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Following are the achievements of TRD Department:



ØEnergisation of 1 no. 25 KV/240V, 10KVA AT provided at PP yard Bhilai in Raipur Division.

ØEnergisation of 1 no. 25KV/240V,5 KVA AT provided at LC gate no.403 at km 800/22A(DN AT)

ØEnergisation of 02 No 25 KV/240V, 10KVA AT provided for giving power supply to IB signal between BYL-DGS section at loc 737/21(UP) & loc 737/20A (DN) .

ØEnergisation of SLH SSP in connection with 3rd line between BYT-URK section of Raipur Division over SECR.


ØEnergisation of Additional freight maintenance depot at Coal Empty Yard with three examination lines and one shunting neck of full length with tram-way OHE at PP yard Bhilai in Raipur division (8.687 TKM).

ØEnergisation of OHE of line no.7 (Loc. SLH/2034-2036 to VIIPL/14N)    1.19 TKM at SLH yard.

ØEnergisation of OHE of line no.1 (Loc. 804/15N-1 to 804/19N) 1.072 TKM at SLH yard.


Ø1016 nos jumpers connections checked by Thermal Imaging Camera.

ØAll turn outs 377 nos and Crossovers 240 nos have been checked by Rail Rod equipment.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-01-2015