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Achievements 2016-17

Freight Train Operations


I.Freight Operations :



·Bestever average terminal detention to outward rakes of 9.58 hrs was recorded during Apr’16, surpassing previous best of 10.23 hrs achieved during August’15.

·Bestever average speed of 37.5 kmph recorded during Jan’17 surpassing previous best of 37.2 achieved in Oct’2016.

·Bestever Speed of 43.2 Kmph, on any single day, was registered on 21/02/2017 surpassing previous best of 42.3 recorded on 14/10/2016.

·On 24/02/2017, total movement of 35 trains were recorded between GNQ-GCC-KAV (Taken over & Madeover to C.Rly via GCC & from and to KRDS power house rakes) surpassing previous best movement of 34 trains achieved on 21/02/17 & 30/06/16.

·Highest ever 30 rakes were released on 30/04/16, 23/02/17 & 24/02/17, surpassing previous best of 28 rakes on 04/03/15.

·Highest 28 N-rakes released (unloading) on 26/02/2017 surpassing previous best of 27 N-rakes released on 30/04/2016.

·Second bestever average loading of 300.3 wagons/day achieved during Feb’17, bestever being 307.7 wagons/day achieved in March’2013.



·MOIL rail coefficient increased :

-Meeting with MOIL authority : 12 nos.

-Ensured faster transit times and customer satisfaction.

-189 rakes of M/Ore loaded by MOIL against 140 rakes during 2015-16 30.6 % increase in terms of tonnage.


·New traffic Cotton bales : One rake loaded from Ramtek on 14/02/2017 for Benpole(BEN) Bangladesh by M/s Raghunath Agro Technical Pvt. Ltd., earning Rs. 29,09,135




II. System Improvement / infrastructure developments :


Infrastructure developments :

·Automatic signaling commissioned between

- Tumsar-Mundikota-Tirora : 07/04/2016 (18 kms).

- Tirora-Kachewani: 25/10/2016 (7 kms).

- Gondia-Gudma: 13/01/2017 (11.8 kms).

·Standard-I interlocking has been replaced by commissioning of Standard-III interlocking with SSI (Solid State Interlocking) and Tokenless block instrument (UFSBI – Universal Fail Safe Block Instrument) :

-Nagbhir (NAB) : 11/04/2016.

-Wadsa (WSA) : 14/06/2016 (Std-I interlocking with Panel)

-Talodi (TUD): 23/09/2016

-Alewahi (AWH): 19/01/2017

·At Gondia CAF grid Crossover connected with Main line on 06/05/2016, Non-interlock work for same done from 30/04/2016 to 06/05/2016.

·Rudimentary interlocking at Ramtek (RTK) has been replaced by commissioning of Standard-III with Panel and Color light Signalling (CLS) on 20/06/2016.

·M/s Ultra-Tech Cement Siding, Chacher connected with Chacher station on 09/07/2016, Non-Interlock work done for same on 08/07/2016 & 09/07/2016. Notified for Inward Traffic of Clinker & Gypsum on date 19/08/2016 with Alpha code “UCLC”. First rake, containing Clinker received ex.UCLG (M/s Ultra-Tech Cement Siding, Gadchandur/SCR), placed for unloading at 19.55 hrs of 22/08/2016.

·Jabalpur (JBP) – Suklimangela (SOY) opened for Coaching services by Hon’ble Minister of Railways on 18/10/2016 by flagging-off inaugural train 05173 ex.Jabalpur (JBP) to Suklimangela (SOY).


IIICoaching Train Operations :

·For the First time since 2012-13 division has recorded 100% punctuality for 11 Super Monitored trains in JUNE’16.

·The 100% overall punctuality spell of consecutive 8 days during May’16 continued from 24/05/2016 upto 02/06/2016 i.e. for record 11 consecutive days.

·Punctuality Drive for Coaching train launched from 22/07/2016 to 02/08/2016.


Coaching Earnings:

·Special Coaching earnings of during 2016-17 (upto February), generated by running of 9 IRCTC Specials on FTR & loading of 152 VPs and during DGG mela : 4,64,15,027/- as compared to Rs. 4,91,62,871/- during corresponding period of last year.


New train introduced :

·7 trips of Bi-weekly Special train run between Gondia-Bilaspur-Gondia (08297/08298) by utilising Janshatabdi rake between 08/06/2016 to 30/06/2016.

·Weekly 82506/82505 (KYQ-PUNE) “SUVIDHA” Special started ex.KYQ on 11/07/2016, passed DURG on 13/07/2016 on the path of 02512/02511.

·51703 (JBP-SOY), 51704 (SOY-JBP), 51705 (JBP-SOY), 51706 (SOY-JBP) w.e.f. 19/10/2016.


Permanent Augmentation of coaches :

·13425/13426 augmented by 1ACCN ex.MLDT w.e.f. 11/06/2016 & ex.ST w.e.f. 13/06/2016.

·12442/12441 augmented by 1 LWACCN ex.NDLS w.e.f. 02/07/2016 & ex.BSP w.e.f. 04/07/2016.

·22648/22647 augmented by 1 ACCN ex.TVC w.e.f. 22/08/2016 & ex.KRBAw.e.f. 24/08/2016.



“Rail Humsafar Saptaah” observed from 26.05.2016 to 01.06.2016 :-

·2347 persons including Staff, Villagers, NGOsand Honorable Dignitaries gave “Shram Daan” on “Swatchata Diwas”.

·During this the Punctuality of coaching train have been monitored by conducting footplate and keeping control office manned 24 x 7 by Officers in each shift. During this week the punctuality was 100%. 




Innovation in Operations :


·Participative management and brainstorming sessions :

-to increase average speed of goods trains.

-to improve failure response time.

-to achieve desired mobility to be able to handle targeted growth in loading.


·Reducing terminal detention at PMAM siding – “VIDYUT CRACK” Started w.e.f. JAN’16, running between APML/KWN (PMAM) to BMY, bye-passing Gondia & DGG crew bases and directly reaching Bhilai by utilizing only 1 set crew. This has led to better path utilization in both UP & DN directions by doing away with requirements to change crew at DGG & Gondia. (324 DN & 288 UP).


·Running of PMAM loads by Gondia crew & guards ex.DGG to PMAM siding and back to Gondia.


·Restoration of ‘ORANGE CRACK’ between NGP-BMY (678 DN & 611 UP).


·Millenium Parcel trains in DN direction are run by Passenger Guards booked upto BSP thus bypassing DGG & BMY Crew changing points and saving Goods guards & improving mobility.


·Gondia base crew are now working ‘Vidyut’ & ‘Bullet’ Cracks in both directions, previously worked by DGG staff in DN direction. Resulted reduction in ‘idle hours’ & ‘OT’ of DGG staff.


·4 Goods guards have been posted at Nagbhir to curtail long hours cases between Gondia-Ballarshah.


·Banking Engine movements : Attaching of Bankers have been eliminated for loaded stock of BCN (42 wagons), BLC container, BOST/CONCORD/Foulad hauled by WAG9 single & WAG5 multi-loco between SKS & DKS in DN direction.

Trails are being conducted for removing bankers between Chord cabin - Godhani


·MOIL rail coefficient increased :

-Meeting with MOIL authority : 12 nos.

-Ensured faster transit times and customer satisfaction.

-181 rakes of M/Ore loaded by MOIL against 120 rakes during 2015-16 (upto 16th Feb). 43.8 % increase in terms of tonnage.


·Mega Integrated Corridor Blocks on highly Saturated Section:

Conceptualized and implemented integrated mega corridor block to give adequate attention towards fixed Railway assets maintenance. Started in Oct’2014, so far 86 nos. of mega blocks have been operated over Nagpur division and during 2016-17 (upto 15th February) an average of 99.11 block hours is availed cumulatively by 3 major Technical departments (Engg., TRD & S&T).



Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 14-03-2017  

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