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1) To maintain 1138 coaches to run 23 mail/Exp. trains & 22 passenger train origination from SECR.

2) To provide neat, clean & hygienic linen on the above trains.

3) To ensure mechanized cleaning of coaches at all 3 Coaching Depots in SECR.

4) To maintain 80 NG Coaches to run 07 train services at Nagpur & Raipur division.

5) To do POH of BG ICF Coaches & NG Coaches at MIB Workshop, Nagpur.

6) To maintain 100 BOXNHL, 80 BOXN, 17 BCN, 12 BOBRN, 7 BRN & 13 BOBSN CC rakes for traffic availability. In addition to these, 6 BTAP CC rakes of M/s BALCO & 2 BOBRN CC rakes of CSEB at Bilaspur.

7) To do examination of about 610 rakes in a month including CC, Primium End-to-End and Intensive.

8) To do ROH of 600 wagons at PPYd/Bhiali & 250 at BSP depot per month.

8) To do POH of about 400 wagons per month.

9) To maintain 40 EMD, 75 ALCO locomotives and 7 DEMU services.

10) To procure the M&P & T&P items for utilization of all departments of Railways.

11) To maintain & upkeep eight ARTs , six ARMEs & three 140T cranes for quick restoration of services after any breakdown.

12) To manufacture Bio-tanks(i.e conventional, Dual & Guard Van type) and production of Innoculum at Motibagh Workshop Nagpur.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-06-2017