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The Railway Officers’ Institute shall hereafter be named as Bilaspur Rail Club, and referred in this document as “the club”. The legal jurisdiction of the club shall be Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh.




1. The club premises shall normally include :-

a) The Old Rail Club Building and its circulating area, hereby called “Old Club”.

b) The New Rail Club Building, near the Titli Chowk, hereby called “New Club”.

2. Entry to the club premises is strictly for the members & their families (the club members), 3

who have paid the club subscription in advance (normally through salary bills).

3Outsiders are not allowed at all times. Members may, however, bring their relatives and/or friends to the club as guests with permission of the Hony. Club Secretary or his representative. Names and addresses of the guests must be entered in a register kept with the Manager of the club. Guests can enter the club premises only if accompanied by the member. Under no circumstances, should any Group D staff be allowed to accompany the children of members during the club hours. In case the member or any outsider disobeys the club rules, then a suitable penal action may be taken by the Hony. Club Secretary in discussion with the executive committee, including debarring the member.

4. Members and their guest must be suitably attired for entering the club premises. Wearing sports dresses / shorts and slippers (flip-flops) is banned in the club premises during club hours (except when using sports facilities, i.e., the tennis courts/ badminton hall/ swimming pool area during sports/ swimming sessions). Persons who are found violating normal civil dress codes or indulging in behavior unbecoming of a railway officer or not maintaining the decorum and dignity of the club may be asked to leave the club premises by the Hony. Secretary or his authorized representative.

5. Entry to the club is strictly restricted for servants, maids, TADKs, Bungalow Peons, or any other staff in the employ of the members during the club hours and club functions.




1. All Railway Officers who are stationed at Bilaspur are automatically members of the club. The membership fee shall be deducted from their monthly salary slips without any prior information. Such members shall have full voting rights in a General Body Meeting (GBM). In case the officer does not want to be a member of the club, he may submit an application in this regard for discontinuing the membership to the Hony. Secretary.

2. Officers residing at Bilaspur and posted on deputation or transferred outside, but they want to continue to avail the club membership, shall submit an application in this regard to the Hony. Secretary for approval. The membership fee (as decided by the Executive Committee to include all extra charges towards sports facilities & special functions) for such officers would be payable by DD / cheque up to 31 March as an advance for the remaining part of the financial year.

3. Retired railway officers residing at Bilaspur can avail the Club facility by enlisting for the Club’s associate membership. Such members have to pay a Lifetime Associate Membership fee as decided by the GBM. Associate Members shall not have any voting rights.

4.Extension of Associate Membership to persons other than Railway Officers shall be within the rights of the club’s General Body and decided in a General Body Meeting with a majority voice vote. Such associate memberships could be offered to Civil High Dignitaries of Bilaspur, Contract Medical Practioners, members of other clubs who offer reciprocal hospitality, etc. The advance subscription for such associate membership that may include a Security Deposit (amounts to be decided in the GBM itself) may be collected before granting associate membership.

5. Temporary associate membership could also be grantedto Railway Officers of PSU’s such as RVNL ,IRCON & RIGHTS etc who are stationed in Bilaspur on a temporary basis for a period not exceeding 12 months. In such cases the amount for temporary membership & Security Deposit shall be worked out by the Executive Committee; ensuring that the temporary membership fees is not less than double the subscription paid by members and paid in advance for the entire period

6. Guest charges of Rs.25 (or as amended by the Executive Committee from time to time) per head per calendar day have to be paid to the Manager of the Club at the time of entry and endorsed in the Guests Register.

7. These club rules will be deemed to have been read by all club members and will become applicable to all the members availing the club membership.

8.The Club Staff shall include (1) Club Manager (2) Club Assistant Manager (3) At least 5 Club Boys. These staff will execute the decisions of the Club committees on daily basis as well as on specific occasions and purposes. By default, they will not be members of the Club.




1. It shall be the discretion of the executive committee of the club to sanction the use of the club for any private entertainment, ceremony etc. subject to the charges leviable as agreed during a General Body Meeting. The terms of renting out the premises shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

2. The old Rail Club building is not normally to be utilized for functions or given out on rent. It can however be given for function subject to no inconvenience to the Club Members, with prior permission of the Hony. Secretary in exceptional circumstances.

3.Hiring of Club Property : The hiring of the club property for the members / outsiders / Club Staff is left to the discretion of the President and the Hony. Secretary as per charges fixed by the GBM from time to time. Normally the following procedure shall be adopted.

(i)The applicant shall fill up a standard application Performa (to be duly forwarded by a railway officer in case of outsider).

(ii)After obtaining permission from the Hony. Secretary, the desired charges shall be deposited in the Club’s Bank Account.

(iii) The Club Manager /Treasurer/ Hony. Secretary shall certify that the amount has been deposited in the bank.

(iv)Only then the Manager shall book the club premises to the members/ outsiders.

4. For official bookings : There shall be no charge for such bookings only written approval will be required from Hony. Secretary.




1.Children : Unless specifically prohibited, children are allowed in all club functions.

2.Charges : The amount of additional charges towards food & beverages to be levied for attending any club function by the members & their families will be as per the decision taken by the Executive Committee. Normally functions held on Republic day, Independence day , Diwali ,Holiand New Year should not be sponsored by the club and should be paid functions, other club days should be sponsored by the club.Charges for guests taking food at any function, towards food & beverages (other than guest entry fee) will be paid by the member as fixed by the Executive Committee.

3.Special charges : The Executive Committee is authorized to levy any other flat special charges to meet the expenditure incurred towards any club functions, etc., whether any member attends the function organized or not. Consent of the members to pay the charges is not mandatory

4. Procedure of Charges : One copy of the notice pertaining to club functions will be displayed on the club Notice Board and one copy will be circulated amongst the Members. Members will have to sign the circular and endorse their willingness for attending the function along with details of members attending or any other information required in the format. For attending the club functions the members will be charged according to the number of the persons attending the function, as mentioned by them on this list circulated or according to the number of persons actually attending the function, whichever is more. The Hony. Secretary may levy double penal charges on members, if more number of persons attend the function than as mentioned on the list, unless information about additional persons is given prior to the function to the Hony. Secretary.

5. Attendance register : Except on club days / special functions, all members are requested to sign an attendance registers whenever they enter the club. One entry in the register is valid for the calendar day. 

6. Improper endorsements in the circulars : In case any member regularly and / or habitually abstains from endorsing the circular for attendance and finally attends the function without information, then he shall be charged double the amount of the basic charge per person or he may be debarred from the club membership as per decision of the executive committee/ Hony. Secretary or any suitable action as decided.




1. Club hours are deemed from 18:00 hours to 22:00 hours on all days of the week for visit of members.

2.The sports / swimming facilities shall be open for members as notified from time to time.

3. The normal closing time for the club will be 22:30 PM. On Fridays, Saturdays and the days preceding a holiday, it shall be 23:30 P.M. Club may also be opened on holidays for breakfast or lunch if so decided by the Executive Committee.

4. These closing hours will not apply to special occasions when club functions are held.

5.Overtime charges will be deducted from the club member(s) @ Rs.50 per hour or part thereof if their family members and guests are found using the club after the normal closing time.




1.The library shall function during the club hours except on days of club functions.

2. Club shall normally subscribe to English & Hindi daily newspapers or periodicals as decided by Hony. Secretary. Current magazines & newspapers are not permitted to be removed by any member from the club premises.

3. Annually, the club shall spend 5% or as deemed fit by the Executive Committee/ Hony. Secretary out of of its annual revenue for purchase of new books for the library.

4.Children below 5 years of age are not permitted to handle magazines and periodicals. The cost of the damages to books, magazines and periodicals will be recovered from the member concerned.

5.Two books and two old magazines from the club library can be borrowed during the club hours. Books are to be returned within a period of 14 days from the date of issue, failing which a fine of Rs.1/- per day will be imposed till the book is returned. CDs / DVDs taken on loan must be returned within three days, failing which a fine of Rs.10/- per day will be imposed till the CD / DVD is returned.




1. One copy of the notices pertaining to the General Body Meetings will be displayed on the Club Notice Board and one copy shall be circulated amongst the Members.

2. A General Body Meeting should normally be conducted after completion of a financial year to pass the annual audited accounts of the club. During this GBM, other agenda issues could also be taken up. Such items should be given wide publicity among members before being taken up in the GBM.

3. The General Body Meetings could also be convened at any time after due process of giving a seven day notice to take up the following issues at the behest of the President :-

a.Nomination of the Vice President of the club on transfer or resignation of the incumbent.

b.Elections of the Executive Committee members (for a normal tenure of 2 years) i.e. Hony. Secretary, Hony. Joint Secy, Cultural Secy, Catering Secy, Sports Secy, Treasurer and ladies representative. (In case any of the office bearer gets transferred during his tenure, then the President of the club, if he so desires, may nominate another officer from the existing members of the club for the remaining tenure period only.)

c. Determination of fees and charges of the club for various activities.

d.Determination of club expenditure for various activities and facilities, as applicable.

e. Salary to be paid to the Club Staff & Managers.

f. Procedures to be normally adopted for various club activities.

g. Club membership fees and fixed guest charges.

h. Introduction of new facilities.

i.Extension or grant of associate membership to other than railway officers.

j. Any other issue with the consent of the Chair.  

4. The quorum for conducting business of the GBM shall be 20 members.




1. All members are equal in the club premises and must show respect for each other to maintain a healthy camaraderie. All members should be respectful towards ladies.

2. No member shall be dressed inappropriately in the club premises.

3. No member may indulge in any behavior unbecoming of a railway officer or not maintain the decorum and dignity of the club.

4.No member shall manhandle, strike or abuse any employee of the club. Such an incident on the part of a member of or his family members shall render the member liable for penal action as decided by the Executive Committee.

5. Breakages or damage to club property caused accidentally by any member shall be charged on equal distribution basis to all at cost price, but willful breakage or damage to club properly by member(s) shall be charged for at four times the cost price and charged to the concerned member(s). The Executive Committee’s decision shall be final in this regard.




1.Games : The Executive Committeeshall fix the timings and fees leviable for indoor and outdoor games and or any other special activities including gym,etc., in the club.

2.Swimming : The Executive Committee shall fix the timings and fees leviable for swimming in the club. The swimming pool shall function only under the supervision of a life guard / swimming instructor.

3All other facilities are open to the members during the notified timings.




            General Manager / SECR shall be the Patron of the Club.

To effectively govern and execute the Club activities & Club administration the following officials & Committees of the Club shall play their role as below :-


(a)President : The president shall Chair & Preside over all General Body and Executive Committee meetings and regulate the proceedings thereof. The President shall be nominated by the Patron of the club.

(b)Vice President : In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall undertake

such duties as are normally performed by the President. The Vice President shall

be nominated by the General Body.


NOTE:-The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretary ( Two nos), Honorary Cultural Secretary, Honorary Sports Secretary, Honorary Catering Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be elected by the General Body. Willing candidates should file nominations for the election with the nominated Returning Officer. Normally a Returning Officer shall be nominated seven days in advance of the said elections in a GBM. The Ladies representative shall be co-opted by the GBM.


(c) Honorary Secretary :


The duties of the Hony. Secretary shall include :-

(i)All day to day business and necessary correspondence of the club shall be managed by the Hony. Secretary. He shall record the proceedings of the minutes of meetings of Committees and such sub-committees of which he may Chair and shall give effect to the decisions or orders of the Executive Committee. He shall be in-charge of all the records of the club and shall maintain them in such manner as to ensure continuity and easy reference by thePresident or any person(s) authorized by him.

(ii) He shall not incur any expenditure of non-recurring nature in excess of Rs. 50,000/- at atime without the sanction of the President. All expenses shall be covered by a proper voucher / bill duly attested by him.

(iii)He shall be in full charge of the club assets and employees and shall exercise general supervision over the businesses of the club.

(iv) He shall call meeting of the Executive Committee in consultation with the President/ Vice-President, as required and also the General Body Meeting in accordance with the bye-laws.

(v) He shall order supplies for the club as necessary and shell arrange to maintain current accounts of stock of consumables, materials, drinks, etc.

(vi)He shall in conjunction with the Hony. Treasurer, exercise scrutiny of the club expenses.
(vii)He shall carry out all the duties generally expected of the Secretary of the club.

(viii)He shall be responsible for discipline of club employees.

(ix)To enable him to perform the above mentioned duties, he will hold a cash imprest of an amountof Rs 10,000 oras decided by the Executive Committee.

(x)He shall perform any other duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

(d) Honorary Joint Secretary :

He shall exercise the role of Secretary in his absence and /or assist him in exercising his duties as listed above.


(e) Honorary Treasurer


(i)He shall maintain correct records of receipts and expenditure together with connected

vouchers and prepare an annual statement of receipts and expenditure of the club.

(ii)He shall ensure safecustody of all money paid to the club until they are transferredto the Bank.

(iii) He shall ensure to maintain the books of expenditure connected with the functions ofthe club.

(iv) He shall carry out the duties generally expected of the Treasurer of the club.

(v)Ensuring recovery of club membership from members and extra club

evening charges as well as extra item charges if any from the members.

(vi) He shall arrange for annual audit of the receipts & expenditure of the club

for the financial year.


(f) Honorary Cultural Secretary :


(i) He shall assist Honorary Secretary incoordinating and conducting all the cultural functions.

(ii)He shall organize to co-ordinate with the dance/ drama/ stage teachers for

the benefit of club members .

(iv) Organizing Movie Shows.

(v) Coordinating and arranging the audio system and/or lighting system during

cultural evenings.


(g) Honorary Sports Secretary :


(i)He shall look after the club sports facilities.

(ii) He shall assist in maintainingthem in good fettle.

(iii)He shallassist in organizing any repairs and maintenance to the sports assets.

(iv) He shall ensure proper recovery of the sports fees from the members.

(v)Organizing Sports meets.

(vi) Maintainingimprest of the sports consumables.


(h) Honorary Catering Secretary :


(i)He shall assist in organizingthe catering for the club members during any gathering/ function/club days.

(ii)He shall look after servicing of the catering during all club functions.

(iii) He shall also organize and run an in-house paid snacks service during the club

hours if possible.

(iv) He shall co-ordinate for catering arrangements and maintain proper accountal of the

expenditures of drinks or paid items and ensure recovery from the members.


(I)Ladies representative :


(i)She shall look after the interests of the ladies in the Club.

(ii)She shall also work and participate in managing committee to manage club affairs





(i)Executive Committee : The Executive Committee shall consist of the above club officials with co-opting DGM(G) & Secretary to GM as special invitees. This committee shall take decisions in important matters to be decided during a General Body Meeting and on other matters mentioned in the Bye-Laws of the club. The Executive Committee should meet bimonthlyand the records of such meetings minutes for ratification and implementation as the case may be.

(ii)Managing & Organizing Committees : The Managing & Organizing Committees shall manage the special functions of the club and take necessary decisions for conducting such affairs. The Members of these committee shall be nominated by the Executive Committee depending on the occasion and type of function.

(iii) Youth Parliament : It is essential to infuse youthful energy in the matters of the club to make the club attractive for the children of railway officers. This will also help to provide a learning platform to the youth in shouldering responsibilities. This bye-law provides for a Youth Parliament and opens this forum to all school going children of the club’s members. The Youth Parliament shall meet on a Sunday once in three months (quarterly) in the club premises.

The club shall arrange working lunch for the children free of charge in order to encourage participation of children. Programmes for the children should be decided by the said Parliament that may include: Fancy dress balls, December Queen contests, Debating & Elocution contests, Sports events, Quiz contests, Organizing party games, Children's Club Functions, Classes on general subjects, Summer and Winter Camps, Picnics, Trekking, etc. All functions of the youth shall be fully sponsored by the club. The Youth Parliament shall elect a core group of representatives among themselves to organize each event.




1.  These rules shall remain in force until the same is modified or deleted by a majority vote in an extra-ordinary GBM called for consideration of amendments with a quorum of at least 35 members present and voting. Not less than 7 days’ notice of such meeting shall be given and during that time, the original rules, together with the proposed alteration shall be pasted on the club Notice board for information of all members.

2.  The Hony. Secretaryshall havepowers to authorize expenditure up to Rs 50.000/

President shall have full powers to authorize expenditure up to Rs.100,000/-.Expenditure beyond Rs.100,000/- to Rs.500,000/- must be ratified by the Executive Committee. Expenditure beyond Rs.500,000/- must be ratified in an Extraordinary General Body Meeting .

3.  All expense vouchers must be signed by as mentioned in the duties of the officials above

or Hony. Secretary or a nominated member of the Executive Committee.

4.  All club notices and private notices of members intended for the notice board must be

sent to the Hony. Secretary before being pasted on the Notice Board. All notices shall be remain on the Notice Board for 10 days from the date of pasting.

5.  Any member who wishes to make a complaint or a suggestion may do so in writing

to the Hony. Secretary either directly or through the Club Manager/ Asst Club

Manager, who shall be available in the club during club hours.

6  If any question arises which is not provided for in the existing rules, the ruling of the

Executive Committee shall remain in force pending ratification at the next GeneralBody meeting.

7. A copy of these rules shall be furnished to each member of the club and the fact of a

    member joining the club shall presume acceptance of each and every of these rules as

    binding upon himself and his family members.

8. Display of Notices : All notices should be displayed on the club Notice Board. The

    Notice period required for the Annual General Body meeting or Extra-ordinary

    General Meeting shall be counted from the date the notice is put on the Notice Board.

    All Notices to be exhibited should be signed by the Hon. Secretary and in his absence, by a   
     Member of the Managing Committee.

9. Signing of Cheques : Cheques shall be signed on behalf of the club by any two of

     the following office bearers - The President, Hony. Secretary & Hony. Treasurer.

10. Disposal of scraps : The scrap materials of the Club shall be disposed off on a

      regular basis by a joint committee nominated by the Executive Committee.




1.  1. The Rules of the club are binding on all the Members and their families. The

    Executive Committee shall have the power to interpret any Rule. The rules framed or

    passed in the General Body meetings or Executive Committee meetings shall form a

   part of these above Club Bye-Laws provided that those do not contradict any section

   of the Constitution of the club nor infringe upon the rights of a member conferred by

   the Constitution.

2   2 .The Executive Committee reserves all rights over the governance of the club. The

   rulings of the Executive Committee shall prevail over rights of the members for all


(President )                                             (Vice President )                        (Honorary Secretary )

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 31-08-2015  

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