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            Activities & Achievements

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Activities & Achievements

Achievement for the Year 2023-24 (Up to 20.07.2023)

1.Charging of Goberwahi/SSP

On dt. 05.04.2023Goberwahi/SSP (1073/199) has been charged by 25 KV single phase power supply arrangement in connection with electrification work of Tumsar Road –Tirodi section.

2.Strengthening of OHE by providing Contact Wire

During the year 86 nos. Contact bar at RRA clamp locations on Curve have been provided for additional strengthening of contact wire.

3.Provision of PTFE type Short NS Assembly

At CCO/TSS Short NS Assembly (PTFE type) has been provided at location no.1066/3 on dtd.13.05.2023.

4.Commissioning of PTFE NS


i) SYE/SP: Short NS Assembly (PTFE type) has been made functional at location no.1172/8 on (08.05.2023) in front of SYE/SP respectively.

ii) BRD/TSS: Short NS Assemblies (PTFE type) have been made functional at all three lines in front of BRD/TSS, now TR-9 & Tr-10 are now feeding at BSP & NGP ends separately.

       5. Improvement of Critical Implantation

During the year, 44 nos. Critical Implantation has been improved by providing new Masts.

       6.Rectification of Leaning Masts

During the year, 50 nos. leaning OHE Masts have been rectified.

       7.Replacement of Rusted Cantilever:                  

During the year, 225 nos. Rusted Cantilever has been replaced by new one.

       8.Replacement of AAA Catenary by Cu Catenary

During the year, total 12.07 TKM. Al catenary wire has been replaced by Cu catenary wire through contractual agency.

        9.LA Dis-connector Switch shifting

During the year, 7 nos. LA dis-connector switches have been shifted on top of LAs.

       10.Rectification of Leaning Masts

During the year, 50 nos. leaning OHE Masts have been rectified.

        11.Removal of Bird nest removal:

During the year, total 45 nos. Bird nest have been removed from OHE for improving reliability.

   12.Cutting of Tree branches in the vicinity of OHE:

During the year, total 195 nos. tree have been cut & 4918 nos. tree have been trimmed by TRD/Engg. staff as a special precautionary measure to avoid tripping of CBs/OHE breakdown.

   13.FOB Girder launching:

04 nos. FOB Girder has been launched at Patansaongi (PTS)Lodhikhera (LDE), Talodi(TUD) &  Alewahi(AWH).

   14.Pre Monsoon Drive

A month long Pre-Monsoon Drive has been completed.

   15.RH Girder launching

RH Girder has been launched at 02 nos. each at TRO-MNU (UP & DN) line, KT-RRL section (UP & DN).

16. RH Girder de-launching

RH Girder has been de-launched at 02 nos. each at TRO-MNU (UP & DN) line, KT-RRL section (UP & DN).

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 25-07-2023  

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