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ASafety point of view
1Unmanned level crossings areprone to accidents during course ofcrossing of the sameby public.In this process Engineering department has taken certain steps to prevent accidents at unmanned level crossings.
 a)In order to bring awareness among the road users ambush checks at unmanned level crossingsalong with State Government officials and errent road users are counselled and even peanalised.About 188 No. of ambush checks conducted where road users to the extent of 3630 Nos counselled.
 b) Posters are being used for education of people in and around the UMLCs
 c) Advertisement are given in local news papers for awareness of public.
 d) Conducting meetingsin the villageswhere it fallsin vicinity of Unmanned Level crossingto inculcate public about using of LCs.
 e) Posting of road counselors at unmanned LCs to caution public while approaching trains.
 f) Distribution of hand bills among road users.
2In this course during last 10 years 278 unmanned level crossings have been eliminated in the division.
3As on 01.04.2015 there are 81 Nos. unmanned level crossings still exists in the division elimination of the same are planned in phased manner.
During 2015-16 = 50 Nos.5 No. of UMLCs closed in NG section upto July-15.
During 2016-17 = 31 Nos.
4Internationllevel crossing awarness day conducted on 02.06.2014 to 06.06.2014.
5Safety drivestargetingManned and Unmanned LCsambush checks conducted.During the drive followingitems are covered.
a) Alertness of Gateman and their presence with hand signals.
b) Illumination of side lamps of MLCs.
c) Closure of gates and taking of signals in time.
d) Observations of speed limit by the pilot of trains in case of Engg. Restrictions are imposed.
e) Verification of proper equipment at Gates.
f)Safety chains, use of fog signalsandNVT of gate man.
g) Displaying of hand signalsby the gate man to an approaching train.
h) Check that rulesregarding working of MLC gatesboth interlocked and non interlocked in consonancewith g & SRs.
i) Availability of Gate counsellor at UMLC
j) ensuring adequate visibility for both train driver and road users at the LCs.
k) Observation of whistling habits of Crew.
l)Joint check with RPF /GRP and civil authorityapprehendingthe errantroad users under section of M.V.Act& Railway Act.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-09-2015