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            Activities & Achievements

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Activities & Achievements

June 2023

·A Nukkad Natak was conducted on 5th June on International Environment day at Porch at DRM office.

·Plantation at Durg coaching complex on eve of global environment day on 05.06.2023.

·International Yoga Day, on 21 June was observed at Community Hall WRS Colony Raipur, Railway Institute BMY, Raipur, and DRZ.  

·International Yoga day celebration by Bhatapara Unit on 21.06.2023.

·New Platform on NPI Station (Platform no 4) commissioned during month.                        

·Workshop on healthcare & nutrition, Education, child rights & Women empowerment for children

 &  Women has been organised on 21st June 2023 under the theme of Aazadi ka Amrit Mahoutsav.

·Speed of R-LAE section raised from 80/90 kmph to 110 kmph.(Length 29.905km).

·दिनांक 12.06.2023 को रायपुर मंडल की हिंदी ई-पत्रिका ‘अभिव्यक्ति’ के 21वें अंक का प्रकाशन किया गया ।

·दिनांक 19.06.2023 को मंडल रेल प्रबंधक की अध्यक्षता में मंडल राजभाषा कार्यान्‍वयन समिति, रायपुर की 61वीं बैठक आयोजित की गई । उक्‍त बैठक में अपर मुख्‍य राजभाषा अधिकारी एवं अपर मंडल रेल प्रबंधक (परिचालन), अपर मंडल रेल प्रबंधक (इन्‍फ्रा.) सहित मंडल के विभिन्‍न शाखा अधिकारी एवं उनके प्रतिनिधि उपस्थित थे ।

·दिनांक 20.06.2023 से मुख्‍य क्रू नियंत्रक कार्यालय, संयुक्‍त क्रू लॉबी, रायपुर में माधव राव सप्रे हिंदी पुस्‍तकालय प्रारंभ किया गया ।

·रेलवे बोर्ड द्वारा दिनांक 21.06.2023 से 23.06.2023 तक भारतीय रेल यांत्रिक एवं विद्युत इंजीनियरिंग संस्थान (IRIMEE), जमालपुर में आयोजित अखिल रेल हिंदी निबंध प्रतियोगिता में रायपुर मंडल से श्री जी. ईश्‍वर राव, वरि. सहायक लोको पायलट, मुख्य चालकदल नियंत्रक, भिलाई एवं हिंदी वाक् प्रतियोगिता में श्री भोला चौधरी, प्रयोगशाला सहायक - ।, वरिष्ठ मंडल यांत्रिक इंजीनियर, डीजल लोको शेड, रायपुर ने दक्षिण पूर्व मध्‍य रेलवे का प्रतिनिधित्‍व करते हुए प्रेरणा पुरस्‍कार प्राप्‍त किए ।

·दिनांक 30.06.2023 को सचिव, नराकास एवं राजभाषा अधिकारी द्वारा नराकास,रायपुर के सदस्य कार्यालय, रेल विकास निगम लिमिटेड एवं क्षेत्रीय कुष्‍ठ प्रशिक्षण एवं अनुसंधान संस्‍थान में आयोजित  हिंदी कार्यशालाओं में राजभाषा संबंधी व्याख्यान दिये गये ।

·  Scrap valuing Rs.5.12 (In Crore) was sold during the month.

·On 07.06.23, Cement Meeting with Country Heads of all Cement Plants was held under the Chairmanship         of PEDTT (M)/Rly.Board.

·This month Shri S. C. Choudhary, CME (D&DM)/SECR inspected Diesel loco shed/ Raipur on 27.06.2023 to 28.06.2023.

·Clinical meeting (Topic- Implementation of Mission Life) held on 28.06.2023 at Divisional Railway Hospital, Raipur .

·40 AH battery replaced by 75AH new battery due to codal life expired at BKTH/SSP and New 1 set 200 AH battery provided at BIA TSS due to codal life expired.

·02 Nos. LA provided at LAE station for both UP & DN AT.

·OHE Slewing and reslewing work done for RUB RH girder placing work at LC – 442 between BIA and BQR.

·33 Nos. Tornout and 13 nos. Crossover adjustment done during the month.


·Divisional on line safety seminar was organized on dt 21.06.2023. Topics are Prevention of SPAD, Precautions taken during Shunting Operations, process of Reconnection and Disconnection, Precautions taken during opening of Relay room, Precaution  taken by ENGG department during Summer season, Pre-monsoon precautions, Analysis of recent incidences & Use of fire extinguisher. Total 62 nos. Participants had attended the seminar.

·Divisional on line safety seminar was organized on dt 30.06.23. Topics are Prevention of SPAD, How to pass Auto Stop Signal at ON and its prevention, Precaution during shunting, Precaution  taken by ENGG department during Monsoon season, Precaution taken by S&T and OPTG staff during signal and point failure, Precautions taken during opening of Relay room, Checks done by Crew, TM and stn. Staff while clearing load from siding, Analysis of recent accidents & Use of fire extinguisher. Total 52 nos. Participants had attended the seminar.

·JAG level Safety audit by JAG team of BSP Division conducted between DPH-R section of Raipur Division on 23.06.2023.

·JAG team of Raipur Division conducted JAG level Safety Audit between DUG-G section of Nagpur Division on 26.06.23.

·International Level Crossing Awareness Day observed on dt 16.06.23. Walkathan was also organised in massive form, Nukkad Natak was played by DCA & scout & Guide team at major station of division on the eve of ILCAD. Regular announcement through public address were made at stations. Pamphlets were distributed along with stickers pasted covering about 37 nos stations, 59 nos of LCs, Trains, Petrol pumps, villages & Markets over Raipur division with Civil Defence Volunteers, to spread awareness among passengers /road users.



· There is 00 consequential train accident during the month of June -2023 against 00 during June-2022. 

· 00 number of consequential train accidents took place cumulatively up to June -2023 during 2023-24 against 00 during 2022-23.

HR Initiatives (limit to 200 words)

·During the month 02 Compassionate grounds appointment examinations have been conducted through CBT Mode.



ØTo improvecleanliness, following steps/activities were undertaken:- 

·     Regular interaction with staff and supervisors is being done.

·     Drains are being regularly cleaned.

·    Cleanliness awareness through announcements at Raipur Station & Durg Station are done during halt times as well as video clippings on cleanliness awareness through CCTVs at Raipur & Durg stations are being shown/ played regularly.

·   Pamphlets on Anti-littering rule have been displaced at various locations of stations permanently and same is being announced at stations and being enforced. Similarly announcement regarding Anti-littering rule is also done at stations.

·    Stickers for use of Bio-Toilets have been pasted inside & outside of Bio-Toilets fitted lavatory in Durg based coaches.

·     Proliferation of special efforts in coaching trains like provision of garbage bags, dustbins in sleeper coaches and action on cleanliness complaints sent through web-based SMS.

·    Train having OBHS facilities are being ensured with the help of OBHS staff while on run. Passengers may demand cleaning staff by SMS to 58888 and 9200003232, apps downloaded on mobile “clean my coach” or through login on web named “clean my coach”.

·     Train which is not covered under OBHS is being cleaned at CTS Station.

·     Web – based SMS received during  the drive for cleanliness of coaches and all are complied

Digital Initiatives

·The copies of Promotion orders, written exam results, Panel of promotions etc are being uploaded in web site of SECR regularly.

·New cadre module for publication of seniority through HRMS has been implemented.

Any other achievement(s) (Brief not exceeding 200 words)

  • During the month of  June ’23, the division’s Revenue Loading  was 4.14 Million Tonnes, compared to last year’s,  3.74 Million Tonnes,   i.e,  a  growth of  11%  has been achieved.
  • In the month of June -2023, ROH outturn of 946 wagons attended against the target of 1000 wagons. (PPYd: 776, Ex. Yd: 120 BMY :50). This is the highest ever ROH outturn of Raipur Division till date. This is an increase of 12.13% over corresponding of last year.
  • 217 nos. of CC (PP.Yd base 118 + Twin depot 99) Rakes have been examined in this month which is the highest ever in this financial year.
  • In the month of June 2023 a Cultural Competition “Triveni” (Singing, Dancing and Music Competition ) has been organized from 11.06.2023 to 18.06.2023.
  • Compassionate Appointment Cases: At the beginning of the month 11 cases were registered and 3 cases accrued during the month. Out of 14 cases, 6 cases finalized for compassionate Appointments.
  • Final Recruitment through CGA: 02 (1 Engg- TM-IV & 1 Optg- GTM) candidates ware finally appointed during the month.
  • Land Looser: 01 Asstt. (C&W) candidate was appointed during the month.
  • RRB: 05  Goods Train Managers ware appointed in Optg Department.
  • GDCE: 23 Goods Train Managers ware appointed in Optg Department.
  • RRC  : 03 ( 2- Optg (PMB) & 1 Engg (TM-IV) candidates were appointed during the month.
  • During the month, 32 grievances were registered in HRMS module and 26 have been redressed.
  • Notification for engagement of Act Apprentices for the year 2023-24 for 1033 seats (Raipur Div- 696, WRS 337) has been issued on 23-05-2023. Last date of submission of application is 22-06-2023, total 28439 (Raipur Div-17176, WRS -11263) applications are received.
  • Sliding barrier four two ka one has been commissioned at L.C No 385 at Km: 766/13-15 between BYT-HN stations on 03.06.23.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 26-07-2023  

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