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जनवरी-19 के दौरान अति महत्वपूर्ण उप्लब्धिया:

    Very important happening during January- 2020:

Achievements: -
1.PP Yard Bhilai: 

1.1 In the month of January -20, Total 800 nos. of ROH attended against the target of 700. Out of which PPYd attended 715 ROH and Ex.Yd/BIA attended 85 ROH.

1.2         455 Highest rakes were examined in the month of Jan-2020 which was surpassed previous record of 448 in May-2019.

1.3450 Highest ever rakes were dispatched in the month of Jan-2020 which was surpassed                       previous record of 436 rakes in May-19.

1.4At PP Yard Bhilai in the month of January -20 total amount received for warranty claimed                 materials is Rs.43,543.00.

1.5         The following materials are locally manufactured at Re-engineering section by Special Gang              and these materials used in ROH wagons for the month of January -20.

S. No.

Name of Items



Flap door for BOXN Repaired          



Flap door for BOXNHL Repaired



Angle cock



Door Hinge



Door Check spring



Coupler Rod



Hand brake wheel



Operating handle


1.6Total 07 nos. (Off POH-4, C-fit-1 & New built HL-2) of CC Rake formed in month of                         Jan -20.

1.7        To avoid malfunctioning of Overhauled Distributor Valve due to chocking of ports by dirt particles and moisture, a dummy MS plate has been provided on Intermediate flange of freshly overhauled KE type DV, which is to be removed during fitment and reuse again with freshly overhauled DV.

 2.Coaching Depot Durg :

2.110 IOH (ICF) & 02 SSI (LHB) coaches have been attended in the month of January -20.

2.2Fire detection system of 37 LHB coaches have been completed and 12 ICF coaches have  been completed up to Jan-20.

2.3DV releasing wire rope has been modified in all Faiveley makes DV of Durg base LHB coaches.

2.4Train No. 18201/02 converted from conventional ICF rake to LHB rake with load of 21 LHB  Coaches on dt- 15.01.2020.

2.5Train No. 18203/04 converted from conventional ICF rake to LHB rake with load of 21 LHB Coaches on dt- 14.01.2020.

2.6Train No. 18205/18207 converted from conventional ICF rake to LHB rake with load of 21 LHB Coaches on dt- 23.01.2020.

2.7Electrically / manually operated lifting & lowering arrangement for draft gear cum alternator changing system, demo given at Silyari/Raipur during annual inspection of GM/SECR.

2.8A book of LHB Air Brake System in Hindi language written by Sri Ravindra Giri, SSE/C&W/Durg, inaugurated by GM/SECR along with PCME/BSP/SECR at GM/SECR office on  dt 20.01.20. It is great auspicious achievement of Coaching Depot Durg in this year.

2.9 30 days safety drive to ensure safe train operation from 31.12.19 to 29.01.2020 has been conducted at Coaching Depot Durg.

3.Exchange Yard Bhilai :

     3.1 Total 85 ROH has been attended in the month of Jan-2020.

3.2 Total 68 EUR rakes are loaded surpassing previous record of 62 in the month DEC-19. On arrival of every empty EUR rakes, examined thoroughly & made fit for loading inside BSPC within a stipulated period with minimum detachment. Hence more rakes were supplied to BSPC to achieve this target.

4.Reception yard BMY:

  4.1  31 nos. of BOXN wagons were rehabilitated to BOXNR in this month. Cumulative is 164.

    4.2  4 nos. of Anaconda   Rake (SLH) formed at Reception yard BMY in the month of January                  -19.

5.MEMU Shed Bhilai:

5.1 Under floor Pit Wheel  Lathe has been installed & working w.e.f 03.01.2020 at MEMU Shed Bhilai.

6.Total 568 nos. of wagons (PPYd-296, R-Yd/BMY-160 & Ex-Yd/BIA-112) have been converted into twin pipe in the month of January -20. Cumulative is 2490 wagons.

7.Total Rake examination of Raipur Division in the month of January -20 is 900.

8.In the month of January -20, 03 Supervisor sent for refresher course at STC/KGP. &. 02 nos. of staff sent for refresher course at MDTC/BSP.

2.  प्रमुख उपलब्धियां जनवरी-2020 के दौरान.

Major achievements During January-2020.
2.1    पीपी यार्ड, भिलाई में कुल 07 बॉक्सेन (04 ऑफ पीओएच, 01-सी-फीट, नई बिल्ड एचएल -02 और बॉक्स-00)
सीसी रेक तैयार किए गए है  
Total 07 BOXN (04 OFF POH, 01 C-Fit, New built HL -02 & BOXN-00) CC rakes were formed at PP   Yard, Bhilai. 
2.2   आरओएच डेपो / पीपी यार्ड ने1207 (715 आरओएच + 396 सिक मरम्मत +96 अलादनीय) वैगनों का आउटपुट दिया है
ROH Depot/PP Yard has given an outturn of 1207 (715 ROH + 396 Sick repair + 96 unloadable) wagons.
2.3    एनपीओएच मरम्मत के लिए298 वैगनों में भाग लिया गया है
298 wagons have been attended for NPOH repairs. 
2.4    137 सुपर लॉन्ग हौल ट्रेनों का गठन किया गया था| 
137 nos. super long haul trains had been formed.
2.5    54.66 % डीजल चालक दल ने 10 घंटों (साइनऑन से साइन आफ) के भीतर अपनी यात्रा पूरी की है और पहिया गतिविधि का 98.58 % 10 घंटे के भीतर है |
54.66 % diesel crew completed their trip within 10 hours (Sign ON to Sign OFF) and 98.58 % of the wheel movement is within 10 hrs.
 2.6     रायपुर डिवीजन में डीजल लोकोमोटिव के शट डाउन घंटे निम्नानुसार हैं |
            Shutdown hours of diesel locomotive is as follows in Raipur Division.
लोको की संख्या

No of Loco

  बंद करने का समय

Shutdown Hours

  ईंधन बचत के.एल में

Fuel Saving  in KL

बचत राशि रुपए में

Amount Saved in Rupees





Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-02-2020  

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