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         Signal & Telecommunication
            Activities & Achievements

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Activities & Achievements

Works done for improvement ofreliability

1.Standby Axle Counters has been provided to minimize the axle counter failures.

2.Sliding Barrier has been commissioned to ensure Signaling movement of trains while failure/damage of main barrier.

3.Earth Leakage Detector (ELD) has been provided to detect the faulty cables and networking with datalogger has been done to monitor it.

4.Air conditioning has been provided in the relay rooms to minimize the relay contact failures.

5.Fire detection and alarm system has been provided in the relay rooms to detect the fire.

6.Mechanical lifting barriers are converted in to electrical lifting barriers to minimize the failures.

7.Normal points are converted in to thick wed to increase the speed of 1stloop line from MDH-DPH section.

8.Fuse Auto Changeover & alarm system has been provided.

9.LC Gate circuits shifted from location boxes to new Relay Room/Goomties.

10.Faulty cables have been changed with sufficient numbers of spare cores.

Works to be done for improvement of reliability .

1. Double distant signal will be provided in DUG-BPTP section to increase the sectional speed.

2. Strengthening of Railnet and internet will be done so that e-office work can be done smoothly.

Major system improvement done from Apr- 2020 to November-2022

1.New panel interlocking station Antagarh (AAGH) has been commissioned on 21.08.2020 in DRZ-ROW ‘D’ SPL route between Keoti and Taroki station.New Electronic Interlocking station Naya Raipur has been commissioned on 12.09.2022 in R-LAE ‘D’ SPL route between LAE & MNDH stations.

2.TLBI has been replaced by UFSBI between MXA-RSA, RSA-GDZ, GDZ-LBO, LBO-BXA & KYS-BXA in connection with RE modification work and fuse segregation done all the Signals & Cutting In Relays HPR & DPR commissioning done at RSA,GDZ,LBO &BXA station.

3.Modification of existing panel of FMY yard Bhilai in connection with proposed rail related project at PP Yard under modification and expansion of Bhilai steel plant between ‘P’ cabin and Marauda has been done. Modification of existing Electronic Interlocking at LAE has been done to suit double line between LAE-Naya Raipur and commissioned on 12.09.2022.

4.Store Management system has been implemented in all Signal and Telecom stores.

5.Standby SSDAC has been commissioned by replacing the Analog BPAC between D-Cabin and A-Cabin on DN Line, MID Line and By Pass Line and P/cabin-CEE.

6.RKT Less Gate commissioned at LC No 438 at KM 846/22-24 at D/Cabin Yard Gate,L.C No.442 at KM.859/17-19of BQR staion and RSA DD-19 at KM-889/7-8.

7.Air conditioning has been provided at MDH ,URK,SZB & E/Cabin station, LAE, BMY/C, Naya Raipur, MNDH RVH.

8.Safety integrity and Correspondence testing has been done at DPH, BYL, NPI, TLD,SLH, MDH, URK, C/CABIN, RVH, DGS,BKTH/E, BKTH/W ,R/East, RSA,FMY, G/Cabin, CEW ,DLBS, H-Cabin, GDZ, E-Cabin, OLY, SZB, P-cabin, LAE, BXA, BMY Central, E/Cabin, H/Cabin, DRZ, LAE, NAya Raipur, MNDH, RVH.

9.PPTC fuse has been provided in all track circuit of E/Cabin & I/Cabin and 15nos external circuit of LBOand A/Cabin.

10.Interlocked LChas been closed to road traffic: LC No-445 at Km 866/17-19 of DUG yard on 24.09.20.LC No.421 at Km 833/22-24 between Raipur-Sarona on 20.05.21. LC No.383 (km: 763/17-19) between NPI-BYT on 03.03.2022. LC 439 (km: 850/11-13) between BIA-H/C & G/C closed on 30.03.2022.LC No- 444 (Raipur Naka Gate) at Km 864/23-25 on 05.11.2022.

11.Mechanical lifting barrier has been replaced with Electrical lifting barrier hasbeen commissioned at RSA DD-19 at KM-889/7-8 on date 09.10.20 and LC Gate No. DD-33 km: 902/11-12 between GDZ-LBO stations on 14.02.2021, RV-5 (on 03.03.21), RV-1 (on 10.01.21
), RV-3 (on 16.03.21).

12.Sliding barrier (Four-Two-Ka-One) has been commissioned at LC Gate No.386 (‘C’ Class at km:786/13-15 ,LC Gate No. 387 (‘B’ Class at km: 771.658 New) between BYT-HN , LC Gate No. 403 (‘B’ Class at km: 800/21-23) and LC Gate No. 404 (‘A’ Class at km: 802/24-26), DD-19 at KM-889/7-8 on date 09.10.20 and LC Gate No. DD-33 km: 902/11-12, LC Gate No.401 (‘SPL’ Class at km: 799.856) between BKTH-SLH, RV-17 (0n 05.03.21), LC-407 (on 09.03.21), LC-408 (on 10.03.21), DD-4 on 22.09.2021, DD-5 (05.10.21), RV-6 (29.10.21), RV-07 (03.11.21), LC 390 (30.11.21), LC 413 (04.12.2021), RV-14 /Siding (08.12.2021), DD-50 (21.12.2021) & RV-10 (06.12.2021).

13.Modification of the existing sliding Barrier with Four-Two-ka-One is commissioned at SLH LC gate No. 405 (KM 805/23-25) on 02.07.2021 & LC 398 on 24.12.2021.

14.L.C gate interlocked and commissioned with sliding barrier : RV-20 on 05.08.2021, DD-48 on 07.01.2022, DD-15 on 11.01.2022, RV-13 on 13.01.2022.

15.Standby control phone has been provided at NPI, BYT West Cabin, BYT Center, BYT East, DGS, BSP RRI, BSP DY.SS, BYL station, HN, BKTH East, BKTH West, SLH, HN E/O, MDH, G-Cabin, H-Cabin, P-Cabin, BIAstation, BQR, RRI/DUG, DySS (Central)DUG & DLBS. MXA.

16.New TPC control phone has been installed at GDZ and RSA.

17.High reliability signal circuit implementation completed at NPI, at DPH on 08.08.2021, BQR on 21.08.2021, C/Cab on 14.09.21, BKTH E/W on 08 & 20.09.21, SZB (30.10.21), BMY Cen (29.10.21), A-cab (10.10.21), DLBS (10.10.21), H/Cab (10.12.21) & D/Cab (31.12.2021), BYL (05.01.2022), G/Cabin (04.02.2022),KMI(24.04.22),BIA(19.04.22) & BYT/East910.04.22).

18.Latest RDSO version IPIS commissioned at Durg on 14.02.2021, R (01.11.2021).

19. Temporary Emergency panel provided at BPTP
HBL make Mini IPS has been installed at L.C-RV-7 & RV-10. New IPS commissioned at LC 386 (HBL) & L.C -RV-20 (Statcon).

21.New Electronic Interlocking (EI) has been commissioned at Lakholi (LAE; PI to EI on 05.08.2021), MNDH (LF to EI on 13.09.22), RVH (PI to EI on 12.09.2022).

22.Analog Axle Counter has been replaced by DC track circuit : at Risama (RSA) station and commissioned on 18.08.2021 (05 nos: 41T, LLT1, LLT2, LLT3 & 31BT), at Balod (BXA) station and commissioned on 21.09.2021 .

23.Data logger of Raipur station has been modified for linking arrival/departure of train timings to Control Office Application (COA) and commissioned on 22.08.2021.

24.Overhauling of Double Line Block Instrument for BYT/W- HN E/O section has been done on 25.08.2021. Overhauling of lever frame at BKTH (W) has been done on 30.08.2021, BKTH Ex-yard on 13 & 14.11.2021 .

25.Overaged mechanical Lever Frame at I, J & F cabins have been eliminated by commissioning of Distributed Electronic Interlocking (Hitachi Rail STS make, hot standby) with dual VDU at BMY Central on 29.10.2021.

26.Data logger (Efftronics) has been commissioned at BMY Central.

27.Efftronics make RTU with 128 Digital Inputs has been commissioned at LC Gate No. 440 & LC Gate No. 442 and networked to Division. Efftronics make RTUs have been commissioned at G/Cabin East Goomty (18.11.22), LC 429 (16.11.22), LC 430 (13.11.22), LC 436(10.11.22),L.C DD50(29.11.22), LC 442 (24.11.22), LC DD-19 (17.12.22).

28.Fire alarm & ELD has been provided and networked with data logger ay BMY Central.

29.Fuse Alarm has been provided at DLBS, BMY Central, MNDH, RVH& Naya R.

30.Fire alarm has been commissioned and networked with data logger at P-cabin, A-cabin & C-cabin, RSA, GDZ, FMY, CEE, CLW, CLE, CEW , ORLY, DLBS, DRZ, KYS, BXA, LBO, GUDM (06.02.22), BPTP (09.02.22) ,KETI (12.02.22), BYT/E(13.04.22), HN/E(30.04.22), BKTH/E(29.04.22) & R/East, MNDH (13.09.22), RVH (12.09.22) & Naya R (12.09.22).

31.Implementation of Remote Diagnostic and Predictive Maintenance system at LBO station.

32.Double distant signals have been commissioned at MXA, RSA & GDZ Station on 14.03.22 , at LBO station between LBO-GDZ and LBO-BXA on 13.05.2022, in BXA-KYS section on 14.07.2022 & MXA-DLBS section on 30.07.2022, DRZ-KYS & DRZ-GUDM section on 18.10.22.

33.BPAC media redundancy by OFC through MAPLE has been done in middle line of BYL-DGS, DGS-NPI, BYT-NPI, HN-BYT, HN-TLD, TLD-BKTH, BKTH-SLH, SLH-MDH & MDH-URK sections. BPAC media redundancy by OFC through MAPLE has been done in middle line of BIA-BQR & in all three lines between SZB-KMI sections.

34.BPAC has been dismentled in LAE-MNDH and newly installed in LAE-Naya R & Naya R-MNDH block sections.

35.Data logger validation and checking status of non operated relays has been done at NPI/W, BYT-HN IB. D/Cabin Goomty-1, D/Cabin Goomty-2, DLBS East Goomty, DLBS MXA Goomty & DLBS Center Relay Room, LAE, MNDH (C/E/W), Naya Raipur (C/E/W), RVH (C ).

36.Signals S/C/SH-13 & S/C/SH-34 of Line No.-2 of DURG station have been shifted for increasing the CSL of line No -2 from 680mtr to 698mtr.

37.0.63A Fuse for signal lighting has been provided at BKTH, TLD , SZB, BYL, DGS, NPI, H/Cabin, A/Cabin station, RSA, DRZ, GUDM, BPTP, DD-5, DD-15, DD-19.

38.Auto Signaling has been commissioned between DURG & RSM on 22.11.2022.

39.ELD and Fuse monitoring systems have been installed at L.C 385,386,387,DD-4 DD-5 , DD-10 , 442, DD-19. ELD has been installed at LC 436.

40.Inverter has been installed at KMI Parsada Gate(L.C-429) on 09.11.2022.


Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 09-01-2023  

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