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CRS inspection of RE Work:

i)CRS inspection of Electrification work of Balaghat (Excl.) - Katangi (KGE) (Incl.) section (Total 45.50 RKM, 48.50 TKM) has been carried out successfully on dt. 10.07.21

ii)CRS inspection of Electrification work of Katangi (Excl.) – Tirodi (Incl.) section (Total 15.00 RKM, 19.00 TKM) has been carried out successfully on dt. 10.07.21

iii)CRS inspection of Electrification work of Tirodi Yard (Total 1.73 RKM, 4.555 TKM) has been carried out successfully on dt. 10.07.21

iv)CRS inspection of Electrification work of new 3rdline between Bortalao (BTL) - Darekasa (DKS) section (Total 11.085 TKM) has been carried out successfully on dt. 22.07.21.

ØUnmanning of TSS:

Two TSSs of Nagpur Division Nainpur/TSS(in G-JBP line from14.06.21) and Nagbhir/TSS (in G-BPQ line from 06.07.21) has been unmanned during day time (P2 & P3 shift). One staff is booked only in night duty (P1) from 00:00 Hrs. to 08:00 Hrs. By this arrangement there is huge saving in the manpower and revenue.

ØContact wire height adjustment for passing of Oxygen Special Train:

Over Nagpur Division, contact wire height adjusted at 47 locations for the smooth passing of Oxygen Special Trains (ODC) at vulnerable locations where contact wire height was less.

ØProvision of Tower Car for newly Opened Depot at CWA & GRG:

New 8 Wheeler Tower Cars have been provided to newly opened OHE-PSI Depot at GRG (under G-JBP line) and CWA (under CWA-ITR line) for carrying out day to day maintenance and breakdown attention.

ØPosting of Staff at OHE-PSI Depot at GRG/CWA/NIR :

16 staff (Artisen-1 and Asstt. TRD-15) has been posted at newly opened OHE-PSI Depots at GRG & NIR (under G-JBP line) and CWA (under CWA-ITR line) for carrying out day to day maintenance and breakdown attention.

ØParallel Operation of Traction Transformers at KWN/TSS :

·Feeding zone of Kachewani TSS is from KWN to TMR/SP i.e. 23 Km towards NGP side & KWN to G/SP i.e. 26 Km. towards BSP side i.e. total feeding zone is 49 Km. in main line. In addition to main line, KWN/TSS is also feeding up to SNV/SP via FCBs of HDM/TSS (Total 75 Kms.) in G-BPQ section. Feed of KWN/TSS in G-BPQ section has been extended to minimize the feeding zone of Naghbir/TSS up to SNV/SP as Gonglee-Hirdamali & Gonglee-Sondad having rising gradient of 1 in 100, it became crucial for train operation due to frequent voltage fluctuation which had caused stalling & time loss of trains in the past.

·There are two Transformers of capacity 13.5/20 MVA each of MINEL make are available at KWN/TSS. As per standard practice single transformer was in service, which was not catering the additional load enhancement, resulting there were avg. 10 overload tripping per month. To meet the additional power requirement, parallel operation of two Power Transformers was introduced.

·Further after obtaining technical approval from HQ, parallel operation of Transformers has been initiated from 17.06.2021 onwards which is running successfully since its commission.

ØOutsourcing of Preventive Maintenance Activities of PSI Over NGP Divn.:

In terms of Rly. Bd. Letter No. E(MPP)2019/1/12 dt; 30.09.19, revised yard stick for TRD activity of elect. Department for non-suburban area is fixed as 0.22/TKM, subject to out sourcing of the following activities,



OHE Non-power block

These activities to be outsourced. Only minimum supervisory agency and related work to be in home

OHE other works

PSI Maintenance

All PSI activities to be out sourced. Only minimum supervisory and supporting staff required to monitor

PSI operation & Manning

Accordingly, preventive maintenance activities of PSI work are proposed for outsourcing first time in the division. There are four different tenders have been floated, out of which three Tenders of KAV-CWA, G-JBP & G-BPQ branch lines section have been awarded on dt. 24.09.2021 and DUG-NGP main line has been awarded on dt. 16.09.2021 to M/s. Vasavi Electricals Works, Warangal..

ØProvision of Capacitor Bank at BRD/TSS, KWN/TSS, AGN/TSS & PJB/TSS:

Capacitor Bank at BRD, KWN, AGN & PJB Traction Sub Station were defective since long time. Due to these defective C/Banks, division was facing problem of low power factor & some time voltage regulation.

Defective Capacitor units have been replaced by new one and C/Bank commissioned along with old series reactor, since commissioning, it is working satisfactory. These C/Banks has been commissioned as per following details,


Date of Commissioning




2200 KVAR



2200 KVAR



2200 KVAR



5500 KVAR

ØSpecial drive for Tree Cutting/Trimming

A drive has been launched (during Jl’21-Aug’21) in G-BPQ section, specially NAB-MME-KEZ-CAF section where tree uprooting & falling on OHE cases were occurred regularly in heavy rainfall & wind storm condition of weather. The T/Car have been utilized in this drive along undr supervision of ADEE/TRD/NGP & Gondia.

i)G - T/Car with 6 Staff & one Supervisor, ii) NAB T/Car with 12 Staff & two Supervisors iii) CWA T/Car with 10 Staff & one Supervisor iv) 4 Staff OHE DGG with One Supervisors, 18 Engg. Staff and 10 Contractual staff

In this Drive Trees have been cut & trimmed by all Staff as per following details,

i) Tree cutting= 622 nos.. ii) Bamboo Tree Cutting = 6902 nos. iii) Tree Trimming =914 nos.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 21-01-2022  

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