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:: Achievements of S&T department for the year 2016-17 (As on Sept'2016) ::
:: Electronic Interlocking has been newly commissioned at Mandhar (MDH) station on 29.05.2016 during third line works by replacing old end cabins Lever Frame Interlocking system.
:: Electronic Interlocking has been commissioned at Urkura on 05.06.2016.
:: Existing Electronic Interlocking (EI) at Silyari (SLH) station has been modified to suit 3rd line and commissioned on 28.05.2016.
:: NI panel has been commissioned at Dadhapara station on 16.09.2016.
:: IBH between Silyari - Mandhar and Mandhar - Urkura have been modified to suit 3rd line and commissioned on 29.05.2016 and 30.05.2016 respectively.
Also, IBH between Urkura - Sarona has been modified due to replacement of ACBS by DLBI and commissioned on 05.06.2016.
:: UFSBI (Make: Deltron) has been commissioned between MDH-URK Middle line on 05.06.2016.
:: Standby Axle Counter has been commissioned in Bhatapara-Nipania MID line on 31.07.2016.
:: ACBS between Urkura - Sarona UP & DN Line section has been replaced with DLBI with Standby SSDAC (Make: CEL) on 05.06.2016 along with third line works.
:: Overhauling of Lever Frame has been done at MNDH/West cabin on 04 & 05.08.2016. Also, SM slide has been overhauled on 05.08.2016.
:: Earth Leakage Detector (ELD) has been installed, wired and commissioned at BYL (12.08.16), DGS (12.08.16), NPI (11.08.16), BYT/E (29.07.16), BYT/W (30.07.16), HN (08.08.16) and HN/E (23.08.16).
:: GMR Siding has been commissioned at Tilda (TLD) station on 10.05.2016.
:: 02 New IPS (Make: Amara Raja) have been commissioned at LAE & RSA by replacing old 2000 Version IPS.
:: Segregation of fuses for each aspect for signal lighting circuit has been done at C/Cabin (S1, S3, S4, S15, GS-1 and Distant signal).
:: Total 01 LC Gate viz. LC-372 (Km 732/9-11) has been newly interlocked and commissioned.
:: LC Gate No RV-16 (New) at Km 27/2-3 between MNDH-LAE section has been manned and commissioned on 12.09.16.
:: Total 02 LC Gate viz. LC 430 & 436 have been commissioned without EKT as per latest circuit of HQ to minimize LC Gate failures.
:: Total 02 LC Gates viz. 407 & 413 have been modified to suit 3rd line and commissioned without EKT circuit on 28.05.2016 & 30.05.2016 respectively.
:: Inverters have been installed in LC Gate No 368, 376 and RV-5 to avoid blanking of signals during power supply failures.
:: 65 Nos Integrated LEDs have been provided at Bhilai Nagar station (Red: 19, Yellow: 30 & Green: 16).
:: Total 11 Block Instruments viz. DLBI (02 Nos) and TLBI (05 Nos) due for overhauling have been replaced with newly overhauled Block Instruments in entire division.
:: Meggering (Insulation testing) of signalling cables done at 18 stations viz. BYT/E, BYT/W, HN/E, HN, MDH, URK, MNDH, LAE, A/CAB, G/CAB, DURG, P-CAB, MXA, RSA, LBO and DRZ.
Also, 6 Quad Cables have been meggered at MXA-RSA, MXA-DLBS and RSA-GDZ sections.
:: Total 6.5 Km cable diversion work has been done at Raipur in connection with commissioning of SPUR line in between Raipur East and West Cabins.
:: Total 3.330 Km defective cables have been replaced to minimize signal incidences.
:: Track Feed Battery Charger with Potential Free Contacts have been provided at RVH station.
:: Total 4716 Mtrs worn out Insulated Lead wires, 3142 Mtrs worn out Bond wires have been replaced for fail safe working of track circuits.
:: Total 108 Nos worn out TLJBs have been replaced for track circuits in Raipur division. Also, 48 TLJBs have been lifted to ensure proper maintenance of track circuits.
:: Total 52 sets worn out booms of Interlocked LC Gates have been replaced in Raipur division.
:: Earth treatment and testing work has been done at 02 stations viz. E/CAB and I/CAB.
Earth maintenance with cleaning has been done at BIA (70) and BQR (90), BIA-BQR IBH (20) and JCW (10).
06 MFE has been commissioned for SSDAC at DURG and 40 MFE has been done at BQR station.
:: 89 IRS point machines with ground connection have been replaced at DGS (05), MDH (43), URK (12), R (05), RSD (04), SZB (03), C/CAB (02), D/CAB (03), E/CAB (07), CEE (01), FMY (01) and BIA (01) in view of codal life.
:: Total 123 sets of insulation materials and MS pins of ground connections have been replaced.
:: Rubber pads have been provided on 361 Glued Joints at RVH (40), LAE (84), MNDH (70) and MXA (167).
:: Directive Maintenance has been done at 21 stations to pull up maintenance activities and bring down signal incidences.
:: 09 Safety Seminars have been conducted to enhance knowledge of maintenance staff to ensure safety.
:: Replacement of Secondary Cells in Raipur division in view of codal life and poor backup:
40AH: 210 Nos, 80AH: 47 Nos, 200AH: 391 Nos.
:: Following renewal works done in accordance with Engineering department:
S/Rail & T/Rail sets: 25 Sets, T/Rail: 09 Sets.
:: Anti Track coating painting has been done on 91 Glued Joints at DRZ (55), E-CAB (32) and F-CAB (04).
:: 173 Nos defective glued joints have been replaced in accordance with Engineering department.
:: Total 06 ATVMs have been installed and commissioned at BYT (01), TLD (01), R (03) and DURG (01).
:: Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided at Sr. DEE/TRS/BIA office on 18.08.2016 and ORH-2 at Durg station.
:: SECROADS connectivity has been provided at SSE/Sig/BMY Office on 23.07.2016.
:: FOIS network of DRZ commissioned on Route Based system on 25.04.2016.
:: New solar charge controller has been provided at MXA, RSA, GDZ, LBO, BXA, KYS and DRZ.
:: New STM-I (6325 Make Fibcom) has been changed at DURG repeater on 13.05.2016.
:: 2KVA UPS has been installed at DURG enquiry for PA system on 28.05.2016.
:: 48V/25A battery charger has been replaced and installed at DURG, RSA and LBO. Also old chargers have been replaced at GDZ and KYS.
:: Total 127 Nos 2V/200AH batteries at Durg (24), WRS Exchange (24), TLD (24), SZB (24), RSD OFC Room (24) and URK OFC Room (07) have been replaced.
:: Standby power supply has been extended for 09 LC Gates in BMY section on 01.08.2016.
:: 17 Nos. 25 Watt VHF Chargers have been provided in Kumhari - Dallirajhara section.
:: Total 17 new Railway telephone connections have been extended at various locations.
:: New railnet connections have been extended to 21 various locations over Raipur division.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-03-2017  

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