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Currency [0]0Explanatory Text65Explanatory Text1 : Followed Hyperlink 2GoodGood3 Heading 1( Heading 14 Heading 2( Heading 25 Heading 3( Heading 36 Heading 4( Heading 47( Hyperlink 8Input Input9 Linked Cell, Linked Cell :Neutral$Neutral"Normal ;Normal 2 <Note Note =Output"Output>$Percent ?Style 1 @Title Title ATotal TotalB Warning Text. Warning TextXTableStyleMedium9PivotStyleLight16`XPART I (20-21)4PART II (20-21) #Sheet16 Excel_BuiltIn_Print_Area_7_1;o6 Excel_BuiltIn_Print_Area_9 1;.   ;  ;  =  ;SfVf@ @bZ  3 A@@  STATUS OF SIGNALLING ASSETS SL. No.DESCRIPTION OF ITEMSZISTUSTotal Route KMS on RailwayTotal Track KMS on railway*Token Block Working (No. of Block Section).Tokenless Block Working (No. of Block Section)3(i) Block working with continuous track circuiting -(ii) Block working with one train only system+Lock & Block working (No. of Block Section)2Intermediate Block sections (No. of Block Section)(ii) On Single Line 4Block proving by axle counter (No. of Block Section)(i) Single Line Section(a) BPAC- Block Panel,(b) BPAC- Axle counter with Block Instrument(ii) Double Line Section%Colour light signalling (No. of Stns)i) Multi Aspect ii) 2-Aspect#Semaphore Signalling (No. of Stns.)i) MAUQAutomatic Block Working i) Track Kms.ii) Route Kms.#Automatic Permissive Block Working0i) Interlocking at Level Crossings (No of gates)5ii) Lifting Barriers at Level Crossings (No of gates)!a) At unmanned Gates(No of gates) b) At manned Gates (No of gates) a) Standard I interlocking ( R) !b) Standard II interlocking ( R) "c) Standard III interlocking ( R) !d) Standard IV interlocking ( R) (i) Spescial Class Stns.(ii) 'A' Class Stns.(iii) 'B' Class Stns.!(iv) 'B' Class Stns. Without Loop(v) 'C' Class Stns.(vi) 'D' Class Stns.(vii) 'DK' Class Stns.&Route Relay Interlocking (No of stns.) c) Std-III/II ( R) Interlocking4A) Panel Interlocking (End Panels) (No. of Stations)(i)Station with MACLS Signals(a)Std-I Interlocking(b)Std-II Interlocking(c)Std-III/II Interlocking(c)Std-III Interlocking7(B) Panel Interlocking (Central Panels) (Nos. of Stns.)"(ii)Station with Semaphore Signals(C)Std-III InterlockingLever Frames (Nos. of Stns.)i) With MACLS Signalsd) NIe) MNICiii) Station with Semaphore Signals (Single Wire LQ) (Nos. of Stns)e) Non Interlocked)Electronic Interlocking (No. of Stations)a) Hotb) Warmi) Microlock II (Ansaldo)ii) Westrace (Invensys)iii) AZD Prahaiv) GETS (VHLC) v) Siemens (SICAS) vi) Kyosan vii) Medha On Board Train Protection system(a) Auxilliary Warning System i) (RKms.) ii) Trackside equipment (TKms.) 8iii) On Board Equipment( No.of locos/EMUs/MEMUs/DEMUs)(b) Anti Collision Device (ACD)%(c) Train protection & Warning System"Second Distant Signal (Nos.of Stn)i) Station with MACL signals ii) L.C.Gatesiii) IB Signals (section)"Track-Circuiting (No. of Stations) i) FM to FMii) FM to BSL (Straight)iii) FM to BSL (Turnout)iv) FM to Home (Straight)FM to Home (Turnout) v) Loop Line2vii) Others (Calling ON approach Track Ckts. etc.)<Complete Track-Circuiting of Yard stations (No. of Stations)>i) No. of stations of Semaphore Signals Lit with Solar Power 6ii) No.of Semaphore Signals Lit with Solar Power(Nos.))iii) No.of LC gates lit with Solar Power AFTC (Nos.) HFTC (Nos.)Digital Axle-counter (Nos.)i) SSDAC (Single Entry) (a) Stationii) MSDAC (Multi Entry) (a) StationAnalog Axle-counters (Nos.)i) Single Entry ii) Multi Entry LED Lit Semaphore Signals (Nos.)a) No. of Stationsb) No. of Signalsc) No. of Aspects)Integrated Power Supply (No. of Stations)i) SCR Based (No. of Stations) Batteries No. Annexure-IIROUTEAD-SplDENGTotale) Rodimentry Interlocking (B) Total no. of stations (Nos.)2(i) Tokenless Block Working (No. of Block Section)0Intermediate Block Signal (No. of Block Section)(i) Single Line (ii) Double Line UFSBI5Block proving by axle counter (No. of Block Sections)ii) LQ/Safety devices at Level-Crossings (No of gates)6a) Electrically Operated Lifting Barrier (No of gates)5b) Mechnically Operated Lifting Barrier (No of gates)*iii) Telephone at L/Crossing (No of gates)/iv) Train Actuated Warning System (No of gates)(v) Emergency sliding Booms (No of gates)"A) Total Interlocked Station ( R )(B) Total No of Interlocked Station (Nos)i) Non-Interlocking Stations%ii) Modified Non-Interlocked Stations"iii) Block Hut with Station Master%iv) Total Interlocked Station (a+b+c)a) Standard I (Nos)b) Standard II (Nos)c) Standard III/II (R) (Nos).a) Std-I (R) Interlockingb) Std-II (R) Interlocking#Panel Interlocking (No. Of Station)c) Std-III/II (R) Interlocking<ii) Station with Semaphore Signals (DW/MAUQ) (Nos. of Stns) d) Modified Non Interlocked6iii) On Board Equipment( No.of locos/EMUs/MEMUs/DEMUs),(d) Train collision & Avidance System (TCAS) (b) Equipments/ Track Circuit(b) Equipments/Track Circuit (a) Stations iii) HASSDAC a) Stationsb) Sets(b) Equipments / Track Circuiti) with Conventional Powerii) With Solar Powerb) No of signalsiii) With Primary Batteries)Electrically lit Semaphore signals (Nos.)LED lit MACL SignalsTripple pole signals lamps!Calling On signals (Nos. Of Stns)Data Loggers (No of Stations)#ii) Networking Mode (Section / Nos)iii) Networking with divisioniv) Networking zonal HQ v) Networking with Railway board ii) SMPS Based (No. Of Stations)Points Machines (Nos) i) IRS Typeii) Siemens Typeiii) Clamp Type iv) Other(i) 2V Cells 40AH(ii)2V Cells 80AH(iii)2V Cells 120AH(iv) 2 V Cells 200 AH(v) 2 V Cells 300 AH(vi) 2Vcells 400 AH(vii) 2Vcells 500 AH(viii) 2Vcells 600 AH(ix) 2Vcells 100 AHx)Battery Sets 12/24V.(xi)Battery Sets 4/24V.2(i) Tokenless Block working (No. Of block section)(ii) On double Line (a)Std-I (R) Interlocking(b)Std-II (R) Interlocking(c)Std-III/II (R) Interlocking(c)Std-III (R) Interlocking0iii) On Board Equipment( No.of EMUs/MEMUs/DEMUs)Status as on 31.03.20Status as on 31.03.21Added during 2020-21As on 31.03.2021i) Stand Alone (Nos)vRemarksL2020-21: 6 block sections in MXA-DRZ sectrion + 1 block section in AAGH-KETI7Corrected as per the approved SIPs.. 2020-21: AAGH-KETI$Corrected as per the approved SIPs..72020-21: -2 for BSP-DPH, BYL-DPH (auto signalling work) 2020-21: AAGH&2020-21: L.C-445 (in Durg yard Closed)"2020-21: -1 for LC 445 (Durg yard)X2020-21: added +5 for DD-33, DD-19, RV-6, RV-7, RV-10 converted to ELB. - 1 for LC 445C2020-21 : Dd-33, DD-19, RV-6, RV-7, RV-10 converted from MLB to ELB92020-21: 401, 403, 404, 407, 408, 386, 387, RV-17, DD-33-Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. 2020-21: AAGH2020-21: removed AVP, KDRI/Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. 2020-21: removed block sections: MXA-RSA, RSA-GDZ, GDZ-LBO, LBO-BXA, BXA-KYS, KYS-DRZ (converted into panel). BSP-DPH, DPH-BYL sections (converted into auto section) 2020-21:AAGH.Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. 2020-21: +12 between A/Cab-D/Cab in lieu of Analog axle counter (Main + standby) , +4 in KETI-AAGH section (main + standby), +4 at P/Cab (weigh bridge) in lieu of Analog axle counter2020-21: DPH, BYLS2020-21: +26 (DPH-BYL, (10 euipment at each station), DPH-BSP (2 at BSP, 4 at DPH) 2020-21: P/Cab removed#2020-21: -2 at P/Cab (weigh bridge) 2020-21: BYL'2020-21: -2 removed between A-c/b-D/cabl2020-21: -2 at BYL, +10 at DPH, -5 signals for LC closure @LC443, 428, 420, +12 main signals for Antagarhg2020-21:+12 at BYL, +56 at DPH, -21 for LC gate closure at LCs 443, 428 & 420, +30 aspects for antagarh2020-21: AntagarhN2020-21: +1 at Antagarh, +1 RTU each at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate goomaties]2020-21: 32 IRS PM replaced with thick web in URK-DPH section. And 8 new points added at AAGH2020-21: 72 cells for AntagarhI2020-21: 2 set battary each at goomaties at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate 42020-21:1 set battery removed for BYH-DPL IB removal2020-21: 55 for antagarhNo of point machines corrected as per the approved SIPs. 2020-21: 32 IRS PM replaced with thick web in URK-DPH section and 1 point is added at AAGHm2020-21: +1 at AAGH, +2 ,i.e, 1 IPS each at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate goomaties, -1 for BYL-DPH IB removal7 s899:;3<$=(>y? @8A B WC !D D: RE cFG6H/IeJKMLM{MsN%NPGRTUVccB T8 0lgv_S  dMbP?_*+%2a&M&d2?'M&d2?(333333?)= ףp=?MR \\\Brother HL-1210t  odXXLettery{  pX7 '''' ,@''''dArialdArialdAriald$Arial0' ENGLISHPRIVHL-1210W series?! 'S&TSECRd_##NOUSE##__SECR" <,xG?G~ (@ [ {{}! !V~ !{!{("!} !Z#!" "V~ "{"{($"} %Z$"~ #*@ #[~#{{}$ $V~ ${K@${(%$}K@ $Z& $% %V~ %{R@%{(&%}R@ 'Z' %& &V~ &{Q@&{@((&}R@ &Z( &' 'V~ '{@'{()'} 'Z) '( (V~ ({R@({(*(}R@ (Z* () )V~ ){){(+)} )Z+)* *V~ *{*{(,*} *Z,*+ +V~ +{+{(.+} +Z-+, ,V~ ,{A@,{"@(.,}F@ ,Z. ,~ -,@ -[-~{~. .V~ .~@.{(/.@ 0Z0 ./ /V ~ /~ @/{@(0/$@ /Z1 /0 0V!~ 0~@@0{@(10B@ 4Z2 01 1V"~ 1~1{(21 1Z312 2Vu~ 2~@2{(4~ 2 2~ 3,@ 3[3~{4 4V~ 4~4{(54 6Z545 5V~ 5~5{(65 5Z656 6V~ 6~6{(86 ?Z767 7V~ 7~H@7{?(#7H@ 7 %8: 78 8V~ 8~@8{(98@ 8Z9 89 9V~ 9~9{(:9 9Z:9: :V~ :~D@:{@(<:G@ :Z; :~ ;.@ ;[v;{{}< <V#~ <{@<{(=<}@ <Z=<= =V$~ ={={(>=} =Z>=> >V%~ >{F@>{?(@>}F@ >Z? >? ?V&~ ?{(@?{(A?}(@ ?Z@?Dal.pp.tttttpppt.tttpa.pppztpt.ppt@GAGBGCHDvGEvGFvGGGHGIGJXGKXGLXGMXHNXGOXGPXGQHRGSGTGUGVGWGXGYGZ H[ G\ G] G^ G_ G@ @V'~ @{@{(B@} @ZA@A AV(~ A{A{(DA} AZBAB BV)~ B{B{(EB} BZCB~ C0@ C[*C{{}D DV~ D{D{(FD} DZEDE EV~ E{E{(JE} EZFEF FV+~ F{@F{(KFF+ LLF}@ FZGF~ G1@ G[G{{}H H[,H~{I I[-I{{}J JV.~ J{@J{(LFJ} JZK JK KV/~ K{K{@(NFK}@ KZL KL LV0~ L{@L{(OFL}@ LZMLM M[3M{{}N NV.~ N{N{(PFN} NZONO OV/~ O{O{(SFO} OZPOP PV1~ P{P{(TFP} PZQPQ Q[2Q{{}R R[-R{{}S SV.~ S{@S{(UFS}? SZT ST TV/~ T{@T{(WFT}@ TZU TU UV1~ U{A@U{(XFU};@ UZV UV V[3V{{}W WV.~ W{W{(YFW} WZXWX XV/~ X{X{(\FX} XZYXY YV4~ Y{Y{(]FY} YZZY~ Z2@ Z[5Z{{}[ [[6[{{}\ \V~ \{@\{(^F\}@ \Z]\] ]V~ ]{]{(bF]} ]Z^]^ ^V~ ^{?^{(_F^}? ^Z_^_ _V7~ _{_{(`F_} _Z`_D lppp.pp.**ttp*ppp**ttt*ppp.*ppp` GaIbIcIdIeIfIgIhIiXIjXGkXJlXJmXJnXJoXJpXJqXJrXJsXJtJuJvJw Jx Jy Jz J{ J| J} J~ J J` `V8~ `{`{(bF`} `Za`~ a2@ a\a{{}b bV~ b{b{(cFb{ mZcbc cV~ c{c{(dFc{ cZdcd dV~ d{d{(fFd{ dZede e]9e{{}f fV~ f{f{(fFf} gZgfg gV~ g{g{(hFg} gZhgh hV~ h{h{(iFh} hZihi iV~ i{i{(jFi} iZjij jV:~ j{j{(jFj} lZkj~ k3@ k[;k{{}l lV<~ l{@l{(oFl}@ lZmlm mV=~ m{?m{(Fm}? mZnmn n[>n{{}o oV<~ o{?o{(pFo}? oZpop pV=~ p{?p{(pFp}? rZqpq q[?q{{}r rV<~ r{r{(sFr} rZsrs sV=~ s{s{(uFs} sZtst t[@t{{}u uV<~ u{u{(vFu} uZvuv vV=~ v{v{(vFv} xZwvw w[Aw{{}x xV<~ x{x{(yFx} xZyxy yV=~ y{y{({Fy} yZzyz z[Bz{{}{ {V<~ {{{{(|F{} {Z|{| |V=~ |{|{(|F|} ~Z}|} }[C}{{}~ ~V<~ ~{~{(F~} ~Z~ V=~ {{(F} ZDlp.ppp*ppppp.pp*pp*pp*pp*pp*pp*p J J JJgHgHgHgHgHgHgHgHHHgH HHHHHJIII I I I I I I I I [D{{} V<~ {@{(F}@ Z V=~ {{(F} Z~ 4@ [E{{} ^F~{ TG~ ~{(F Z TH~ {{(, LL Z U~ {{( Z TJ{{~ TG~ {{( Z TH~ {{( Z UI~ {{( Z~ 4@ ^K{{~ TG~ {{Z TH~ {{Z UI~ {{Z ^{{~ TG~ {{Z TH~ {{Z UI~ {{Z~ 5@ [L{{} VM~ {<@{}<@Z VN~ {?@{}?@Z VO~ {&@{}&@Z~ 6@ [P~{~ VQ~ {C@{?}D@Z  VR~ {C@{?}D@Z  VS~ {C@{?}D@Z  VT~ {C@{?}D@Z  VU{{} VV~ {C@{?}D@Z  VW~ {{}ZDGl*pp.*pp*ppp.ppp*ppp.ppp.tttt*tHIIgIJJJ J II I I I I I I I J I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I~ O7@ ^X~{~ 8@ TY~ ~{Z TZ~ ~{Z T[~ ~{Z~ O9@ [\~ {{}Z~ O:@ []~ {{}Z~ ;@ [^{{} V_{{} V`~ {D@{}D@Z  V~ {u@{4@}v@Z  Va{{} V~ {@{@} @Z  V~ {^@{:@}@b@Z  V{{} V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z~ <@ [c{{} Vd{{} Vb~ {@{}@Z  V~ { @{}@Z  Ve{{} V~ {@{?}@Z  V~ {B@{}A@Z ~ =@ [f{{} [g{{} V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z~ =@ [{{} V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z V~ {{}ZD l.tpptt.*tt*tt*pp.*tt*tt.*ppp.pp I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I~ >@ [{{} [g{{} V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z [h{{} V~ {{ LL}Z V~ {{}Z V~ {{}Z~ ?@ [{{} Vg~ {H@{?}H@Z  Vh~ {@{.@}L@Z  Vi~ { @{@S@}X@Z ~ @@ [v{x Vg~ {{}Z Vh~ {{}Z Vi~ {{}Z~ O@@ [~ {F@{?}F@Z ~ A@ [{{} V~ {{}Z V~ {F@{@}H@Z  V~ {F@{@}H@Z  V~ {F@{@}H@Z  V~ {{}Z~ A@ [j{{} Vk~ {{}Z V~ {M@{@}N@Z ~ B@ [{{} V~ {@{*7} @Z  V~ {{}Z V~ { a@{D@} f@Z  V~ {{}ZDl.*ppp*pp.ttt.pppx.ptttp.pt.tptIIIIIIIIIIII~ B@ [l{{} V~ {@{}@Z V~ {ئ@{R@}h@Z  V~ {8@{k@}@Z  V~ {;@{K(}@ Z  V~ {Ȉ@{K@(}@ Z  V~ {{(} Z V~ {{(} Z V~ {{(} Z V~ {{(} Z V~ {G@{(}G@ Z V~ {{(} Z ".pttttpppppp        1# &"  (% *' e,) .+ 1. 30 64 96 A? CA FD KF MK PN TP VT YW ]Y _] db qm         p X  X(D@((   c NF X?:B<]4c@ s/*2M[ޚ <User: 2020-21:AAGH<$j d N`&F X?WE1G]4d@ %J\Wf'V <User: BYT,HN,BKTH & R.<"$!= e N&F X?=-//]4e@ ᅈC1pQٸ )<*User: DRZ,CLW,CEE,E-Cabin,Ore yard .SM-IV<$)= k N&F X?WSVP]4k@ Զ%UGjiKh$kR,eX s<tAdmin: 2020-21: +1 at AAGH, +2 = 1 IPS each at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate goomaties, -1 for BYH-DPL IB removal<1s  N.F X?fw]4@ Q:2aEm${cI <2020-21: 72 cells for Antagarh<  N.F X?s]4@ azSgNzyk < Admin: 2020-21: 55 for antagarh<1EdE$o  T/F  X?f|Q]4@ 8`U@^3 d<eAdmin: 2020-21: 32 IRS PM replaced with thick web in URK-DPH section. And 8 new points added at AAGH<,1+jdM  N0/F X?f0y2]4@ %OM !<"Admin: 2020-21: removed AVP, KDRI<1!P  N`/F X?f|]4@ +z @5eW c .</Admin: 2020-21: -2 removed between A-c/b-D/cab<1.  N/F X?f|]4@ r3N8 <Admin: 2020-21: BYL<1cP  N/F X?fw]4@  dMGj &t P<QAdmin: 2020-21: 2 set battary each at goomaties at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate <1PlFwn  N/F X?fw]4@ $Mu ' <<=Admin: 2020-21:1 set battery removed for BYH-DPL IB removal <1g<  T 0F  X?f1]4@ {c)INbM <Admin: 2020-21: removed block sections: 1. MXA-RSA, RSA-GDZ, GDZ-LBO, LBO-BXA, BXA-KYS, KYS-DRZ (converted into panel) 2. BSP-DPH, DPH-BYL sections (converted into auto section)<,1+  TP0F  X?f@]4@ - @̷٧7 ><?Admin: 2020-21: -2 for BSP-DPH, BYL-DPH (auto signalling work)<1n>dEm<  N0F X?f#|%]4@ =UjBo{Y< )<*Admin: 2020-21: -1 for LC 445 (Durg yard)<1)<  N0F X?f-/]4@ v,2_@mt< 4<5Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <,14<  N0F X?f.y0]4@ q"CCE0/< 4<5Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <,1+%4<  N1F X?f|]4@ )#wN!> < <Admin: 2020-21: P/Cab removed<1<  N@1F X?f|]4@ doxGՕ < *<+Admin: 2020-21: -2 at P/Cab (weigh bridge)<1*<  Tp1F  X?f|]4@ vLZxg@@3SDH< s<tAdmin: 2020-21: -2 at BYL, +10 at DPH, -5 signals for LC closure @LC443, 428, 420, +12 main signals for Antagarh<1s<  T1F  X?f|]4@ VTIi~حI< n<oAdmin: 2020-21:+12 at BYL, +56 at DPH, -21 for LC gate closure at LCs 443, 428 & 420, +30 aspects for antagarh<1n@o<  N1F X?fI]4@ f[i'CNjY=< %<&Admin: Corrected as per approved SIPs<1%<  N2F X?f&|(]4@ T8\C̈́K< )<*Admin: 2020-21: -1 for LC 445 (Durg yard)<1NN)dEo<  N02F X?f6v8}]4@ JWWA*N+f.< 6<7Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <1o)o6<  N`2F X?fHK ]4@ 'QPWIFC cE< 5<6Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <1)5dEo<  N2F X?fIK]4@ {MrNcl< 5<6Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <1)5<  N2F X?fQT]4@ g-Z'[GOɌ>< 5<6Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <1)5dEo<  N2F X?fSV]4@ ;LPFƔ_ < 5<6Admin: Stanstion are corrected as per approved SIP. <1y)5Admin5 t Windows User s Windows User Windows Useru Windows User Windows Usern Windows UserAdminwAdminww Windows User$x Windows User%Adminw& Windows User' Windows User(Adminw, Windows User.Adminw/ Windows User/y Windows User0Adminw2Adminw7Adminw8Adminw: Windows User< Windows User>cUseroJAdminwKAdminwLdUsernSAdminwSeUsernTAdminwUAdminw\mUsern^kUsernlo Windows Userp Windows Userq Windows UserAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminw Windows User Windows UserAdminwr Windows UserAdminwAdminw Windows UserAdminw Windows UserAdminwAdminw Windows UserAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminw Windows UserAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminwAdminw>@sdinjn  "3:GY "#,;B -2 CFkZ`aj7b(b(  ggD T8 0KCMQ_@mw>>  dMbP?_*+%h4&M&d2?'M&d2?(?)Q?MR \\\Brother HL-1210t  4dXXA4tery{  pX7 '''' ,@''''dArialdArialdAriald$Arial0' ENGLISHPRIVHL-1210W series?! 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"$  %' ') 4)+ +- .0 02 45 67 ?@ AB DE FG KL NO PQ TU WX YZ ]^ bc mn         p X  V5 Z>5(  ~  <3F XPP?]4@ 7;XS1G!z <Admin: Telibandha to Avanpur<1 ~~  <3F XPP?,^]4@ -eK=7d$ <Admin: P/Cab-NSPCL siding, <1@*` 8 N4F X?13]48@ iEmٟ/ <<=User: RVH, LAE, MXA, RSA, GDZ, LBO, BXA, KYS, DRZ, GDM, BPTP<$~< 9 N@4F X?>A]49@ 7AN@IDtRl "<#User: KETI 2020-21: added antagarh<$" ? Np4F X? ]4?@ F^:CuaK <Windows User: URK & MDH<g V  @ N87 X?=]4@@ N[ջi<?Admin: 2020-21: added 7 LCs 401, 403, 404, 407, 408, 386, 387 <1x> R NLX?-0K]4R@ N3DөA"p= *<+Admin: 2020-21: added 2 LCs; RV-17, DD-33 <1*a S NLX?03]4S@ xJD*{q$ 1<2Admin: KETI, AAGH, MNDH 27.05.21: added Antagarh<1A1 T NLX?:=>]4T@  EHN2jG_ZF <Admin: 2020-21: Antagarh<1 j N@PX?w]4j@ e3\{E qٽ < Admin: 2020-21: 55 for antagarh<1 k NpPX?w]4k@ 4`@ByU %<&Admin: 2020-21: 72 cells for Antagarh<1% l NPX?]4l@ drM:Ƿ $<%Admin: 2020-21: 1 for pt. 43 at AAGH<1$ m NPX?]4m@ qn J7VGD?ª I<JAdmin: 2020-21: 8 machines for points 31A/B, 32A/B, 41A/B & 42A/B at AAGH<1I o NQX?=]4o@ l~M\ E<FAdmin: 2020-21: 32 IRS PM replaced with thick web in URK-DPH section <,1+EM p T0Q X?%w]4p@ LO4wBb <Admin: 8 at DPH, 8 at BYL, 6 at DGS, 12 at NPI, 22 at BYT, 32 at HN, 23 at TLD, 17 at BKTH, 22 at SLH, 18 at MDH, 9 at URK. 2020-21: 32 IRS PM replaced with thick web in URK-DPH section<,1+M q N`QX?=w]4q@ wnPvDˬ- ;<<Admin: 2020-21:1 set battery removed for BYH-DPL IB removal<,1+g;v r NQX?=w]4r@ >MvI|6 P<QAdmin: 2020-21: 2 set battary each at goomaties at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate <,1+PvlFwn t NQX?/@2]4t@ <KB*^i <Admin: E/Cab, Bhilai Ex yard<,1+= u NQX?0@3]4u@ RoF+6`Rϊ .</Admin: OLY, CLY, CEY, I/Cab, J/Cab, F/Cab, JCW<,1+ .=x1 v N RX?1=4]4v@ vgEg~  <Admin: DPH to DURG maiin line<,1+= w NPRX?1@4]4w@ (*@ 37 <Admin: RSD, P/Cab, FMY<,1+w= x NRX?8@;]4x@ c6DOL>s <Admin: E/Cab, Bhilai Ex yard<,1+= y NRX?K N7]4y@  IBNxM}>z <Admin: CLY, CEY<,1+G= z NSX?K@N7]4z@ l)LD-T@\i <Admin: CLY(E & W), CEY (E&W)<,1+= { T@S X?LN]4{@ ̇2?KesT ?<@Admin: BTY(E), BYT(W),HN, HN/E, BKTH(E), BKTH(W), R(E), R(W) <,1+?=< ~ TpS X?UX@]4~@ $y\N*t}JA< <Admin: all stations in DPH-DURG main line except SLH, MDH, URK, DURG(these 4 are EI/RRI) & R, HN, BKTH, BYT (these 4 are end panels)<,1+&5<  NSX?UX@]4@ mtH .6< 1<2Admin: RVH, LAE, all stations in RSA-BPTP section<,1+ 1=<  NSX?U@X@]4@ /nJ"yK< <Admin: P/Cab, FMY<,1+\=1<  NTX?S@V]4@ i!GJQap`<  < Admin: E/Cab<,1+3 =<  N0TX?T@W]4@ VapAP?U<  < Admin: OLY,<,1++ =a<  N`TX?^`]4@ <%Agw2<  < Admin: MNDH<,1+4 =1<  NTX?\@^]4@ T{GͫH \< <Admin: I, J, F/Cab<,1+L=x1<  NTX?]4@ 5@dE#@:$< )<*Admin: MXA-AAGH, LAE, MNDH 2020-21: AAGH<,1+)=x1<  N UX?]4@ g:dB6Ұ4< .</Admin: 4 in KETI-AAGH section (main + standby)<,1+ .=M<  NPUX?=]4@ WXov Nİri< Q<RAdmin: 4 at BYL, Line no. 6, Track 47AXT 2020-21: -2 removed between A-c/b-D/cab<,1+Q=<  NUX?=]4@ C7Lh=3<  < Admin: BYL<,1+% =<  TU X?]4@ ^'Ճ(J"0< W<XAdmin: 2020-21: +12 between A/Cab-D/Cab in lieu of Analog axle counter (Main + standby)<,1+W=<  NUX?=]4@ ˱O4* < T<UAdmin: 2020-21: -2 at BYL, +10 at DPH, -5 signals for LC closure @LC443, 428, 420<,1+T< N<OAdmin: 2020-21:+12@BYL, +56@DPH, -21 for LC gate closure at LCs 443, 428 & 420<,1+N<  T@V X?f]4@ q'sGm5Bm< a<bAdmin: 2020-21: +1 IPS each at Chakarbhata & Mohbhatta gate goomaties, -1 for BYH-DPL IB removal<,1+fa3<  TpV X?0 ]4@ "AF|u< 2<3Admin: 2020-21: -2 for BSP-DPH, BYL-DPH (auto signalling work) total BS: URK-MDH, MDH-SLH, SLH-BKTH(W), BKTH(W)-BKTH(E), BKTH(E)-TLD, TLD-HN, HN(E)-BYT(W), BYT(E)-NPI, NPI-DGS, DGS-BYL, URK-DLBS, URK-R, URK-SZB, R-SZB, SZB-KMI, KMI-C/CAB, C/CAB-G/CAB, G/CAB-P/CAB, G-CAB-BIA, H/CAB-BIA, BIA-BQR, BQR-DLBS<12 <  TV X?D]4@ ^xE (xbx;< 0<1Admin: URK-MDH, BYL-DPH, DPH-BSP, R-SBZ, BYL-DGS<160v<  TV X?]4@ wGO}{bȷv< z<{Admin: MXA-RSA, RSA-GDZ, GDZ-LBO, LBO-BXA, BXA-KYS, KYS-DRZ, DRZ-GUDM, GUDM-BPTP, BPTP-KETI, KETI-AAGH 2020-21: KETI-AAGH<1Uz<  NWX?@D]4@  ɾb*JD e`~< <Admin: BIA-JCW<1D<  T0W X? PM]4@ Zu0@W%y< <Admin: DLBS-MXA, R-RVH, URK-RSD, URK-RSD, MDH-SLH, SLH-BKTH(W), BKTH(W)-BKTH(E); 2 nos, BKTH(E)-TLD, TLD-HN ( C ), HN (E/O)-BYT(W), HN (E/O)-SIM4, BYT(W)-ACC, BYT(E)-NPI, NPI-DGS, DGS-BYL DLBS-BQR, BQR-BIA, BIA-H/Cab, D/Cab-A/Cab, KMI-SZB<1Y|Ep<  N`WX?D]4@ yh6xOt`łA< <Admin: RVH-MNDH, MNDH-LAE<1<  NWX?@D]4@ fE&IL< <Admin: OLY-MXA<1F<  NWX?]4@ ;M5*<< <Admin: 2020-21:Antagarh<1 <  NXX?@]4@ kE־H/}oo< <Admin: 2020-21: P/Cab removed<,1+a<  NYX?]4@ \~!,A/.wQ< <Admin: MXA, RSA, BXA<,1_+i_a<  N@YX? D]4@ ͳ,Mw .< P<QAdmin: BYL-DGS,MDH-URK,R-SZB,KYS-DRZ , DRZ-GUDM & GUDM-BPTP.BPTP-KETI, AAGH-KETI<,1+)P<  NpYX?@D]4@ \cЍEbFa(< <Admin: BIA-JCW<,1+D dEm<  NYX?&=) ]4@ lCj$M< )<*Admin: 2020-21: -1 for LC 445 (Durg yard)<1) @sdinjn"$<CDG[efk!"$l  HZ/34;%.7b(b(  ggD T8 $  dMbP?_*+%&?'?(?)?"??&U>@2227ggD Oh+'0HP`l ssesigS&TMicrosoft Excel@Cza@(@Fgh՜.+,0\HP X`hp x  PART I (20-21)PART II (20-21) Sheet1'PART I (20-21)'!Print_Area'PART II (20-21) '!Print_Area 'PART II (20-21) '!Print_Titles  Worksheets Named Ranges  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~      !"Root Entry F{XhWorkbookz%SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8