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Performance highlights of July 2017.


1.New traffic of iron ore pellets was captured from M/s. Bajrang Ispat & Power Ltd – Baikunth.One rake was loaded from this siding during this month.

2.Non-Programmed coal loading recovered after a long time.During this month, total 17 nos. of rakes were loaded.

3.Due to wash out of Dn line of bridge No.588 between SPRD-THV stations ofRGDA-TIG section on 16.07.17,traffic was severely impaired. Taking this opportunity, the division mobilized all manpower & machine to clear backlog of maintenance of this section. During the period of 2 weeks, the division could achieve:-



From 17.07.17 to 31.07.17


2016-17 (Apr-Mar)

Track maintenance (Non-machine)

44:30 hrs

08:25 hrs

202:00 hrs

All machines output

66:25 hrs



BCM Machine

55:40 hrs



·Thus, the backlog of tamping could be completely liquidated with total 66.54 kms of tamping done.

·Ballast cleaning of 6.35 kms could be completed and work is still on. It is expected to liquidate the total backlog of less than 1 km shortly.

·UNIMAT machine was not available during the period.Therefore, the point tamping remained unattended.

4.From RSD, 01 rake of steel was dispatched to GZB during this month.

5.On 19.07.17, connectivity of RSD Yard & WDG-4 Loco Shed was commissioned.

6.During the month, lever frame overhauling of ‘I’ cabin, ‘F’ cabin & ‘J’ cabin was done by undertaking NI of 3 days, 1 day & 2 days respectively.

7.On 22.07.17, C.S.R. Meeting was held with siding owners of Raipur division.During this meeting, various works that can be taken up under C.S.R were elaborated and commitments obtained from all the present.

8.On 07.07.17, a Co-ordination meeting was held with M/s. IOTL/Lakholi to discussloading plan, on-going works related to Phase-II and e-payment issues.

9.Co-ordination meetings were held with M/s. Century Cementon 11.07.17,with M/s. UTCL & MGCH on 12.07.17 and with M/s. Bhilai Steel Plant on 18.07.17 respectively.


10.During the month, the overall revenue loading of Raipur division is 3.04 Million Tonnes against 2.66 Million Tonnes of July ‘16 (i.e, 14.29% more than last year).Against the month’s target 2.75 M.T,it was 10.47% higher.

11.In terms of EWW, it is 12.45% over L.Y and 6.79% more than month’s target.

12.Growthhas been achieved in :-


% increase







Iron Ore








Food Grains

25.00 %




13.Rail co-efficient of cementfor the month of July



UTCL – Hirmi

MGCH – Rawan























14.During the month the wagon interchange was 11164 compared to last year’s 10437 i.e, 6.97% more.

15.N/Rake loading increased by 11.24% and Jumbo rake loading by 4.79%.

16.Maintenance Blocks: - During the month, the division could avail 23.53% more blocks compared to corresponding period of last year. The details are as under:-


Availed (July ’17)

Availed (July ’16)

% Improvement

















Total =



21.34 %


17.There is an improvement in non-programmed coal loading.During this month, 17 rakes were loaded against last June’s 11 rakes.

18.Maintenace Blocks: - During the month, the division could avail 23.53% more blocks compared to corresponding period of last year.





Overall Coaching Punctuality



Mail/Express trains



Passenger trains

100 %

99 %


  • 100% Coaching punctuality: - Achieved for 07 days (i.e on on 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 18th & 25th July ’17).


  • FTR & Earmarking :- 02 nos


  • Mukhyamantri Teerth Darshan special train :- 01 no.



20.During the month the demand to allowed percentage of disconnections was 84.2% (Total demanded 2174 nos. & allowed 1831 nos.)


21.Tender Notice for parcel leasing of 38 SLR spaces of non leased originating trains of Raipur division has been floated on 03/07/2017; the last date for submission of tender is fixed on 04/08/2017. Through marketing efforts, four agencies/transporters have applied for registration of lease holder with Raipur division to participate in leasing tender.

22.R.O. water vending machine has been commissioned on PF No. 1 & 2 at Raipur station.

23.Special drive to check unauthorized venders has been conducted at Raipur station from 01/07/2017 to 31/07/2017.

24.Fifteen days ACP drive has been carried out to identify the location of ACP.

25.Ten days drive against unauthorized vending has been carried out at all important Stations & in trains from 18/07/2017 to 28/07/2017.








26.Overall mobility index of the division is 103.

27.Due to washout of Bridge in Sambalpur division, traffic in R-LAE section got affected. Special efforts have been made with round the clock working of m/c & manpower and the works related to restoration of track have been completed in 10 days.

28.MFBWP has been started 1st time in Raipur division. During the month 1.40 TKm TWR has been done in DN line DPH-BYL section & Total 165 defective welds have been removed.

29.5000 Nos. of seeds of different plants are sown at vacant Railway land in WRS.

30.106 Nos. PVC tanks have been provided in staff quarters at Engg. colony Raipur.

31.31 Nos. Septic tanks have been constructed in staff quarters at RVH colony Raipur.

32.300 mtr. chain link fencing has been completed during month. Total 1700 mtr. has been completed at RVH colony, Raipur.

33.200 mtr. boundary wall constructed under integrated security system at Raipur station & 200 mtr. at BMY along the NH. Total 1550 mtr. constructed upto month against proportanate target of 867 mtr.

34.09 Nos. damaged AC sheet of BOBY II Shop, WRS has been replaced with galvanized sheet. Total 30 Nos. replaced by taking extra safety measures.

35.37.45 TKm. dressing & boxing has been done.

36.5.97 Tkm. CTR has been done.

37.Deep screening of 12.50 TKm has been done by BCM.

38.Shoulder screening of 20.61 TKm has been done by FRM.

39.01 T/O (1in8.5) TTR at BMY has been done manually.

40.Overhauling of Level crossings 08 of BG & 03 of NG section has been done. Total overhauling of 45 LCs has been done up to month against proportanate target of 19 LCs.

41.Overhauling of 3.642 TKm has been done manually.

42.125 Nos. Over head tanks have been cleaned of BYT, TLD, DUG, DRZ & WRS colony Raipur.

43.67 Qtrs. Leaky roofs repairs have been done.

44.20 Qtrs. Identified based on survey have been repaired during month.

45.9,99,000 sqmtr. Vegetation & Jungle cleaning has been done at BYT, TLD, DUG, BMY, ENGG, RVH & WRS colony.

46.Drains in whole yard of BMY is made effective hence no repercussion to signal failure has been occurred.

47.770 mtr. drains repaired/improved in DPH, MDH, BXA & BMY Yards and 522 mtr. at BYT, MXA, RVH, LOCO, ENGG & WRS colony as a Monsoon precautions.

48.0.051 Tkm. corroded/wheel burnt rail renewed.

49.Single shot welding 100 Nos. by Contractor & 16 Nos. by Departmently has been done at BMY.

50.16 Nos. outstanding final bills & 23 Nos. live contracts bills has been cleared.

51.05 Nos. CR (Completion Report) has been drawn this month.

52.Visual examination of 224 Nos. of fish plated joints on bridge & Yards have been done to avoid rail fracture on rail joints.

53.Visual examination of 1144 Nos. defective/protected welding joint has been done.

54.02 IMR Rail, 25 DFWR, 57 DFWO, 17 OBS Rail & 323 OBS Weld have been removed.

55.21 Nos. of Night inspections have been done by Engineering officers.

56.52 Nos. of Night inspections have been done by P. Way Engineers.

57.56 Nos. G/J renewals to avoid track circuit failure in main line & branch line.

58.Gapless of 20 CMS Crossings has been done.

59.Tongue rail joint welded 05 Nos. for elimination of F/P joint at DUG, MNDH & LAE Yard.

60.610 Nos. weld collar painting has been done.

61.19.49 TKm. greasing of ERC has been done.

62.Total 328 Nos. U/S broken PSC ordinary, 02 set Pts/Xing & 96 Nos. U/S broken Xing sleepers has been renewed during month.

63.3.90 TKm. TFR has been done.

64.456 AT Welds (50% GMT carried & New welds USFD not done) has been protected with joggled fish plates.

65.Removal of 05 Nos. Dummy Glued joints from R-URK & R-SZB section.

66.100 Nos. trolley refuges has been constructed in between R-LAE section.

67.Renewal of 78 jammed/broken/rusted slide chairs & plate screws of Pts & Xings in SZB & DPH Yd. by Oxy-Acetylene gas & arc welding system.

68.24 Nos. Worn out Switches, 39 Nos. CMS Xings & 04 SEJs are reconditioned & are being reused again.

69.S/H 30000 Nos liners & 15000 Nos GRSP 60 Kg. reused at BMY & RSD Yard for TRR(S) work.

70.5500 mtr. S/H 60 Kg rail delivered to ECoR from BYT unit.



71.इस माह मालगाड़ी लोको का निष्‍पादन 184.73 है जो कि रेलवे बोर्ड द्वारा निर्धारित लक्ष्‍य 175.00 से 05.56% अधिक है ।

72.इस माह कुल 07 लोको का मेजर शेड्यूल (ए.ओ.एच./एम.ओ.एच./आई.ओ.एच./पी.ओ.एच.) निरीक्षण किया गया

73.इस माह कुल 108 लोको का माइनर शेड्यूल (आई.ए./आई.बी./आई.सी. एवं आई.टी.) निरीक्षण किया गया ।

74.इस माह लोको संख्‍या 31916 (डब्‍ल्‍यू ए.जी.-9) को कमीशन कर यातायात में सम्‍मिलित किया गया ।

75.इस माह आर.डी.एस.ओ. मॉडीफिकेशन संख्या RDSO/EL/0428 Rev0 एफ.बी. क्‍युबिकल पैनल अर्थ फाल्‍ट रिले का स्‍थानांतरण कुल 02 लोको 31400 एवं 31581 मे किया गया । इस प्रकार कुल 11 लोको में यह मॉडीफिकेशन पूरा किया गया ।

76.इस माह RAP के अंतर्गत लोको संख्‍या 24562 मे J2 को कैम टाइप से ड्रम टाइप मे कन्‍वर्ट किया गया ।

77.इस माह लोको संख्‍या 28229 मे RSI-2 को 3 ब्रिज काम्‍पैक्‍ट रेक्‍टीफायर से 4 ब्रिज काम्‍पैक्‍ट रेक्‍टीफायर में कन्‍वर्ट किया गया ।

78.इस माह लोको संख्‍या 30485 एवं 30387 में ड्रायवर डेस्‍क के ‘A’ पैनल में VCD एक्‍नॅालेजमेंट हेतु ‘BPVG’ लगायागया ।

79.इस माह67.61 मैट्रिक टन लौह (Ferrous), एवं 0.69 मैट्रिक टन अलौह (Non-Ferrous) सामग्री स्‍क्रैप करके सामान्‍य भंडार डिपो रायपुर के सुपुर्द किया गया ।




80.New Platform shelter at Sarona station has been electrified and provided fans and lights.(04 nos fan and 08 no T-5Fitting).

81.Rewiring at 03 Type-I Quarters has been done at BMY.

82.14HP Compressor commissioned at Coaching Depot by providing Cable and laying work.

83.15 nos. 9 W LED lamps were replaced in place of 20WCFL. in BYT settlement.

84.05 nos. of 250W MH Fittings were replaced by 200W LED provided in Portal lightat Coaching Depot/Durg & 05 nos. of 150W MH Fittingswere replaced byOne 25W LED and 04 nos. of 40 W LEDat pooling point /Durg.

85.39 nos, 250W MH Fittings replaced by 10nos 200W, 23 Nos 100W& 6 nos 90W LED at BMY settlement.

86.05nos. of conventional regulator were replaced by Electronics regulator in staff quarters.

87.32 Nos old 40W (T-12) TFL replaced by 1x28W (T-5) TFL fittings in service building over Raipur division.

88.800Meter defective cable replaced departmentally at BMY settlement.

89.50 nos. unauthorized connections were removed from WRS Railway colonies.




90.03 nos. Critical implantation locations removed at 784/27, 786/1, DURG/1009.

91.Stagger adjustments done at 8 locations which were noticed in Oliver G checking.

92.90 nos Worn out dropper replaced. (25.32 TKM).

93.POH of Regulating equipment done- 10 nos.

94.PTFE Neutral section checked at 836/26 = 1 no.

95.Bad batch insulator Replaced - 13 nos ( Stay = 5 nos , Bracket= 7 nos and9Ton=1 no.)

96.Isolators checked and cleaned = 11 Nos.

97.64 nos X-Jumpers and 251 nos other jumpers checked.

98.Thermal imaging camera checking done 450 nodes.(Cum -5163 nodes checked, 5163 nodes analysed, 57 nodes defective , 36 nodes attended and remaining 20 nodes to be attended.

99.925 nos tree branches were trimmed.

100.168 nos bird nests were removed.

101.15 nos X-bonds, 98 nos structure bonds & 12 nos continuity bonds provided.

102.60 nos Cross Over checked by Rail rod equipment.

103.79 nos RRA clamps checked during IOH/POH.

104.Nitrogen gas filling done in 40 Nos BMs of BHEL make to avoid failure due to ingress of moisture.

105.BYL/SSP Old battery set was replaced by new 40 Ah 110 V set.



106.जुलाई-17 मे 138.13 चालकदल प्रतिदिन के औसत से 4282 ट्रेन ऑर्डरिंग हेतु विद्युत चालकदल प्रदान किए गए। जुलाई -16 मे 126.06चालकदल प्रतिदिन के औसत से 3908 ट्रेन ऑर्डरिंग हेतु विद्युत चालकदल प्रदान किए गए थे अर्थात जुलाई-17 मे प्रतिदिन औसतन 12.07 अधिक विद्युत चालकदल प्रदान किए गए अर्थात 09.57 % की बढौतरी हुई।

107.जुलाई -17 मे रायपुर मंडल के मेंटेनेंस पॉईंटो मे 34 विफल लोकोमोटिव को सुधार कर परिचालन योग्य बनाया गया। जुलाई-16 की तुलना में जुलाई – 17मे 17.24 प्रतिशत अधिक विफल विद्युत लोकोमोटिव को इन मेंटेनेंस पॉईंटो मे परिचालन योग्य बनाया गया।



108.Signaling arrangement for WDG-4 Diesel Loco shed at RSD has been commissioned on 19.07.17 by modifying existing RRI.

109.Sliding barrier has been commissioned at LC Gate No. 436 at Km-844/20-22 on 16.06.17, LC Gate No. 385 at Km 766/13-15 on 31.07.2017 and LC Gate No. 391 at Km 780/15-17 on 23.07.17.

110.Removal of EKT/RKT from ELBs has been done and commissioned LC Gate No. 385 at Km 766/13-15 on 31.07.2017 and LC Gate No. 391 at Km 780/15-17 on 23.07.17.

111.Stand by SSDAC CEL Make has been commissioned between MXA-RSA on OFC on 13.07.2017 and MXA-DLBS on 24.07.2017.

112.Safety integrity test has been done at RVH and correspondence test has been done at RSD station on 20.07.17 and 22.07.17 to 31.07.17 respectively.

113.Lever Frame overhauling work has been done at F/Cabin on 13.07.17, J/Cabin on 21&22.07.17 and I/Cabin on 28, 29 & 30.07.17.

114.Total 03 Nos of Token Less Block Instrument (TLBI) has been replaced/overhauled at both BKTH East and West on 16.07.17 and BYL-DGS at BYL on 23.07.17.

115.Directive maintenance has been done at BYT (W), DURG & GDZ.

116.Total 27 Nos. glued joints have been replaced at C/Cabin (01), BIA (01), BQR (02), DURG ((01), P/Cabin (04), DPH (07), HN (02), NPI (01), BYT/W (03), BYT/E (03) and DGS (02).

117.Total 07 nos. Motor Point machine with connection has been replacement at HN (52A), BIA (Pt. No. 46B, 41B),OLY (pt.55A) ,BKTH(pt.32B) and SLH (Pt. 51A & 50).

118.RKT has been replaced at H/Cabin (CH-2), A/Cabin (04 Nos), SP Gate (01 No).

119.RED LED has been replaced at KMI (01 No of S-13), DD-40 (02 Nos of Road Signal).

120.Green LED ECR has been replaced at KMI (01 No of UP Dist SZB-KMI), D/Cabin (03 Nos of S-16, S-26 & 28) and BQR (01 No of DN IB S-30).

121.Yellow LED has been replaced at KMI (01 No of S-13), GDZ (01 No of DN Dist) and BIA (01 No of GS1 HHG).

122.Route LED has been replaced at KMI (06 Nos of S-9B, S-7B, S-13B), A/Cabin (02 Nos) and DRZ (S-1).

123.Shunt Signal LED has been replaced at KMI (01 No of SH-20), H/Cabin (02 Nos of SH-11), A/Cabin (02 Nos of SH-7 & 9), MXA (03 Nos of SH-33 & 9).

124.Calling ON LED has been replaced at KMI (01 No of C-3).

125.Total 05 Nos. Magneto Telephone has been replaced at C/Cabin (02), DGS (01) and BYL (02).

126.Insulation of S/Bar replaced at G/Cabin (Pt No. 106A), P/Cabin (Pt No. 101B, 102A, 103 and 104B).

127.Insulation of Ground connection has been replaced at BQR (Pt. 32A), CEE (Pt. 110B) and G/Cabin (Pt. 104 & 106A).

128.Tongue Rail & Stock Rail renewal has been done at NPI (Pt. 52A), G/Cabin (Pt. 104RH and Pt. 104A).

129.MS Pin of ground connection has been replaced to avoid slackness at BQR (Pt No. 37A).

130.Panel Rail has been replaced at E/Cabin from 52 KG to 60 KG with shifting of MSDAC Coil (77 BXT).

131.Unimate Machine packing & lifting of point has been done at BQR (Pt. 31A, 31B, 32A, 32B, 33A, 33B, 34B, 35A, 36A, 37A, 41A, 41B, 42B, 43B & 44B).

132.Conventional type earth electrode has been installed at KMI (20 Nos) and Durg (14 Nos).

133.Total 24 Nos. TLJB has been replaced at KMI (02), H/Cabin (10 Nos), A/Cabin (03 Nos), MXA (01 No), CLW (02 Nos), CEE (01 No), CEW (05 Nos).

134.TLJB lifting work has been done at A/Cabin (10 Nos.), DURG (04 Nos.).

135.Booms of Motor Operated LC Gates have been replaced at LC No. 385, KP Gate (‘C’ Boom), BPHB Gate (‘A’ & ‘D’ Boom), SP Gate (‘D’ Boom), Dhamda Naka Gate (DN Boom) and MXA (DN Boom).

136.Total 24 Nos. 80AH secondary cells have been replaced at G/Cabin (06 Nos), KMI (18 Nos) and Total 09 Nos. 40AH Secondary Cells replaced at BXA (03 Nos.), FMY (06 Nos.).

137.Total 02 Nos. defective track battery chargers have been replaced at KMI (02 Nos of 15T & 48T).

138.155 mtr 10 pair PIJF cable provided for commissioning of SSDAC at RSA, GDZ, LBO and KYS.



139.58 Nos. of BCFC Empty wagons were received at BMY complex for unloadable repair on date 22/10/2016 from NGP division.


These BCFC wagons were found unfit for loading due to accumulation of cement/ash in entire floor over air slide clothes (aeration clothes) and air flow pockets provided under the air slide clothes.This results affecting badly the unloading process.These wagons were completely new to this division with respect to repair/maintenance and also there are no any guidelines/repair manuals are available in this Railway.


This is a unique work in nature and FIRST of its kind for C&W dept of this division. During the opening of bolts the cement dust and lack of oxygen are the major obstacles but supervisors and staff taken it as a challenge and done the work successfully.


140.56 BOXN wagons were rehabilitated this month and 515 wagons rehabilitated till July-17.

141.ROH of Flat wagons (BRN) is started at Ex-Yd/Bhilai from 27.07.2017.

142.Surveillance camera installed at coaching depot Durg on 03.07.2017 for close monitoring of Mechanized cleaning activity of coaches as well as to avoid any miscreant activity took place in yard.

143.71 wagons were converted into Twin pipe brake system in this month at PPYd-BIA and 1193 till July-2017.

144.One wagon park developed at entry of PPYd for educating the staff as well as running staff regarding failures of components and preventive measures.

145.For alertness of employee at PP Yard, one emergency hooter system has introduced to ensure safety at work place.

146.ELGI make compressor has been commissioned on 07.07.2017 at coaching depot Durg.

147.02 Supervisor and 10 Staff of coaching depot Durg have attended Special Training for LHB coach maintenance at AJANI in the month of July’17.

148.Special Drive has been conducted at coaching depot Durg for Hand brake, window shutter & glass, Wheel flanges.

149.Rs. 20,700/- have been collected from M/s ACC Limited, Jamul towards difference of haulage charges for hiring of one diesel locomotive during this month.

150.10 Running staffs were sent to MIB Nagpur for Refresher Training and 02 running staff were sent to MDTC/BSP for disaster management training.

151.04 Running staff have attended DEMU conversion training at Gondia and 10 running staff have been sent to USL for Electric conversion training.

152.143 running staff have been trained in operation of SPART at DMG/BMY.

153.New fuel management system software has been implemented at all RCDs of Raipur division and data entry is being made into the system.




154.The loco availability for the month of July-17 is as below:-





Percentage improvement over the target





























155.The monsoon precautions are taken to ensure reliability of locomotives during rainy season.All locos have been covered so far & continuous checking is being done during all schedules.

156.During the month, three WDG4D locos (70705, 70706 & 70709) have been commissioned and offered to traffic for goods services.

157.During the month, Valve Seat Grinding Machine of HHP locomotivewhich was procured under Estimate No. CEC/BSP/NEW/DSL-R/2nd REV/2015-16 (PB 17-18 item no. 491) of new EMD shed was commissioned . This machine can be utilized for grinding of valve seat ofcylinder head of HHP locomotives. This machine has been supplied by M/s. Sahyadri Designer , Pune.

158.During the month, Valve Face Grinding Machine of HHP locomotive whichwas procured underEstimate No. CEC/BSP/NEW/DSL-R/2nd REV/2015-16 (PB 17-18 item no. 491) of new EMD Shed was commissioned. This machine can be utilized for grinding cylinder valve of HHP locomotives. This machine has been supplied by M/s. Sahyadri Designer , Pune.

159.During the month, Set of Test Stand for Testing Nozzle for HHP locomotive whichwas procured under Estimate No. CEC/BSP/NEW/DSL-R/2nd REV/2015-16 (PB 17-18 item no. 491) of new EMD shedwas commissioned. This machine can be utilized for testing of Nozzle for HHP locomotives. This machine has been supplied by M/s. SLVMR Fuel Injection Equipments, Haryana.

160.During the month, Test Bench of Temperature sensor for HHP locomotives which was procured under Estimate No. CEC/BSP/NEW/DSL-R/2nd REV/2015-16 (PB 17-18 item no. 491) of new EMD shed was commissioned.This machine can be utilized for checking temperature sensor of battery box, Engine, Traction Motor, Oil Circuit Transformer, Convertor oil of Microprocessor and High Horse Powered Locomotives. This machine has been supplied by M/s. Trolex India Private Limited, Bangalore.

161.During the month 6 locos- yearly & 1 loco - 6 yearly schedules of HHP loco and 01 loco – M24 schedule of ALCO have been done.




162.Multi-Purpose Health Drive (MPHD): - MPHD Under a health check-up camp was held on 7th July 2017, at ELS Bhilai, total 263 Railway beneficiaries were examined in this drive.

163.“Doctor’s day” was celebrated at Divisional Railway Hospital, Raipur & Sub. Divisional Railway Hospital, BMY on 01.07.2017.

164.“World population day” was celebrated on 11.07.2017. On the day a health education programme organized at Sub. Divisional Railway Hospital, BMY.

165.Blood donation camp was organized at DRH/R on 11.07.2017, total 28 units of blood was collected in this camp.

166.50 trees were planted in the Sub. Divisional Railway Hospital, BMY on 11.07.2017 to 12.07.2017.

* * * * *

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-08-2017  

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