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Posting Order

Posting Order



Order No 



105Posting order as Tech-III  MECH departmentRPB/1431/202019-10-2020DOWNLOAD
104Posting order as  Goods Guard  Optg departmentRPB/1393/202013-10-2020DOWNLOAD
103Posting order as Helper ENGG departmentRPB/772/2020 24-06-2020DOWNLOAD
102Posting order as Helper ENGG departmentRPB/741/2020 22-06-2020DOWNLOAD
101Posting order as Tech-I(M)Mechanical/DLS departmentRPB/676/2020 08-06-2020DOWNLOAD
100Posting order as Tech-III  (MASON)ENGG departmentRPB/585/2020 21-05-2020DOWNLOAD
 99Posting order as Tech-III  Elect/TRS departmentRPB/551/2020 11-05-2020DOWNLOAD
 98Posting order as ALP  Elect/OP departmentRPB/531/2020 01-05-2020DOWNLOAD
 97Posting order as Sr Tech(M/S) Elect/TRS departmentRPB/429/2020 17-03-2020DOWNLOAD
 96Posting order as Tech-III  Elect/TRS departmentRPB/419/2020 13-03-2020DOWNLOAD
 95Posting order as ALP  Elect/OP departmentRPB/385/2020 11-03-2020DOWNLOAD
 94Partial Modification of RPB/298/2020 DT 31-12-19RPB/298/2020 24-02-2020DOWNLOAD
 93Partial Modification of RPB/21/2020 DT 01-01-20RPB/297/2020 24-02-2020DOWNLOAD
 92Posting order as ALP  Elect/OP departmentRPB/302/2020 25-02-2020 DOWNLOAD
 91Posting order Corrigendum of RPB/259/2020 RPB/294/2020 20-02-2020 DOWNLOAD
 90Posting order as Assistance C&W  Mechanical departmentRPB/271/2020 18-02-2020 DOWNLOAD
 89Posting order as SSE   Elect/TRD departmentRPB/240/2020 12-02-2020 DOWNLOAD
 88Posting order for Breakdown activities  Mech/CnW  departmentRPB/203-202007-02-2020DOWNLOAD
 87Posting order as Gr-D   Elect departmentRPB/205/2020 07-02-2020DOWNLOAD
 86Posting order Medically  De-categories to Engg department RPB/182/2020 03-02-2020DOWNLOAD
 85Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/166/2020 29-01-2020 DOWNLOAD
 84Posting order as  Asst C&W  departmentRPB/134/2020 23-01-2020DOWNLOAD
 83Posting order as Asst Loco Shed   Elect departmentRPB/2396/2019 23-12-2019DOWNLOAD
 82Posting order as  Helper  Engineering departmentRPB/35/2020 04-01-2020DOWNLOAD
 81In continuation of this office order No RPB/807/2019 dt 03-05-19 the following hereby RPB/34/2020 04-01-2020DOWNLOAD
 80Posting order as Porter/PMB  Optg departmentRPB/12/2020 01-01-2020 DOWNLOAD
 79Posting order as Asst C&W helper  Mech/CnW  departmentRPB/2340/2019 17-12-2019DOWNLOAD
 78Posting order as Porter/PMB  Optg departmentRPB/2284/2019 03-12-2019DOWNLOAD
 77Posting order as  Goods Guard  Optg departmentRPB/2283/2019 03-12-2019DOWNLOAD
 76Posting order as  Helper  Elect/Gen departmentRPB/2230/2019 25-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 75Posting orderRPB/2197/2019 20-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 74Posting order as  Asst CnW  Mech/CnW departmentRPB/2196/2019 20-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 73Posting order Medical-decategorized as  Jr clerk  Medical departmentRPB/2157/2019 14-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 72Medical-decategorized RPB/2155/2019 14-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 71Posting order as  CLI  Mech/Loco departmentRPB/2152/2019 13-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 70Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/2121/2019 06-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 69Posting order as  Jr.TNC Optg departmentRPB/2100/2019 04-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 68Posting order as  Porter/PMB Optg departmentRPB/2098/2019 04-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 67Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/2092/2019 01-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
 66Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/2046/2019 22-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
 65Posting order as  ECRC Commercial departmentRPB/2025/2019 21-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
 64Posting order as  CC Commercial departmentRPB/2024/2019 21-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
 63Posting order as  Porter/PMB Optg departmentRPB/1955/2019 11-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
 62Posting order as  Tr.Tech-III   Mechanical/DLS departmentRPB/1789/2019 09-09-2019 DOWNLOAD
 61Partial Modification RPB/1760/19 DT 05-09-19 RPB/1781/2019 06-09-2019 DOWNLOAD
 60Posting order as  Helper Elect departmentRPB/1760/2019 05-09-2019 DOWNLOAD
 59Posting order as  Goods Guards Optg departmentRPB/1623/2019 26-08-2019 DOWNLOAD
 58Posting order as  JE (P-Way) Engg departmentRPB/1561/2019 21-08-2019 DOWNLOAD
 57Posting order as  Section Controller  operating departmentRPB/1420/201925-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 56Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/1403/201923-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 55Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/1249/2019 03-07-2019 DOWNLOAD
 54Posting order as Helper Mechanical/C&W departmentRPB/1361/2019 18-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 53Posting order as -- Mechanical/C&W departmentRPB/1237/2019 18-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 52Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/1237/2019 06-07-2019 DOWNLOAD
 51Posting order as  Porter/PMB  OPTG departmentRPB/1315/2019 12-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 50Posting order as TADK Mechanical/C&W departmentRPB/1306/2019 11-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 49Posting order as Helper Mechanical/C&W departmentRPB/1300/201911-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 48Posting order as  Tr.Tech-III   Mechanical/DLS departmentRPB/1285/201909-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 47Posting order as  SSE  ENGG departmentRPB/1265/201905-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 46Posting order as  Porter/PMB  OPTG departmentRPB/1255/201903-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 45Posting order as  Tr.Tech-III  Elect/TRS departmentRPB/1236/201902-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 44Posting order as  Tr.Tech-III  Elect/Gen departmentRPB/1226/201901-07-2019DOWNLOAD
 43Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/1218/201927-06-2019DOWNLOAD
 42Posting order as  TM-IV  ENGG departmentRPB/1207/201925-06-2019DOWNLOAD
 41Posting order as Gr.-D SnT departmentRPB/1201/201925-06-2019DOWNLOAD
 40Posting order as  Helper ENGG departmentRPB/1172/201924-06-2019DOWNLOAD
 39Posting order as  Helper Mechanical departmentRPB/1171/201924-06-2019DOWNLOAD 
 38Posting order as TM-IV and Helper ENGG departmentRPB/1163/201921-06-2019DOWNLOAD
 37Posting order as TM-IV and Helper ENGG departmentRPB/1123/201919-06-2019DOWNLOAD
 36Posting order as TM-IV and Helper ENGG departmentRPB/1118/201918-06-2019DOWNLOAD
35Posting order as PORTER/PMB Operating departmentRPB/1104/201917-06-2019DOWNLOAD
34Posting order as PORTER/PMB Operating departmentRPB/1029/201903-06-2019DOWNLOAD
33Posting order as TM-IV ENGG departmentRPB/984/201927-05-2019DOWNLOAD
32Posting order as PORTER/PMB Operating departmentRPB/990/201927-05-2019DOWNLOAD
31Posting order as TM-IV Mechanical C&W departmentRPB/944/201922-05-2019DOWNLOAD
30Posting order as Gr-D S&T departmentRPB/860/201910-05-2019DOWNLOAD
29Posting order as Helper Engg departmentRPB/807/201903-05-2019DOWNLOAD
28Posting order as in Electrical/TRD departmentRPB/773/201930-04-2019DOWNLOAD
27Posting order as Helper(sig) S&T departmentRPB/756/201926-04-2019DOWNLOAD
26Posting order as JE(SIG) in S&T departmentRPB/755/201926-04-2019DOWNLOAD
25Posting order as Helper Electrical/GEN departmentRPB/655/201916-04-2019DOWNLOAD
24Posting order as Helper Engg departmentRPB/587/201915-04-2019DOWNLOAD
23Posting order as Track Maintainer-IV/Helper Engg departmentRPB/587/201929-03-2019DOWNLOAD
22Posting order as TADK Electrical/TRS departmentRPB/586/201929-03-2019DOWNLOAD
21Posting order as Helper Engg departmentRPB/557/201925-03-2019DOWNLOAD
20Posting order as Tech-III Electrical/TRS departmentRPB/555/201925-03-2019DOWNLOAD
19Posting order as Helper Engg departmentRPB/507/201919-03-2019DOWNLOAD
18Posting order of Medically de-categorized
staff of Electrical(OP) department
17Posting order Gr-D in account acquisition
of land for the projects Electrical (GEN) department
16Posting order Gr-D in account acquisition
of land for the projects Electrical (GEN) department
15Posting order as Track Maintainer-IV
Engg department
RPB/439/201913-03-2019 DOWNLOAD
14Posting order as PMB/PORTER
Operating department
13 Posting order Gr-D in account acquisition
of land for the projects S&T department
12Posting order CGA as Helper in 
Mechanical (C&W) department
11Posting order Re-engagement of Retired
Railway Employee Electrical(TRS) department
10Posting order Group-D in 
Mechanical (C&W) department
9Posting order Re-engagement of Retired Railway
Employee Engineering department
8Posting order Group-D in 
S&T department
 7Posting order Lab- Superintendent in 
Medical department
 6Posting order med De-categorized in
Engineering department

Appointed and posted as Goods Guard
in Operating department



Appointed and posted as Helper
in Mechanical (C&W) department





Appointed and posted as Helper
in Mechanical (C&W) department





Appointed and posted as Track Maintainer-IV
in Engineering department





Appointed and posted as Helper
in Mechanical (C&W) department




Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 10-12-2021  

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