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            Activities & Achievements

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Activities & Achievements

1)Achivement in 2022-23 (Up to Oct’22)

1.        Energisation of OHE at Bharvelly MOIL siding

          OHE at Bharvelly MOIL siding taking off from Balaghat station from Mast location No. 1044/01, Ch. KM. 1044/01.20 to location no. 1049/21 (Ch. KM 1049/407.00 (total 6.397 TKM) charged on 13.05.2022 in Nagpur Division.

2.      Charging of M/s Rita Steel Siding

  OHE of private siding of M/s Rita Steel Industries Pvt.  Ltd. Taking off from KNHN station yard with 4 nos. new X/Overs and extension of shunting neck (NGP end), new wiring at line no. 7 at KNHN yard (Total TKM :5.32) is charged on dtd. 22.09.2022.

3.       Charging of NTPC Mouda Stage-II

        NTPC Mouda Stage-II OHE work from reception yard to In plant Yard Stage II at reception yard and In plant yard Area is charged on dtd. 23.09.2022 (Total 11.067 TKM).

4.      Successful completion of PCEE/SECR Inspection in TMR Rd- KWN 3rd line Section

PCEE/SECR Inspection for the electrification work of Tumsar Road (Excl.) (KM: 1049.315) to Kachewani (Incl.) (KM: 1021.600) (Total 28.00 RKM, 35.311 TKM) has been carried out successfully on 16.09.2022.

5.       Successful completion of PCEE/SECR Inspection in PUE-BHV Section

       During the month, PCEE/SECR Inspection for the electrification work in Palari (Excl.)-Bhoma (Incl.) (Total 20.47 RKM, 21.82 TKM) has been carried out successfully on 29.07.2022.

6.       Enhancement of Contract Demand at RJN & PJB Traction sub station

           During the month, enhancement of Contract demand for additional 2000 KVA (Over and above existing 16000 KVA) at Rajnandgaon TSS & Contract Demand for addl. 2000 KVA (Over and above existing 225000 KVA) at Paniyajob TSS has been done on 08.07.22 & 23.07.2022 respectively.

7.        Energisation of DEMU Shed line no.2

           OHE of line no.2 of DEMU Shed at Gondia for the maintenance of MEMU Rakes (total 0.560 TKM) charged on 27.07.2022.

8.   Provision of PTFE type (Arthur Flurry AG make) Short NS Assembly at   BRD/TSS & KWN/TSS:

         Arthur Flurry AG make Short NS Assembly PTFE type has been provided at location no.1065/24 (DN Lin) (28.06.22) and 1065/23 (UP line) (04.07.22) in front of BRD TSS & 1022/18 (DN Lin) (31.08.22) and 1024/31 (UP line) (02.09.22) in front of KWN/TSS respectively.

9.        Provision of Double contact Wire

Double contact wire provided at 26 locations of Sharp angle termination of OHE at in JBP-G section and KAV, RSM & RJN Yard for strengthening the OHE.

10.       Replacement of Rusted Anti-creep Wire

Total 152 nos. rusted anti-creep has been rectified during the year. (Balance   population as on date is 203 nos.)

11.     Rectification of Leaning Mast

          Total 63 nos. leaning mast has been rectified during the year.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Total population was 560 nos. (As per sanctioned work in 2018)

Total progress as on date = 244 nos.

Balance population = 316 nos.

Action plan; Work proposed under Umbrella Works 2022-23 for 200 nos. Mast & BWA 100 Locations.

12.       Improvement of Critical Implantation

          Total 8 nos. leaning mast has been rectified during the year.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Total population is 203 nos. (Main line)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Total population is 62 nos. (Yards)

Action plan: Work proposed under Umbrella Works 2022-23 for 180 nos.

13.       LA Disconnector Switch shifting

76 nos. LA disconnector switches have been shifted on top of LAs.

Total population = 258 nos.

Balance=182 nos.

Action plan: PO issued for 120 nos. on 10.10.22 (DP:23.01.2023)

14.     PTFE shifting at Balaghat SP

PTFE of BTC/SP provided in Balaghat-Katangi single line section has been shifted from loc.1044/31 to 1044/18 for interlocking of LC Gate to maintain the 400 mtrs. Clearance from Signal by Construction.

15.     Charging of BHV/TSS

Bhoma/TSS with One 21.6/30.24 MVA Traction Transformer under CWA-NIR-MFR section charged on 25.08.2022.

16.     Charging of Transformer TR-04 at PJB/TSS

At Paniyajob/TSS, One 21.6/30.24 MVA Traction Transformer, TR-04 (Make: CGL) has been charged and load given on 27.04.2022 (at 16:00 Hrs.).

17.       Catenary Wire Replacement

Total 10.20 TKM catenary wire replacement has been replaced during the year.

18.       Charging of TRO/SSP

During the month, Charging of New TRO/SSP (KM. 1029/17-19), shifted in connection with electrification work of 3rdline between RJN-NGP section on dtd. 09.07.2022 by Construction.

19.     Charging of CHCR/SSP

During the month, old CHCR/SSP shifted in connection with electrification work of 3rd line between RJN-NGP section & charged on dtd. 26.08.2022 by Construction.

20.     Charging of KP/SSP

During the month, old KP/SSP shifted in connection with electrification work of 3rd line between RJN-NGP section & charged on dtd. 30.05.2022 by Construction.

21.     Shifting of IOL at Signal Locations

4 nos. IOL in front of Signal locations partially shifted on temporary basis at SKY, GGGS, PNJ & HTT by adjusting height & droppers to avoid breakdown.

22.       Provision Ashida make RTUs in place of M/s. Merit (V-Bro) make

At all 6 TSSs between DUG-NGP main line section, All RTUs have been updated from Ashida make RTUs (with latest RDSO’s spec.) in place of M/s. Merit (V-Bro) make, now EMS data is transmitting to SLDC/Kalwa & SEMC/BSP for power scheduling & forecasting under Open access.

23.       Provision of ATs at BK-2 & GCF-2

10 KVA ATs for interlocking of LC gates no. BK-2 & GCF-2 have been provided departmentally.

24.      Removal of Infringement at PF-2 of BRD Stn. 

Portals has been shifted at PF-2 of BRD Stn. for the construction of the FOB’s stair, which was infringing the work.

25.       Provision of Isolators for Improving Goods Shed

In order to provide Isolation facility for improving of Goods Shed, Isolators with earthing heal has been provided at MME (Work departmentally) and PNJ, HTT & BUQ Stations.

26.       Provision of Double Contact wire under OLS

For strengthening of OHE under OLS, double contact wire provided at 21 locations under OLS

27.       Isolation Facility at KPKD

Isolation facility has been developed at KPKD yard by provision 9-T Insulators.

28.       Launching/De-launching of Girders

In order to launch the Girders of FOB at TMR, GNL & KPKD Stations, OHE slewing/Re-slewing has been carried out y to facilitate the crane working. Similarly for de-launching of Girders at SKS & AGN stations OHE slewing/Re-slewing has been carried out to facilitate crane working.

29.      Slewing/Re-slewing of OHE

In the section TRO-MNU section in both UP & DN lines, Slewing/Re-slewing of OHE has been done to facilitate crane working 

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 12-11-2022  

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