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Performance highlights of January 2017.


ØDuring this month the division has booked 10 Coaches on FTR by surpassing the previous best of 08 Coaches achieved in Dec ’16. This is the highest ever booking of coaches on FTR so far.

Apart from the above, 14 Coaches Earmarked and 03 nos. Mukhyamantri Teerth Yatra Special and 01 no. Election Special were also booked by the division during Jan’17.

ØKeeping the importance of safety and repeated guidelines for better maintenance of assets, this month also greater focus was given on granting of maximum number of blocks.During Jan ’17, total 1101 hrs of traffic blocks were granted compared to last January’s 687 blocks i.e, 60% more, which is the2nd best during this year.The details are as under :-


Jan ‘17


Jan ‘16


% improvement





















Total =





ØDuring Jan ’17, total 40 N/BOX(E) rakes were despatched after examination from B.M.Y, which is highest ever so far. Apart from this, around 82 rakes comprising N/BOX(E), BCN (E), N/BOX(Ld) & BCN (Ld) were also examined at B.M.Y during Jan ’17.


ØOn 17.01.17, meeting with Secretary (Food & Civil Supplies)/C.G and FCI officials was held regarding food grains loading & availability of stock in the remaining period of current financial year.

ØDuring the month of Jan ’17, the overall revenue loading of Raipur division is 2.72 Million Tonnes against last year’s 3.07 Million Tonnes (i.e, -11.40%).In terms of EWW, it was 1316 (C.Y) against 1483 (L.Y) i.e, (-11.26%.).

ØDuring the month, Wagon Interchange is -5.07%(C.Y=11109, L.Y=11702) and Wagon turn round is -5.15%(C.Y=1.29, L.Y=1.36).Wagon turn round improved by 5% compared to last year.

ØDuring the month total 101 Long Hauls were formed (50 L.Hsat B.M.Y and 16 L.Hs at roadside.




Overall Coaching Punctuality

96 %

98 %

Mail/Express trains

93 %

97 %

Passenger trains

99 %

99 %


ØDuring the month the demand to allowed percentage of disconnection was 83.72%. (Total demands placed for 2199 nos. against which, 1841 nos. disconnections were allowed).Thus, for the last 6 months, above 80% disconnections could be allowed.




ØNew Traffic of BTPN loading from Lakholi started.On 24.01.17, one BTPN rake was loaded from Lakholi to Bishrampur, which fetched the division Rs.25,14,324/- as freight revenue.

ØNew Traffic of Kiln Waste was captured from Dagori since Dec ’16.During Jan ’17, 01 rake was loaded from DGS to BPSL.This earned the divison Rs.20, 07,318/-.

ØNew Traffic of wire rod despatches is continued.During the month 01 rake was despatched to HTPP. Thus, during this financial, up to Jan’17, total 06 rakes of wire rod were despatched.

ØNew traffic of clinker from ACC-Jamul sustained. Total 28 rakes of clinker were dispatched during the month.

ØDue to scarcity of BCN empties and to sustain loading, cement was loaded in N/Boxes from the following cement plants :-


(a)M/s. ACC JCW - 10 N/Box rakes,

(b)M/s.Century - 03 N/Box rakes,

(c)M/s. Ambuja - 01 mini + 10 rakes N/Box rakes.

(d)M/s. UTCL- 01 Mini + 05 N/Box rakes.

(e)M/s. UTCL-Rawan- 01 Mini + 06N/Box rakes



ØFrom Bhatapara Goods Shed, total 13 rakes of cement were despatched (M/s. Shree cement = 06 rakes and M/s. Emami Cement = 07 rakes), which together earned freight revenue of Rs.4,31,94,365/-.

ØUnder short rake permission total 06 rakes were loaded for Butibori from Bhilai Steel Plant.


ØDRUCC Meeting was organized on 27/01/2017.During the meeting all Rly. officers & DRUCC members were present.

ØPOS machines have been installed at Raipur, Durg, Bhatapara, Tilda, Bhilai Power House, Dhamtari stations over Raipur division.

ØApplication box for selection of Passenger Halt agent at Bhainsbodh New Passenger Halt on Durg - Dallirajhara Section was opened on 14/01/2017. Selection is under process with selection committee.

ØDuring the month (04) four Special Trains on FTR were booked with revenue of Rs. 1.97 Crore.

ØDuring the month 13GS, 04 ACCN coaches & 03 SLR on FTR was booked with additional revenue of Rs. 40.49 lakh has been collected accordingly.

ØRamp for Physically Disabled passengers has been provided at main concourse of Raipur station.

ØSurprise checks were conducted at WRS passenger Halt on 19/01/2017 & at Pantry Car of 12809 HWH-CSTM Mail on 20/01/2017.

ØRe-weighment of leased parcel by AGC of 12809 HWH – CSTM Mail was done on 30/01/2017 at Raipur station.

ØSurprise checks at Raipur Parcel office were conducted on 28/01/2017 & 29/01/2017.

ØSurprise check for Fish booking at Raipur Parcel office was conducted on 30/01/2017.

Ø15 days special drive to check against inflammable material being loaded and carried in SLRs & passenger coaches of running trains has been conducted from 27/01/2017 to 31/01/2017.

ØWeek long drive for significant improvement in passenger amenities in trains & stations were conducted on 30/01/2017 & 31/01/2017.


ØOverall mobility index of the division is 73.

ØUnmanned LC No. RV-19 at Km. 24/05-06 in between Mandir Hasoud - Lakholi stations inR-V section is closed by constructing LHS. Total 09 U/M LC closed till this month.

ØLaunching of LHS Boxes by Cut & Cover method at U/M LC No. RV-15 at Km. 20/07-08 in between Mandir hasoud – Lakholi stations in R-V section.


ØClosing of Br.No.5 by removing Girder at Km. 3/05-06 in R-V line.

Ø70.90 Tr. Km. dressing & boxing has been done. Total 373.01 Tkm. has been done till this month.

Ø651 mtr. Boundary wall has been constructed. Total 3026 mtr.constructed till this month against total target of 1000 mtr.

Ø03 Rain water harvesting system created at EMD Loco Shed, Raipur. Total 10 Nos. created till this month against total target of 07 Nos.

ØRenewal of 1 in 8.5 52 Kg. turnout in 1 in 8.5 60 Kg. layout at URK Yd. Pt. No. 61A, 61B, 62B & MNDH Yd. Pt. No. E/14W. 7.50 TTR has been done. Total 130 TTR done till this month against proportionate target of 115 TTR.

ØRenewal of Derailing Switch No. 27A alongwith worn out rail of curve at Km. 834/3B-18B at SZB East Yd. UP bye pass line.

ØSingle shot Thermit welding started 1ST time in division. 50 Jts. done by contractor & 26 Jts. by departmently in SSE/BMY section.

Ø22530 Nos. Plantation has been done during the month. Total 1,83,824 Nos. Plantation has been completed during this year against total target of 65,000.

ØDeep screening of 10 Nos. of points & Crossings has been done manually in NPI, SZB & BMY. Total Deep screening of 120 Pts. & Xing. has been done till this month against proportionate target of 120 Pts. & Xing.

ØDeep screening of 8.33 TKm has been done by BCM & 5.35 TKm Deep screening has been done manually. Total Deep screening of 95.09 TKm. has been done till this month against proportionate target of 93.75 TKm.

ØOverhauling of Level crossings 07 of BG section has been done. Total overhauling of 107 LCs has been done against total target of 52 LCs.

ØOverhauling of 7.61 TKm. & 2 Pts/Xing. has been done manually. Total OH 41.31 TKm. & 17 Pts/Xing. has been done till this month.

Ø04 Set modified SEJ has been renewed. Total 47 set has been renewed/inserted till this month.

Ø74 Qtrs. Leaky roofs repairs has been done. Total 505 units completed till this month.

Ø165 Nos. Over head tanks has been cleaned of BYT & WRS colony Raipur. Total 4743 Nos. has been cleaned till this month.

Ø7,02,188 sqmtr. vegetation & Jungle cleaning has been done. Total 45,06,974 sqmtr. has been done till this month.

Ø220 mtr. drains repaired/improved in DRZ, RVH & WRS colony. Total 7077 mtr. repaired/improved till this month.

Ø601.48 MT scrap has been offered during month. Total 5400 MT scrap offered till this month against proportionate target of 5802 MT.

Ø0.306 Tkm. corroded/wheel burnt rail renewed. Total 3.577 TKm. has been renewed till this month.

Ø11 Nos. outstanding final bills & 05 Nos. live contracts bills has been cleared. Total 86 final bills & 86 Nos. live contracts bills cleared till this month against proportionate target of 83 & 67 Nos.

Ø03 Nos. Safety seminar has been conducted at R, BIA & MNDH on Winter Precautions & Safety precautions in track. Total 18 Nos. Safety seminars conducted against proportionate target of 17 Nos.

ØVisual examination of 454 Nos. of fish plated joints on bridge & Yards have been done to avoid rail fracture on rail joints. Total 4136 Nos. FP Jts. have been examined till this month.

ØVisual examination of 622 Nos. defective/protected welding joint has been done. Total 6003 Nos. ATW have been examined till this month.

Ø07 IMR(Rail), 03 DFWR, 65 DFWO, 49 OBS Rail & 216 OBS Weld have been removed.

Ø1.85 TKm. painting of rails & 566 Nos. weld collar painting has been done. Total 10.92 TKm. & 7570 Welds painting has been done till this month.

Ø41.60 TKm. greasing of ERC has been done. Total 379.24 TKm. greasing has been done till this month against proportionate target of 367 TKm.

Ø2705 Nos. U/S broken PSC ordinary Sleepers & 05 Nos. Xing Sleepers has been renewed in BSP-DUG section. Total 6680 Nos. PSC & 261 Nos. Xing sleepers has been renewed till this month.

Ø14.75 TKm. Toe load measurement has been done. Total 86.45 TKm. toe load measurement has been completed till this month against proportionate target of 91.67 TKm.

Ø7.00 TKm. TFR has been done. Total 80.35 TKm. TFR has been completed till this month against proportionate target of 81.67 TKm.

Ø6.30 TKm. Distressing has been done. Total 54.87 TKm. Distressing done till this month to restrict rail fractures & weld failures.

Ø662 AT Welds (50% GMT carried & New welds USFD not done) has been protected with joggled fish plates.

ØReconditioning of MCI inserts of PSC Sleepers has been done at BYT & TLD unit to restrict falling/removing ERC.

ØRenewal of 45 jammed/broken/rusted slide chairs & plate screws of Pts & Xings in BYT unit by Oxy-Acetylene gas & arc welding system. Total 278 Nos. slide chairs & plate screws renewed till this month.

ØRenewal of 105 jammed/broken ERC of Pts & Xings in R yard in Pt. No. 37B, 35A, 35B & 40B by Oxy-Acetylene gas & arc welding system. Total 1200 ERCs renewed till this month.

Ø65 Nos. Worn out Switches, 44 Nos. CMS Xings & Nil SEJ are reconditioned & are being used again. Total 183 Switches, 274 Xings & 25 SEJs has been reconditioned till this month.

ØS/H 3000 Nos 60/52 Kg. Combination liners at BIA unit for TSR (P) work & 6000 Nos GRSP 60 Kg. reused at BMY Yard for TRR(S) work.


Øइस माह मालगाड़ी लोको का निष्‍पादन 161.30 है जो कि रेलवे बोर्ड द्वारा निर्धारित लक्ष्‍य 155.0 से 4.06 % अधिक है ।

Øइस माह कोचिंगलोको का निष्‍पादन 35.14 है जो कि रेलवे बोर्ड द्वारा निर्धारित लक्ष्‍य 34 लोको से 3.35% अधिक है ।

Øइस माह कुल 10 लोको कामेजर शेड्यूल (ए.ओ.एच./एम.ओ.एच./आई.ओ.एच./पी.ओ.एच.) निरीक्षण किया गया

Øइस माह कुल 119 लोको का माइनरशेड्यूल (आई.ए./आई.बी./आई.सी. एवं आई.टी.) निरीक्षण किया गया ।

Øइस माह लोको संख्‍या 31715 (डब्‍ल्‍यू ए.जी.-9) को कमीशन कर यातायात में सम्‍मिलित किया गया ।

Øइस माह आर.डी.एस.ओ. मॉडीफिकेशन संख्या RDSO/EL/0442 Rev0 के तहत कुल 07 लोको में एल.एस.जी.आर. आर. मॉडीफिकेशन किया गया । इस प्रकार कुल 107 लोको में यह मॉडीफिकेशन किया जा चुका है ।

Øइस माह तीन फेज लोको में ऑक्‍जलरी कनवर्टर बी.यू.आर.-3/बी.ओ.एक्‍स.-2)में लगे हुये एम.सी.बी.-100 (सर्किट ब्रेकर बैटरी चार्जर) का माउटिंग व्‍यवस्‍थामॉडिफिकेशन संख्या : RDSO/2015/EL/MS/0367 Rev’0’ के अनुसार 05 लोको में किया गया । अभी तक कुल 69 लोको में यह मॉडीफिकेशन किया जा चुका है ।

Øइस माह आर.डी.एस.ओ. एस.एम.आई. संख्या ELRS/SMI/0234 (REV.0) के तहत कुल 01 लोको में 1000 एम्पियर क्षमता वालेसी.टी.एफ.- 1, 2 अपग्रेड करके 1500 एम्पियर क्षमता वाले में परिवर्तित किया गया ।

Øइस माह लोको संख्‍या 24563 एवं 24567 में J2 को परिवर्तित किया गया कैम टाइप रिवर्सर के स्‍थान पर ड्रम टाइप रिवर्सर लगाया गया ।

Øइस माह 21.40 मैट्रिक टन लौह (Ferrous), 01.58 मैट्रिक टन अलौह (Non-Ferrous) सामग्री एवं 118 बैटरी स्‍क्रैप करके सामान्‍य भंडार डिपो रायपुर के सुपुर्द किया गया ।




Ø466 Nos 28 W T-5 indoor Fittings replaced by 20W LED Fittings (Durg-459+KMI-7).

Ø16 Nos 400W MH fittings replaced by LED fittings in High mast at Durg circulating area (120LED-13 Nos&200W-03 nos).

ØAt Durg station -Concourse area-90W-08 nos &120W LED-04nos and PF – 120W-15 Nos LED provided.

Ø12 Nos 20W LED Tube light fittings provided at all FOB/R by AT supply (Emergency) including cabling work.

Ø05 nos 180 W LED Fittings provided for illumination of Escalator and new Gudiyari end /Raipur.

ØL/C Gate No.-RV-9 & Gate No. 16 have been electrified.

ØNew CSEB connection has been taken and 2.5 Km new OH line drawn in Kendri station.

Ø200Meter defective cable replaced departmentally at BYL&BMY settlement.

Ø50 nos. unauthorized connections removed from WRS &BMY Railway colonies.


Ø1 in 8½ OHE cross over converted into 1 in12 by providing 01 no TTC, 01 no DA and03 nos cantilevers at BYT/Eastof Pt. no. 40 A&B.

Ø01 no.cross type turnout converted into overlap type turnout at BYT/East at pt. no.40A.

Ø01 no. critical Implantation mast removed by OHE transfer to new mast at 764/14N.




Øट्रेन परिचालन हेतु चालकदल की समुचित उपलब्ध्ता सुनिश्चित करने तथा चलकर्मियों के कार्य के घंटो की सतत निगरानी से रायपुर मंडल के विद्युत चालकदल के द्वारा अर्जित ऑवरटाईम घंटे, गत वर्ष के समानांतर अवधी के दो स्पैलों के 17570 घंटो की तुलना मे जनवरी-17 मे 5545 घंटा हो गए। विद्युत चालकदल के द्वारा अर्जित ऑवरटाईम घंटो मे 12025 घंटो की कमी आई।

Øजनवरी-17 मे रायपुर मंडल के मेंटेनेंस पॉईंटो मे 34 विफल लोकोमोटिव को सुधार कर परिचालन योग्य बनाया गया। जनवरी-16 की तुलना में जनवरी-17 मे 54.55 प्रतिशत अधिक विफल विद्युत लोकोमोटिव को इन मेंटेनेंस पॉईंटो मे परिचालन योग्य बनाया गया।

Øहसदेव क्रैक परिचालन हेतु बीएमवाई-कोरबा खंड के एलआर वाले विद्युत चालकदल की समुचित उपलब्धता सुनिश्चित की गई जिससे कि जनवरी-17 मे 79 हसदेव क्रैक का परिचालन किया जा सका । साथ ही 38 कोसा क्रैक परिचालन हेतु विद्युत चालकदल भी उपलब्द्धकराए गए।



ØModification of the existing E/Cabin (BMY) panel has been done in connection with provision of signalling routes for reception of UP train from A/Cabin to Line No. 1 to 5 of E/Cabin and commissioned on 22.01.2017.

ØTwins Sliding barrier gate has been commissioned at LC Gate No. 414 (URK/E) at Km No. 823/7-9 on 26.01.17.

ØSliding barrier gate has been commissioned at LC Gate No 392 between HN-TLD at Km No. 782/1-3 on 20.01.17.

ØSliding barrier gate has been commissioned at LC Gate No. 378 between NPI-DGS at Km No. 749/13-15 on 08.01.17.

ØWorn out mechanical lifting barrier has been replaced by electric lifting Barrier and commissioned on 14.01.17 of LC Gate no. 383 at Km No. 763/17-19 between BYT-NPI.

ØSafety integrity test has been done at E/Cabin from 20 to 22.01.2017.

ØLocking modification of Slot has been done at J/Cabin in connection with provision of signalling routes for reception of UP train from A/Cabin to Line No. 1 to 5 of E/Cabin.

ØTLBI replacement work has been done at KMI between KMI- SZB and BIA-JCW at BIA and DLBI has been replaced at A/Cabin between A/Cabin – D/Cabin DN Line.

ØOld Statcon 2000 version IPS of LBO has been replaced by Amara Raja 2012 version on 12.01.2017.

ØJoint inspection of Point & Crossings with PWI has been done at BKTH/E (26.01.17), BKTH/W (27.01.17), DPH (16.01.17), NPI (20/21.01.2017), URK (17/19.01.17), LAE (22.01.17), BQR (20.01.2017), C/Cabin (17.01.17), G/Cabin (17.01.17), MXA (07/10/20.01.17), KYS (17.01.17), CEW (18.01.17), CEE (19.01.17) and I/Cabin (28.01.2017.).

ØTotal 09 Nos Supervisor and 26 Nos Artisans are attended the safety seminar at SSE/Sig/R Office on “Awareness about the safety” topic on 25.01.2017 conducted by Dy .CSTE/SIG/BSP.

ØDirective maintenance has been done at DLBS and RSD.

ØTotal 28 Nos. glued joints have been replaced at C/Cabin (01 No), G/Cabin (01 No), KMI (03 Nos), A/Cabin (02 Nos), KYS (01 No), RSA (03 Nos), BQR (02 No) and Durg (01), DPH (02 Nos), BYT/W (03 Nos), NPI (02 Nos), DGS (05 Nos), DPH (02 Nos).

ØSSDAC modem card has been replaced at GDZ in between GDZ-RSA andSSDAC web detector with HDPE pipe has been replaced at DLBS between DLBS-BQR UP Line and DLBS-MXA branch line).

Ø1800 Hz TLBI transmitter has been replaced at KYS between KYS-BXA and LBO between LBO-BXA.

ØPoint JB replacement work with multi strand wiring has been done at BQR (Pt. 41B).

ØReconditioning & Grinding work of points has been done at G/Cabin (Pt 106B & 107B).

ØCable meggering has been done at CLE.

ØLC gate lock magnet with lock angle has been replaced at Urla Gate 03 Nos), NN Gate (01 Nos of ‘B’ Boom).

ØTotal 30 Nos Modified Integrated LED has been provided at Durg (Red-10, Yellow 13 Nos & Green 07 Nos).

ØTongue Rail & Stock Rail replacement work has been done at URK (Pt. No. 62B RHS), P/Cabin (Pt. 101A RHS) and Durg (Pt 83A RHS).

ØTotal 36 Nos Motor point insulation replacement work has been done at NPI (14 Nos) and DPH (22 Nos).

ØTotal 33 Nos TLJB has been replaced at H/Cabin (01 No), A/Cabin (02 Nos), FMY (03 Nos), MXA (01 No), SM-IV (10 Nos), BYT/W (01 No), BYT/W (03 Nos), DGS (10 Nos), BYL (02 No).

ØTotal 15 Point Machines have been replaced with Ground Connection at Raipur/West (Pt. 38B) and 31A), Durg (Pt No. 58B), D/Cabin (07 Nos Pt. 36A, 36B, 37B, 38A, 38B, 39 & 40); KMI (Pt. 34B); BQR (Pt 43A), BIA (03 No of Pt. 45A, 50 D/S & 48A).

ØRRI Siemens Signal group relay has been replaced with LED ECR (20 Nos of 2 Aspect-6, 3 Aspect -8 and SH Signal -6).

ØTotal 25 Nos MS Pin of Ground connection has been replaced at DPH (28) to arrest the slackness.

ØNew 2mbps railway connectivity has been commissioned between BMY-BIA & BPHB to TLD on 09.01.2017 &26.01.2017.

ØNew 48V Battery (Electrical Industries) Charger has been installed at BYT, BQR, MXA, BXA & DRZ OFC Room.


Ø66.11% diesel crew completed their trip within 10 hours (Sign ON to Sign OFF) 98.35 % of the wheel movement is within 10 hrs.

ØPPYD/BIA has given an outturn of 646 ROH against the monthly target of 635 wagons.

ØThe average wagon ineffective percentage for the current month is 0.9 % against the target of 0.86% per month.

Ø646 wagons (484 - BOXN, 71- BRN, 25– BOBSN, 63- BOST, 03-BFNS) were given ROH.

Ø306 wagons attended for heavy repairs (unloadable) requiring more than 100 man-hour during the month.

Ø1932 sick wagons repaired in the sick lines and wagon repair depots of this division.

ØIn PPYD/BIA, total 149 BOX ‘N’ CC rakes were attended for PME with an average timing of 2:52 hrs, 02 BOX ‘N’ rakes were attended for BPC Revalidation examination with an average timing of 02:55 hrs, 93 Premium end-to-end rakes are formed with an average timing of 03:02 hrs.

ØIn Exch.YD/BIA, total 125 rakes were attended for Intensive examination with average timing of 02:28 hrs and 96 rakes were attended for Safe to run examination with an average timing of01:00 hrs.

ØIn Reception Yard, 38 Premium end to end rakes were formed with an average timing of 02:46 hrs and 29 rakes were attended for BPC Revalidation with an average timing of 02:34 hrs.

ØIn DRZ, total 12 BOBSNM1 rakes were attended for PME with an average timing of 2:32 hrs.

Ø39 BOXN wagons have been rehabilitated this month and 269 wagons rehabilitated till Jan-17.

ØTotal 587 rakes examined in Raipur division this month.

ØAs a part of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), the intensive cleaning has been carried out in 120 nos. of coaches of Durg based primary rake at coaching depot Durg in this month.


ØRs. 13, 95,538/- have been collected from M/s ACC Limited, Jamul towards hiring charges of one WDG4 locomotive during this month.

ØDisaster Management Grid /BMY certified as ISO 9001-2015 on 18-01-2017.

ØFamily interaction with running staff was organized at Sanskritik Bhawan/BMY on 12.01.2017 in which 27 staff were participated and discussed regarding prevention of SPAD.

ØROH depot/PPYD, has given an outturn of 1193 (646 ROH + 448 Sick repair + 99 unloadable) wagons.





ØThe loco availability for the month of January’2017 is as below :-





Percentage improvement over the target






























ØThe locomotive No.12395 and 12649 have been equipped with DPCS system, same was commissioned and tested in DRZ-MXA section on 10.01.2017 with 52 BOBSN wagons. The field trial of DPCS system was successfully done along with OEM & RDSO.

ØWinter checks have been organized from 16.11.2016 all locomotives touching the shed are attended for winter check. During the month 61 locos have been checked for these checks, and total of 174 locos covered and one time drive completed.

ØAs advised by HQ a special safety drive has been launched. In this drive under gear component, VCD, Head Lights etc. are being checked. During the month 150 locos have checked under this drive. And this drive is under continuation.

ØDuring the month training on DPCS system was organized for running and maintenance staff’s. 39 maintenance staff and 43 Running staff attended the training.

ØDuring the month 5 yearly & 01 three yearly schedules of HHP loco, and 01 yearly & 01 third yearly schedules of ALCO loco schedules have been done.

ØDuring the month HSD oil average shed consumption of 64050 has been achieved which is 267 liters/month/loco.Cumulative average shed consumption for the year is 291 liters/month/loco which was 301 liters/month/loco for the corresponding period of last year.



ØRMC is 2.08 % & IOD 0.12 % of the total employees of Division. MDL is 1.57 % on RMC and 0.18% on IOD is within the prescribed limit of 2%.

ØDuring the month, there is an increase of 4.72% in the nos. of patients in OPD, an increase of 4.93 % in the nos. of investigations done in house, an increase of 90% in the nos. of Major operations, an increase of 33.33% in the nos. of Drug sample analysis, an increase of 12.12% in the nos. of Water sample Bacteriological analysis, and an increase of 90.47% in the nos. of medical examination of Candidates.

Ø25 Cataract operations with IOL have been conducted.

ØMPHD Under a health check-up camp was held by DRH/R on 11th January 2017, at Tilda, total 48 Railway beneficiaries were examined in this drive.



* * * * *

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 16-02-2017  

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