New Areas taken up for computersation during last three years:

·        Merging of all four salary batches to single salary batch in all divisions& construction.

·        Migration of Database & Applications from Oracle9i to Oracle 11g all forms and reports.

·        Upgraded all MIS applications into 3-tier architecture and introduced Browser mode (w.e.f 09-04-2012).

·        Hospital Management Information System has been implemented with the modules of OPD Registration, Causality and IPD registration, Radiology, Pathology, LP and Referral cases in the Central Hospital, Bilaspur.

·        MMIS, as per Railway Board guidelines PL Unification program made under MMIS Application for uni-PL.

·        PRIME, Non-Running OT Module developed and implemented.

·        PRIME implemented fully in WRS Raipur with Incentive Module made on Line.

·        PMIS implemented Court module, On line PCDO, employee Portal and privilege Pass/PTO module.

·        AFRES implemented NPS Pension Bill Module.

·        Implementation of PRIME/AFRES in construction/NGP and WS/MIB.

·        Developed a module for generation of reports Statement 7A, Statement 7B, Statement 7C and miscellaneous reports.

·        Development in Goods and Coaching, Passenger classification Sub Module in Traffic.

·        Generation of exception reports for the necessity of Rly. Board & in-house.

·        Non-stock items related development for all consignee as desired by SDGM/SECR.

·        Creation of new depot-48 at Raipur for stocking of locomotive items.

·        Integration of MMIS with AFRES database for automatic replication of PO detail.

·        Domestic Electric Energy Consumption Module implemented in BSP,HQ & Const.-BSP and Raipur Divn.

·        WGR Module implemented in WRS/R.

·        ARPAN application introduced in SECR and it has been linked with AFRES.

·        Statement-15 made on line and implemented as well as accepted by Railway Board.

·        EFT Module for Traffic made on line for Testing in HQ.

·        RCD (Railway Consumer Depot Module) made on line for all units (11 Units).

·        A New Leave Module is Developed in PRIME and  made on line.

·        Leave transaction (LAP, LHAP) of HQ linked from  SECROADS with PRIME.

·        IT Module customized as per new IT Rules and slabs for FY 2014-15 in all Units of SECR.

·        Cash & Pay office earning portion shifted from Divisional Data Base to HQ Data Base.

·        Monday Meeting Program module developed as desired by GM/SECR.