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Important Activities of Electrical Department

ØOperation and maintenance of entire Electrical assets like Over Head Equipments, Power Supply Installation and Remote Control etc over the entire jurisdiction of SECR.


ØLiasoning with State Electricity Board and Regulatory Commission to maintain a reasonable tariff along with uninterrupted power supply for OHE.


ØMaintenance of Electric rolling stock and MEMU for running of Mail Express, Freight and Passengers trains at Bhilai Loco Shed.


ØMaintaining uninterrupted power supply for lights, fans and other Electrical facility for all Railways Platforms, Office Buildings, Workshops and Sheds, Railways settlement area, Railway residential area, Railway Hospitals etc.


ØManagement of Coaching and Freight train operations over electrified territory including Crew Management.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-04-2017