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Electric Loco Shed Bhilai of South East Central Railway inducted in traffic (for push-pull work) by installing DPWCS in 74 Electric Locos.


Test Bench of Bearing Puller was made from the available resources in the shed to remove the bearings of Traction Motor Blower (TMB) at Electric Loco Shed Bilaspur. The easy of removing the bearings from this test bench has increased and the shed does not have to take help from other institutions for the same.


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-04 at 10

SEC Railway has started new Lobby at KAV (Kalmna) on date 05.08.2021 for changed traffic pattern to relieve long hour’s crew in UP direction and avoiding pilot running of Nagpur based crew

CVVRS ‘Crew voice and video recording system’ has been provided in 06 Loco of BIA shed.

Loco No.37516 and 37055 two coaching locos has been completed high reach Pantograph to make suitable to run on high reach OHE.

Running details of Anaconda, Sheshnaag & Vasuki are as below:



Longer Haul Trains Formed and Run in SECR in 2020-21



Type of rake


Rakes Formed and Run


3 empty


Super Anaconda

3 loaded



4 Empty



4 Loaded


Super Sheshnaag

5 empty





Diesel Locomotives

Rubber bush fitting arrangement for nose Link of HHP Loco: Nose link bush removal and fitting arrangements were developed with the available resources in Diesel Loco Shed Raipur for HHP loco and used successfully for removal and fitting of rubber bush. 


Traction Energy:


The consumption of traction energy was 124.95 MU during the month of July’21, which is 50% increased as compared to 83.21 MU in July’20. The GTKM (Goods) for July’20 was 8156790 (000’GTKM) & that of June’21 is ) 9353250 (000’GTKM), which is 15% higher. In June’21 the coaching services have increased to 3227 trains as compared to 138 trains in July’20.


Non-traction Energy:


The cost of energy has been reduced by changing the tariff slab of HT electricity connections. In two connections (Itwari and Kalmana) of Nagpur division, instead of commercial rate (Rs.11.46 per KWH), industrial rate (Rs.6.76 per KWH) has been reduced. KWH) totaling Rs. 1,62,000/- was saved.


20 LT Connections of NGP div. has been converted to suitable tariff thereby saving Rs.4.86/-per unit achieved. Due to which the total annual saving is estimated to be Rs. 8.92 lakh.


Work of 4.636 MWp roof top solar in SEC Railway has been completed by March-2020. These solar devices successfully produced 3.34 lakhs units during July'2021. This resulted in saving of Rs 5.67 lakh in energy bill and reduction in carbon emissions by 233.8 tonnes for the month of Aug’21.


Proposed 50 MW Land based Solar Plant at Bhilai:


To harness Green Energy for Traction purpose, a pioneer project of 50 MW Land Based Solar is under progress at vacant land (approx.122 hectare area) at Bhilai of Raipur Division. PPA between Railway (Raipur Division) and SPD M/s Sherisha Rooftop Solar PV SPV Four Pvt Limited Chennai (TN) has been signed on 13.12.2019for a period of 25 years. TDC for commissioning of project - Nov’21.


i)CRS inspection of new lines :

CRS inspection successfully conducted for electrification work of following sections during the month:


·Balaghat -Katangi section in Nagpur Division (RKM-45.50, TKM-48.50).

·Katangi-Tirodi section in Nagpur Division. (RKM-15.00, TKM-19.00).

·3rd line of Bortalao-Darekasa section of Nagpur Division. (TKM-11.085)


ii)New line Energisation:

a)EIG sanction granted for “Energisation of OHE of new 3rd line between Bortalao (BTL)-Darekasa (DKS) from KM 943/14N (Ch : 943.236)to KM 953/2A-1 (Ch : 953.210), in Durg-Nagpur main line section in NGP Division overSECR (TKM- 11.085 )”.

b)EIG sanction granted for “Energisationof 1 No.10 KVA,25 KV/240VAuxiliary Transformer in Tirodi Yard in connection with Electrification work of new line between Katangi- Tirodi Section of Nagpur division over SECR.”

c)Energisation ofnew Tirodi/SP (1094/200) in Tumsar Road – Tirodi Section in connection with Electrification work of Tumsar Road – Tirodi section in Nagpur Division over SECR.

d)Energisation of One no. 21.6/30.24 MVA, 132/25KV Traction Power Transformer (TR-12) and 3 bay control panel at Kanhan/TSS in DUG-NGP main line section of NGP Division over SECR.”

e)Energisation ofone no. newly erected CB (CBS-207) and feeder line (2.060 KM Feeder line) for IOTL siding with modification in existing Lakholi/SP”in connection with electrification work of R-Lakholi section of Raipur Division over SECR.”

General Service

For carrying portable generator set from ART van to accident site, single rail running roller trolley was manufactured at TL Gondia of Nagpur Division, which enables portable generator to reach the accident site in minimum time by just one worker.


Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 02-09-2021  

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