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Vision of Electrical Department

ØNagpur-Jharsuguda section of SECR as nominated in HDN-2 (High Density Network) route to meet the requirement of running heavy trains. To cater this heavy traffic, additional feeder wire between Champa - Jharsuguda to be provided for increased electric current requirement on the existing OHE.  

ØConstruction of Railway’s own transmission line of 132 kV between Raigrah to Paniyajob so that power is evacuated from Railways own Thermal Power Station being set up at Nabinagar in JV with NTPC. 

ØTo facilitate loading in wagons and as per the requirement of Coal Industries swiveling type OHE under silo may be provided as a trial measure.  

ØRunning of heavy haul trains with High horse power locomotives in the jurisdiction of SECR. 

ØMaking the Over Head Equipment fit for high speed. Firstly up to 130 kmph in the first phase then 160 kmph in the second phase in Bilaspur Nagpur Section. 

ØCommissioning of new loco shed at Bilaspur to meet the additional requirement of high speed/heavy haul/High density route network. 

ØProvision of lifts at A1, A and important stations (Pilgrimage Stations). 

ØProvision of escalators at A1, A and important stations wherever feasible. 

ØUse of solar power as renewal source of electrical energy especially in office buildings. As a pilot project. Roof Top of the GM Building, Bilaspur to be utilized for provision of solar panels and taking this first step for converting the zonal Head Quarter into green building. 

ØReplacement of CFL by LED lights wherever economically justified.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-03-2017