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            Activities & Achievements

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Activities & Achievements

ØDedicated Kiosk for Gyan Kasauti has been commissioned in NGP lobby for all crew.

ØTo reduce long hours duty of running staff,07 vehicles at NGP lobby, 03 Vehicles at Gondia lobby and 01 vehicle at JBP lobby have been hired to relief crew en-route and bring them back to HQ by road.

ØCounseling of crew is being done by CLIs for taking healthy balanced diet and quality rest to improve immunity to save from COVID-19.

ØGranting of leave to crew has been streamlined with leave forecasting system in advance of 2 months and staff has dropped their leave application in the box kept in the lobbies.

ØCCTV camera has been commissioned in all lobbies of NGP division and in NGP, DGG and Gondia Running Room.

ØWashing machine has been provided at Running Room NGP & DGG.

ØComputerized running room management and bed allotment has been started at NGP, DGG & NAB Running Room.

ØFor reducing Failure response time and punctuality loss all LPs have been instructed and counseled that they should try to rectify the Loco Failure within 10 minutes of the incident and if they feel that the trouble-shooting will take more time or is not possible then they should demand for relief loco within 10 minutes of the incident.

ØSand filling on loaded trains is being done at DGG.

ØMandatory training of Troubleshooting skills for CLIs, Crew and maintenance staff have been given for minor loco fault rectification in section and fewer Locos are marked TR.

ØNew lines and new signals commissioned in section are being displayed through flexi board at every lobby. For temporary purpose, one booklet in PDF form of location of signal with KM number was circulated for newly promoted LPs & newly appointed ALPs.

ØNDA, OT etc of the running staff at NGP & DGG, G are being generated through CMS and payment is made to running staff as per the CMS statements.

ØCUG call analysis of crew is being done.

ØSPM analysis of average 16 Loco/month is being done.

ØMinimized PDD.

ØStrict adherence and monitoring of 09Hrs. rule for running staff.

ØVarious courses conducted by DTTC/MIB for improvement of technical knowledge, safety and safe train run operation ensure for running staffs.

ØSr. ALP/ELS who are to be promoted as Loco Pilot Goods will spared for taking road learning of section/1500Km on footplate handling. Thereafter 1000Km handling is provided under Chief loco inspector. During this handling Sr. ALPs are provided with gradient graphical chart & signal location, layout of big yards for their easy and perfect learning during handling period. When nominated CLI satisfied by himself present Sr. ALP for competency as LPG, after verifying there (Sr. ALP) technical and sectional knowledge as well as driving techniques competent authority issued Competency certificate.

ØPromotion of 09 nos. LPM and 12 LPP have been done.

ØPromotion of 72 nos. LPG completed and further promotion of LPG will be done in a phase manner.

ØExtension of Running Room/Gondia of extra 14 nos beds have been done in view of increase occupancy. Little flower School building near to existing Running room about 100 m distance has been converted to accommodation for crew.

ØConsidering less utilization of crew, Lobby /TMR & Lobby/NAB have been handed over to SM/TMR & SM/NAB respectively in order to financial savings for maintain separate infrastructure.

ØOpening of New Lobby at KAV for better utilization of running staff as well as reduce long hours duty of crew.

Counseling of Crew at SCLN Lobby

Gondia Lobby