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            Activities & Achievements

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Activities & Achievements

ØPlanning and Management of tenders and Contracts related to cleaning and sanitation, Pay and Use toilets, Shoe Shine.

ØWorking of license porters at stations.Working of parcel hamals.

ØPlanning and Management of tenders and Contracts related to cleaning and sanitation, Pay and Use toilets, Shoe Shine.

ØMonitoring and compliance of inspection notes of Railway Board Officials, GM, PHOD/HOD/DRM/ADRM & Sr.DCM.

ØSIG inspections at all levels.

ØAll matters related to safety, drive, MPR & MCDO, Statistics & Returns, Parliamentary Question, Audit reports & Account Notes.

ØAll matters related to Public demands, ZRUCC, DRUCC, SCC.

ØMonitoring and submission of indents for PCT, Money value book & ensuring timely supply.

ØSupply of UTS & PRS ticket roll.

ØAll matters related to freight traffic, E-payment, Freight incentive scheme, Siding Agreement & working of weigh bridges.

ØTicket checking – monitoring & analysis of TTE working performance, arranging conducting ticket checking drive to achieve target.

ØOrganising and monitoring of anti-fraud checks.

ØMaintenance of TTE rest rooms.

ØGoods outstanding and clearance.

ØAll works related to catering

ØCollection of Demurrage C & Wharfage as per SOP.

ØTenders and contracts related to Parking, Commercial Advertisements, All matters related to Parcel services.

ØAll IT related projects including FOIS systems.

ØWorking of UTS & PRS systems in the division.

ØAMC of UTS and PRS equipments.

ØJTBS & STBS all issues including management of their contracts.

ØPublic complaints.


ØCompliance of Branch Officers & Sr.Scale Officers inspections.

ØDisaster Management, Safety matters.

ØReview of ticket sale and monitoring of working of PRS & UTS counter.

ØMonitoring of ST-5 and other return and ensuring their timely submission to Traffic Accounts.

ØMonitoring of cash imprest available at stations and its recoupment.

ØCoaching outstanding and its clearance.

ØPlanning and monitoring of Passenger amenities.

ØWorking of Commercial Control, Passenger Complaints at 138 round the clock.

ØCommercial Plots.ØConducting inspection as per norms.





New goods sheds notified:

•NIR (24/05/2020 – 32 rakes loaded), KLOD (24/05/2020 – 1 rake loaded), CID (19/11/2020 – 3 rakes loaded), GRG (01/12/2020 – 3 rakes loaded), LIG (08/01/2021 – 28 rakes loaded), SKLI (12/01/2021 – 5 rakes loaded), MFR (10/02/2021 – 1 rake loaded).

Efforts made by made by BDU generated New traffic -

Food grains -

•NIR: 33 rakes loaded. 1st rake loaded on 30.05.2020.

•AJU: 6 mini rakes upto 26th Jan. 1st rake loaded on 31/05/2020.

•WSA : 4 mini rakes of rice loaded. 1st rake loaded on 26/11/2020.

•LIG: 36 rakes loaded. 1st rake loaded on 17/01/2021.

•GRG: 4 rakes loaded by FCI. 1st rake loaded on 19/01/2021.

•MFR: 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on 23/03/2021.

Iron Ore-

•GGGS : 87 rakes loaded. 1st rake of Iron Ore loaded on 30/07/2020.

Quartzite -

•MJBM/MUP : 5 rakes of quartzite loaded. 1st rake of Quartz loaded on 08/08/2020.

•AGN : 2 rakes of quartziteloaded on 10/12/2021.


•KAV : First rake of Steel loaded ex.KAV for VZP on 20/08/2020.

•MJBM/MUP : First rake of Steel Billets loaded ex.MJBM/MUP on 18/01/2021.

Fly ash :

•MSPC/CHCR : 4 rakes loaded. 1st rake of Fly ash loaded ex.MSPC for UTCM on 01/11/2020.

•PJPB/VNK: 11 rakes loaded. 1st rake of Fly ash loaded ex.PJPB/VNK for UCLM on 29/12/2020.

Dolomite :

•KLOD : 5 rake loaded. 1st rake of Dolomite loaded on 21/10/2020.

•CID: 14 rakes loaded. 1st rake of Dolomite loaded on 16/02/2021.

Sand :

•TRDI : 4 rakes loaded. 1st rake loaded on 18/12/2020.

•SKLI : 5 rakes loaded. 1st rake loaded on 23/01/2021.

•GRG: 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on May’21.

•WSA: 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on May’21.

•DGG: 2 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on May’21.

•NAB: 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on May’21.

Poultry feed :

•RJN : 6 rakes loaded. 1st rake loaded on 19/12/2020.

Cotton bales :

•RTK : 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on 08/03/2021.

Manganese Ore:

•HTT : 4 rakes loaded. 1st rake loaded on 22/12/2020.

Stone :

•MUP: 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on May’21.

•RTK: 1 rake loaded. 1st rake loaded on May’21.


Best ever freight loading

In freight revenue in the Month of Mar’21 ` 61.97 Cr earned surpassing the previous best of 54.10 Cr which was achieved in Dec’20.


In tonnage – 0.868 MT was achieved during the month March’20 surpassing the previous best of 0.821 MT which was recorded in Dec’2020.


BDU (Business Development Unit) webinar and meeting conducted with major customers and prospective loaders of the division to boost freight loading and explore new traffic in the division. During webinar customers were explained various freight benefits being offered by Railways and assistance required from the customers. Consequence to this new commodity were captured by division like – Iron ore, poultry feed, fish feed, quartz, dolomite, Sand, Steel. Existing commodities loading was drastically enhanced like – coal, fly ash, food grains, slag. Parcel traffic also increased by painstaking efforts taken by BDU.


•Special Covid Parcel train of 106 ton capacity running between ITR-KGP daily, transporting essential commodities in the pandemic times and revenue of Rs. 269.19 Lakhs generated from 01.04.2020 to 31.3.2021 by transporting Cargo of 11979 ton.


•SECR Nagpur division ran THREE ‘Kisan Rails’successfully. Total 502.73 tons of farm produce was transported wherein Rs.9,91 lakhs earned.






(in Ton)


(in Rs)





















•Migrant Special Train :


·Train no. 08601 Originated in division from DGG to HTE on 21.5.2020.

·Two Migrant trains terminated at NAB & WSA stations.

·100 Migrant Special trains in which Food and water was provided at Gondia station.


•Lockdown period initiatives – Commercial department has undertaken major tasks of feeding the needy peoples in the lockdown period by serving hot cooked meal and providing packets of dry ration across the division and also have contributed by way of preparing cloth masks through the volunteering commercial staffs.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 02-02-2022  

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