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Safety Action Plan
Sl.No.Item No.UnitTarget (NGP)      Done Cummulative Details
1Accident on S&T account     
 (a) No. of accidents due to Equipment failureNos.0---- 
 (b) No. of accidents due to Human failureNos.0---- 
2Failure of equipment on unsafe sideNos.0---- 
3Safety Inspection by S&T officials     
 (a) Safety inspection atSectional Inspector level (Monthly)Nos.74465647647 nos.
 (b) Safety inspection atIncharge Inspector level(Quarterly).Nos.24837331331 nos.
 (c)Safety inspection atASTE, DSTE, Sr.DSTE’s level (Yearly)Nos.6219142142 nos.
4Joint Inspection of S&T officials     
 (a) Foot plate inspection by CSI/CL.I & CDTI (Quarterly)Nos.8006060 nos.
 (b) Points & Crossings by CSI/PWINos.24418210210 nos
5Training of safety category staff (Refresher)     
 (a) Signal Supervisors ( Once in 5 years )Nos.7--55(JE/S/G/W, SSE/S/NGP,JE/S/RJN , SSE/S/TMR & SSE/DGG)
 (b) Telecom. Supervisors ( Once in 5 years )Nos.4--22(SSE/Tele/NGP & SSE/Tele/ Exch.)
 (c) Signal Maintainers ( Once in 4 years )Nos.2032020 nos.
 (d) Telecom. Maintainers ( Once in 4 years )Nos.2133 no.
 (e) Safety Seminar (2 Nos.per month.Divn.)Nos.243(Gunjan hall/CR/NGP, cummunity hall/DGG & Gondia)3232 nos
6Periodical Medical examination of safety category staffNos.112( maintainer)1313(8 Supervisor & 5maintainer)
7Overhauling of Signalling equipment     
 a) Lever frame ( Once in 3 years )Nos.0------
Sl.No.Item No.UnitTarget (NGP)Done in Jan'17Cummulative up to Jan'17Details
 b) Block instrument (DLBI-once in 7yrs & SLBI/TLBI-once in 10 years)Nos.14--1212 (NGP"D"-KAV,TRO-KWN , GJ-G, PMS-MUP & BTL-PJB, MUA-JTR, PJB-BTL, BTL-DKS, BPQ-CAF ,MUA-JTR &PJB-DGG replaced& 1 inst.TUD-AWH replaced with UFSBI) No overdue.
 c) Shelf type relay Track(Once in 12 years)Nos.0------
 d) Shelf type relay Line(Once in 15 years)Nos.0------
 e) Cable meggeringStn.533(MUP, G, GDM)3030(SAL, JTR, MUA, RJN,WSA,NAB,RTK, TUD , BMP, KWN, TAR, AGN, DGG, WDG, AJU, TMR, GJ, K, KP, AWH, MNU, KT, CHCR,BRD, ITR, TRO, MUP, G, GDM, KNHN, )PMS& SYE,stns are under progress)
8System Integrity TestStn.62(AWH & GJ)1414(SAL,WSA,RTK,NAB ,G/W,G/E,TUD,GRG,BUQ, GGGS , SOY , KNHN & AGN, AWH & GJ)
9Sign off Register - Compliance of defficiencies reportedItemAll   
10Maintenance of VHF communication (for Gd/Driver):     
 a) Replacement/repair of defectivesets.Nos.50168195195 Nos.
 b) Replacement/repair of defective battery chargers.Nos.75157174174 No
 c) Replacement of battery ( Once in a year)Nos.400157624624 Nos.
11Joint checking of emergency sockets (Quarterly by SE(Tele) & CTFO)Nos.130015910111011 Nos.
12Inspection of ART & ARME equipments     
 (a) Inspection at Inspector level (Monthly).Nos.3643838Nos.
 (b) Inspection at Officer level (Quarterly)Nos.12199 No
13Inspection & testing of assets for Disaster Management     
 (a) Inspection at Inspector level (Monthly).Nos.3643838Nos.
 (b) Inspection at Officer level (Quarterly)Nos.12199 No
14Provision of shortfall safety materials in ART/ARME.     
aProvision of one more satellite phone at all ARTsNos.0------
bProvision of System showing the coverage availability of measure mobile service provider in ARTNos.0------

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 28-09-2018  

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