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All ongoing tenders of Electrical /G Dep. of BSP division will be available on website Tenderers are requested to visit ireps website for all future tenders. at present 03(three) tenders available at ireps named -

1) Corrective maintenance contract for all make RMPU unit of AC coachec (SG type) & AC RMPU coaches (LHB type )  of BSP division. closing date 30-09-2016

2) Ootsourcing of ACcoach attendant (ACCA) for FTR & traainno 18245/46(bilaspur-bikaner) &18243/44(bilaspur-bhagat ki kothi)JU exp. for a period of two year.  closing date 03-10-2016

3)South east central railway escalator at various stations(04 no) at 2 stations(02 no for BSP .closing date  -07-10-2016


Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-09-2016