

ØOn date 15.07.2021, first loaded goods Train No. BOST/MELG hauling with Diesel Locomotive No. 70838/70834/VSKP, Section TRDI-KGE runs successfully completed.

ØEstablishment of new combined crew & guard lobby at Kalumna. After implementation of KAV lobby, detention for pilot movement of crew from NGP to KAV and back has became zero. Also long hours cases of crew duty are minimized and idling hours of crew is also reduced. On date 04.08.2021, first TO given from newly established lobby at KAV at 15:00 hrs and total 4 TOs served in first opening day.

ØIn August-21, three loaded long haul trains, on date 17.08.2021 Train No- TSWS, Loco no. 33225/WAG-9/BIA & Train No. TSWS, Loco No. 31123/WAG-9/LGD, on date 19.08.2021 Train No. MDIT, Loco No. 31992/WAG-9/BSP & Train No. PMAM, Loco no. 31345/WAG-9/LGD and on date 30.08.2021 Train No- AEMD, Loco No. 32817/WAG-9/LGD and Train No. TSWS, Loco No. 27058/WAG-7/DDU were successfully run by crew of Nagpur division.

ØOn date 21.09.2021, Anaconda train amalgamation of three loaded Trains having Train No- N/PSB, Loco no. 12467/R & Train No. N/PMAM, Loco No. 12481/R, & Train No. N/KRDS, Loco No. 70047/R successfully run from DUG-GDM by crew of Nagpur division.

ØOn date 25.09.2021, Anaconda train amalgamation of three loaded Trains having Train No- N/MSPC, Loco no. 12467/R & Train No. N/PMAM, Loco No. 12481/R, & Train No. N/KRDS, Loco No. 70047/R successfully run by crew of Nagpur division.

ØIn TMR-GBRI section new OHE electrified Sitasawangi Siding/GBRI, on date 09.11.2021 successfully first trial with Electric loco 31946/950/BNDM was conducted.

In TMR-GBRI section on date 21.11.21 Train No. BOST/E was the first Goods train worked and placement of load at Sitasawangi siding with Electric Loco 32662/LDH.

ØOn date 05.11.2021, Nagpur division highest train ordering was 308 and same day total highest interchanges of freight trains were 215.

ØSr. ALP/ELS who are to be promoted as Loco Pilot Goods will spared for taking road learning of section/1500Km on footplate handling. Thereafter 1000Km handling is provided under Chief loco inspector. During this handling Sr. ALPs are provided with gradient graphical chart & signal location, layout of big yards for their easy and perfect learning during handling period. When nominated CLI satisfied by himself present Sr. ALP for competency as LPG, after verifying there (Sr. ALP) technical and sectional knowledge as well as driving techniques competent authority issued Competency certificate.

ØCOVID-19 first dose vaccination of 1866 numbers of staff out of 1869 and 1545 numbers of family members out of 1680 have been vaccinated and Second dose vaccine for 1844 numbers of staff and 1362 numbers of family members have been vaccinated as on date.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 20-01-2022  

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