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Diesel Loco shed is located adjacent to RSD yard in Raipur. The foundation stone of the project for establishing the Diesel Loco Shed at Raipur with initial homing capacity of 60 locos was laid in February’93. The Initial cost of the project was 26.44 Crs. with the basic facilities, activities of maintenance Diesel Locos had commenced during year 1995 with 10 BG locos holding.

2.Salient Features of the Shed:

• Present Homing Capacity                    : 100 Locos

• Present Holding                                  : 216 Locos (Including 05 ZDM4A locos)

• Shed area covered                              : approx.1.5 lakh Sq. mtr

• Total Sanctioned Staff Strength          : 762

• Number of Pits available                     : 06 pits

• Total M&P available                            : 195 Item

• Number of Residential Units at Raipur: 142 numbers (100% occupied)

3.Mile Stone events:

• February 1992                 : Diesel Shed Project started for 60 Loco.

• May 1995                         : Become operational with 10BG loco.

• October 1996                  : First Yearly Schedule (WDM2).

• June 1999                        : First 3rd Yearly Schedule (WDM2). 

• Year 2000                        : Shed expansion to 100 loco sanctioned.

• September 2004             : First WDG3Aloco (13126) commissioned.

• March 2008                     : Loco holding reached to 100.

• September 2010             : First WDG4loco (12328) commissioned.

• November 2011              : First Yearly Schedule (WDG4).

• December 2013               : First WDP4Dloco (40162) commissioned.

4.Shed Expansion project:

Railway Board has sanctioned a work to augment the capacity of the shed to hold 100 locos at a cost 8.91Crs during 1999-2000 vide pink book item number 524 of 1999-2000. Under this project the covered area is further increased to 1098 sq.mtrs and Administrative building is extended by 305 Sq. mtrs. As a result of expansion two additional pits has been created and length of the existing pits has been increased from 37 meters to 55 meters.

5.Satellite Shed for Narrow Gauge loco:

Satellite shed for maintenance of Narrow Gauge loco is located near Kendri station. 05 numbers of ZDM4A locos are being maintained to meet the requirement of narrow gauge passenger services of Kendri-Dhamatari-Rajim-Kendri. The minor schedules of ZDM4A loco are carried out at this shed.22 staffs have been posted at this shed to carryout the maintenance activity for ZDM4A loco.  

6.Stores Organization:

Stores organization in Diesel Shed was started during the year 1995 and is functioning under Asst. Material Manager. The organization has one receipt ward and four issue wards for issue/receipts of the 1335 numbers of items. Lube oil stored in two oil tanks of 50 Kl capacity and issued to the user in two numbers of 50KL capacity tank.

8.Shed Holding:

















Presently Diesel Loco shed –Raipur is holding seven different types of BG Diesel Locomotives, which included the latest state of art technology of Microprocessor based control system locomotives. 

9. Integrated Management System:

IMS Certification has been awarded to diesel loco shed Raipur . IMS Certification includes the following.

  1. ISO 9001:2008 for Quality management system.
  2. ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System.
  3. OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Management system



Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-10-2018